The sevenling was created by Roddy Lumsden.

This 7-line poem is split into three stanzas.

The first three lines should contain an element of three. It could be three connected or contrasting statements, a list of three details or names, or something else along these lines. The three things can take up all three lines or be contained anywhere within the stanza.

The second three lines should also contain an element of three. The two stanzas do not need to relate to each other directly.

The final line/stanza should present a narrative summary, punchline, or unusual juxtaposition.

Titles are not required. If titles are used, they should be titled Sevenling followed by the first few words in parentheses.

The tone can be mysterious, offbeat or disturbing.

Poem should encourage guesswork from the reader.


Sevenling (Stretching the limits)

Stretching the limits
Distancing yourself
Reaching for gold

Falling short
Sealing fate
Sterling performance

Take this nugget to the bank:  Silver’s precious medal does not a failure make.

© Marie Elena Good – 2012



Moonlight Serenade plays softly in the mist,
A lovers tryst set to a melody; perfect in rhythm and meter.
A slow dance to press you closer; to hold you dear.

No lyrics are needed to convey love.
No whisper could ever express your heart.
No one else can hear the beautiful music in your sigh.

When we fiddle around, the song in our  hearts plays on!

© Walter J. Wojtanik – 2012


  1. Love both of yours, Meg and Walt. Since sleep won’t come, I’ll try this now.

    my dulcimer hums
    a melody beckons
    my fingers search

    wind and rain
    joy and pain
    a string breaks

    love consumes me

  2. Jane, What ‘profitable non-sleep’ i.e. to poem!Very nicely done.
    Marie – How timely your ‘subject’ matter and with such a great object lesson for anytime.
    Walt – delightful, had to laugh at you last line.

    • Thanks for the kind words, friends. Yes, I do play dulcimer, but not very well. It’s music I can carry (as opposed to piano or organ). I loving all these sevenlings. A good form, M and W. Thanks.

  3. The sun is out,
    Not too hot,
    Soft breeze blowing.

    Brushes laid so,
    Full can of paint
    Naked new wall.

    Where’s Tom Sawyer when you need him?

  4. Sevenling

    It’s been so many years,
    so many long miles,
    this patina of indifference separating us.

    Father, I think, how frail,
    how much like grandfather you’ve become.
    When did you get so old?

    No, not father, I realize, but my brother staring at me.

  5. Sevenling

    It’s been so many years,
    so many long miles,
    this patina of indifference separating us.

    Father, I think, how frail,
    how much like grandfather you’ve become.
    When did you get so old?

    No, not father, I realize, but my brother staring at me.

  6. Meg, timely one; Walt, as one who used to play the violin… yours made me smile… 🙂 !

  7. an oldie …

    sevenling (Consider migrating monarch butterflies)

    Consider migrating monarch butterflies
    Mute swans mating for life
    Silverback gorillas killed for their hands

    A wing fluttering in Brazil
    Is said to affect the flow of the Niagara
    And still toast burns all over Asia

    Did you see the way that taxi took the corner?

  8. Sevenling: We climbed Ventoux

    We climbed Ventoux in a morning
    chasing yellow-clad cyclists to the restaurant at the top
    for crudités, chevre chaud and a bottle of vin rouge.

    Snowdon we did in an afternoon
    following the wheezing train, to be rewarded with
    kit kats, Kendal mint cake and a nice cup of tea.

    No wonder the French feel so damn superior.

  9. Sleep eludes me.
    I toss and turn.
    I need some rest.

    The bathroom beckons,
    A brief escape
    From night’s futility.

    The brain cannot shut out that which haunts the conscious mind.

  10. The Paradigm Shuffle

    June Cleaver: Nary a hair out of place
    spotless house and homemade dinners;
    drawn to family like lovebugs to windshields.

    You: Kicked the sand castle, watched
    it crumble before your eyes, then dug
    a moat around your uneasy heart.

    Menopause sucks.

  11. another one from the vault (somewhat revised)

    sevenling (She kept her thoughts under)

    She kept her thoughts under lock and key
    Spoke in tongues into open mics
    Left essence of opinion all over the place

    Most thought her life an open book
    Would be shocked to learn of her drowned child
    And the one appearing on milk cartons everywhere

    What is the average stay on death row for women?

  12. Scooting across the floor,
    crawling toward the stairs,
    walking through the grass –

    running to the front,
    skating along the ice,
    waltzing down the hall –

    keep chasing your dreams.

  13. Sevenling (Spring’s pashmina)

    The peacock voice carries a note of discord,
    when heartened lad loves jealous lassie hen—
    She, a glossy icy envy of his illuminati eyes.

    How I long to scatter your Asian fan upon the breeze.
    Your seed to plant into my garden bed of peace.
    I’d gather the blooms with harmony hands.

    Then weave them into a pashmina for orphaned foals.

    See Sevenling(Spring’s pashmina) for full effect

    • Ohh… I can hear the peacock’s voice now… it always touched my heart with an aching longing… I don’t know why…

      (My husband taught at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA, and there was a resident peacock who was so incredibly Beautiful and Haunting… )

  14. Sevenling (She thought she heard)

    She thought she heard her name
    and looked behind her –
    no one was there.

    The tea kettle whistle blew
    and the seconds ticked by –
    the phone cradled in her hand.

    Death called and she wished she had been out.

  15. Sevenling (Gold drips)

    Gold drips from necks
    while rebels fight
    and politics impinge on our senses –

    Birds cry for food
    and dogs whine
    as the lazy days of summer linger on –

    Chores do not get done on their own.

  16. sevenling (Not yet reasoning)

    Not yet reasoning, his trust is instinctive
    And he extends it to sweet potatoes
    The Spectrum Song and ducks

    Not yet logical, he doesn’t ‘get’ the cage
    Or darkness layered like blankets
    Or his missing mama he can smell

    He wonders as he weeps if the shadows on his window are monsters

  17. The Power of Performance

    The entire world knows as well as I that
    “. . . the play’s the thing
    Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King.”

    Aristotle told us this centuries before Shakespeare,
    And we have seen theaters close in Poland, Hungary—
    anywhere that fears waking the conscience of a people–

    I see a place that is free! come make plays with me!

    I say quite a lot about this poem over at my blog. Feel free to visit as the poem will be there for about 5 days:
    Here, I just want to thank both Walt and Marie Elena for the powerful examples that they gave for this form. Brevity challenges me. Thank you.

  18. A Fiery Sevenling

    Angry flames of fire rise
    Torches that burned and flickered in my heart,
    hosed down now, watered to cool liquid.

    Riffling through gun catalog, he hunted
    for the perfect weapon to wield, pointing,
    posturing in the mirror, practicing stance–a rehearsal.

    There must be fifty ways to fuel destruction.

  19. Sevenling (Three Witches)

    Three witches ’round a cauldron hover.
    Three murders done ’neath darkness’ cover
    Haunt her now thrice-honoured lover.

    Blood unwashed from hands unclean,
    Blood so red no sea of green
    Can make the ghastly blood unseen.

    Once the guilty Lady screams.

  20. Sevenling – The Old Place

    We drove over the new Bay Bridge
    We searched across the choppy water
    to see the peninsula where the trees were turning green.

    We slowed at the curve by Meadowbrook Marsh
    where people were fishing for catfish from the bridge
    Slowed down again when we neared that gravel lane

    To try to see the house where we had lived for forty years.

  21. Sevenling (You Stepped on the Cat)

    You stepped on the cat again
    neglecting to look down, into, at
    even when fur fans your foot

    The oven, dryer, and microwave shout
    at me—I’m sick of their shrillness,
    measuring the time we have left

    Forgiveness floats light as a whisker

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    • Well, Viv…. I think the answer is: Just for the Fun of it 🙂 …. for me, there is just something about a cantering horse with your hair flying in the wind…

  23. Sevenling (Last Night’s Storm)

    Like the ocean’s tide
    I feel you crest
    Rising me up

    And when you recede
    My heartbeat flatlines
    And I float adrift

    In that next moment, I wake up

  24. Sevening (Famous Latin Words Beginning with the Letter V)


    My car came to a screeching stop
    as I saw a squirrel scamper across the road.
    I’m still sitting on a curb, waiting for the towing service to arrive.

    “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” -Ben Franklin, on squirrel philosophy.

  25. Sevenling (Ripped Jeans)

    Ripped jeans, over-sized shirt,
    hollow eyes, growling stomach,
    small portions, no seconds.

    Juicy Couture, Nike, Coach,
    tinted contacts, kettle bells.
    picky eater, snacks twenty four-seven.

    All within a mile of the other.

    © Kelly E. Donadio 2012

  26. Sevenling (Golden Straw)

    Golden straw pulled from ticks
    Damp, earthy, bark-peeled sticks
    Solid, rusty, high-stacked bricks

    Handy online bank access
    Web-maps to your home address
    Password memory ending stress

    You let the wolf in? Face your regrets.

  27. Sevenling (Rainfall)

    Your calming presence
    washes over me
    when you are near

    It does not matter
    where you go…
    I only care that you return.

    Excuse me but haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

  28. Sevenling (I Remember)

    I remember whiling away the time playing jacks,
    trying my hardest but never able to do much with a yoyo
    but going into the thousands with a paddle ball.

    I sit for hours typing away on my computer,
    I enjoy driving through the mountains in my Toyota.
    I use the microwave over most often to cook.

    All ages play at something, just the toys change.

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