There are no restrictions on the number of stanzas, nor on the syllable count per line.  In each stanza, the last word of the first line becomes the first word of line two. The last word of line 2 becomes the first word of line 3. The last word of line 3 becomes the first word of line 4.  Rhyme scheme: abcb.


1. Exactly as above, but no rhyming.

2. One long stanza (no limit on number of lines). Last word/first word format maintained. No rhyming.

3. Couplets mixed with 4-line stanzas.  Last word/first word format maintained in stanzas, and may also be used in couplets if desired. Rhyme scheme: ab, cc, defg, hh, ii, jklm, nn, oo.

Loop Poetry form attributed to Hellon.



Looping ‘round Chicago,
Chicago’s billboards hail.
Hail to Krazy Kaplans!
Kaplan’s signs assail!

A sale on fireworks –
Fireworks on countless ads!
Ads touting Krazy Kaplans –
Kaplans billboards?  He’s got SCADS!

Scads of “buy one, get one free.”
Freely Krazy billboards sprang –
Sprang like weeds?  You could say that.
That’s Krazy Kaplans, with a BANG!

I mean seriously, folks … we counted 52 Krazy Kaplans signs on I80/90 through Chicago. KUH-RAY-ZAY!



Listen to the music,
Music and moonlight.
Moonlight becomes you,
you are my special angel.

Angel of the morning,
morning has broken,
broken promises;
promises in the dark.

Dark hair and blue eyes,
blue eyes crying in the rain.
Raindrops are falling on my head.
Head on down the highway.

Highway star,
stars and stripes forever.
Forever young,
young girl get out of my mind.

101 thoughts on “IN-FORM POET – LOOP POETRY

  1. He’s the one who’s sick, and I’m the one with the lame poem. Oy …

    Good stuff there, Pard!

    Marie Elena

    • After reading all the poems offered here – Well, humor got the best of me – I will not even say “Sorry” 🙂


      HELP, I am dreaming.
      Dreaming I am stuck in a poetry loop,
      Loop that’s Krazy with Poetry Puns,
      Puns, Limericks and music,
      Music titles the Blind can Exam.
      Exam time, and Pray for the best,
      Best Tide that moves in the Wind,
      Wind to carry Prayers into Moonlight,
      Light that fades as time Evolves.
      Evolves to escape Truth, Hurts and Warnings,
      Warnings of Red Painted towns, States and Cities.
      Cities with Communities, work and Games,
      Games surrounded with Faces,
      Faces of the Proud singing with a Piccolo,
      Piccolo that helps give wings to Reality,
      Reality that gives way to Dreams,
      Dreams of a loop I’m caught in – Help

  2. Marie, your loop is “Krazy Fun”!! 🙂 Wonder if that is like the Crisp Cream Donuts here on the west coast (?)

    Walt – Wonderful and ‘musical’ to boot. Great to see your writing. 😉

    The moonlight so becomes you,
    You, glow as the night darkens.
    Darkens to show the added starlight,
    Starlight that is in your eyes,
    Eyes that reflect your heart,
    Heart that is so full off love.
    Love that outshines the moon.
    Moonlight so becomes you.

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  5. Truth Hurts?

    It’s always the guttural grounds,
    grounds, they’re mired and thick,
    thick-lipped your tongue slips
    slips spilling words you’ll regret.
    Regret is tangible, heavy in the air
    air that has been tried and bitten;
    bitten with the bitter pill of honesty,
    honesty that will gain common ground.
    Ground that is not tainted with lies,
    lies that are secretly silted, poorly hidden;
    hidden in plain sight on your falling face.

    ©Hannah Gosselin 7/4/12

  6. For sure that is truth! I tried reading this aloud – :), my tongue got tangled.

    How about looping something around
    Face ….falling to the…. ground.


    When she is due tomorrow,
    tomorrow is the day,
    Day of Prosper.
    Prosper of The Blinds,
    Blinds she says and shuts up.
    Up around us.
    She, the master of disguise.

    • Fascinating use of the form, Andrea. What is the “Blinds?”

      Your final line needs to be reworked just a tad, as it begins with “she,” but the line above it ends with “us.” Bummer. That’s the difficulty of this form, for sure. 😉


      • Thanks meg! I love your comment – yeah, bummer. I must rewrite it somehow. I wrote this in tribute to my niece who kind of shut down everybody around her so we were afraid that she couldn’t go through her exams. Only she did great. In fact extremely great!
        Blinds? Don’t you have blinds in front of your windows in the US?

  8. QUESTION: One of our poets is having a difficult time with the site. She says, “Lately I’ve been having some SERIOUS LAG issues when trying to view Poetic Bloomings. It takes forever trying to scroll down to see new entries. It seems to be the only site I visit that this happens. Am I the only one?”

    Is anyone else having this problem?



    When she is due tomorrow,
    tomorrow is the day,
    Day of Prosper.
    Prosper of The Blinds,
    Blinds she says and shuts up.
    Up around us.
    Us standing there helplessly,
    helplessly watching,
    watching this genius in disguise.

    • Oh wow! EXCELLENT fix, Andrea! And yes, we do call them blinds in America. My mind wasn’t going to windows in your poem, but now that you say it, it is very creative. Congratulations to your niece!!

      Oh, and bring on the Danes! 😀 !

      Marie Elena

  10. and meg: I don’t know how many blind people my niece studied to complete her work which is about what kind of surgery might help – well, also about when you shouldn’t do surgery.
    So here in this poem I tried to create a bit of word play – and also the title which says that she was in fact examined herself.
    Hopefully a lot of blind people will benefit from her work.
    Thanks for your engagement – I’ll tell her that I wrote a poem here.

    • Thank You too for the direction your niece is going. My hubby is legally blind (glycoma – sp?) and we appreciate every effort that is made to help him function in the seeing world.

      • My best to your husband too, Marjory. I’ve had glaucoma since I was 19. That’s super early in life to get it, but my doctor has it controlled very nicely with eye drops. I had unsuccessful surgery a few years back, but that’s okay. I don’t mind the drops (you get used to them after 30+ years), and they work.


        • Thanks Meg – one of my soap boxes is to point out the importance of drops and doctor’s care for glaucoma. He know – but we did not have the ware-with all to take care of it, nor understand the long term effect. Thankfully, today he is taken care of by the VA. My eyes + his ears = We make a whole 🙂 and can be thankful.

          • Marjory, in a way you wrote a poem here.That your eyes and his ears make you one touches me so much. Hopefully the new technology will help you. Your comments to my poor poem also touched me – your comments always do – and I’m always so sorry when I can’t pull myself together to answer you. Only sometimes the world feels so big and I can’t say a word. But most importantly here: Best wishes to you and your husband!

      • meg, in short thanks – the longer version must be another day – only I’m so glad that your drops work. Now let’s just write on and again, thanks.

  11. Life Evolves

    I sit here all alone and watch you sleeping.
    Sleeping seems to be your lone escape.
    Escape from random happenings in your life.
    Life evolves in you as things take shape.

    Shape the solid mass that you’ve been gifted.
    Gifted glories manifest from dreams.
    Dreams are such a huge part of reality.
    Reality is never everything it seems.

    By Michael Grove

  12. Incredible, Walt. Very well done. Meg, I can’t believe you were able to use rhyme. I’m clapping for that one. Haven’t read any others yet.

    New York Loop

    New York, the Empire state
    State your business and move on
    On a corner, a hot dog stand
    Stand, eat your lunch, then back to work
    Work long hours cooped up
    Up in the air, sky writing
    Writing white words for product ads
    Adds to your list of useless things
    Things like cotton candy makers and such
    Such nonsense, some of those gadgets
    Gadgets waste hard-earned money
    Money is needed for basic necessities
    Necessities include, food, clothing shelter
    Shelter your family; watch them grow
    Grow strong in New York, the Empire state.

  13. TIDE
    The moon relentlessly pulls the tide,
    Tide that flows to and from the ocean,
    Ocean shores lined with great towering rocks.
    Rocks to be scaled by nature’s children,
    Children climb, surveying ocean’s beach.

    Beach edge filled with shells, pebbles and sand,
    Sand and objects to build sandcastles,
    Castles, the dream place of young maidens.
    Maidens, hoping to see brave seamen,
    Men come to bury golden treasures.

    Treasures to be unearthed by children,
    Children filling their buckets with dreams,
    Dreams they can hold and carry back home,
    Home where they can share their memories,
    Memories gathered be the moving tide,
    Tide pulled relentlessly by the moon.

  14. Flute Obbligato from The Stars and Stripes Forever

    Piccolo, I hear your voice trill,
    trill, rising up. You soar above,
    above all other instruments.
    Instruments: our voice. We sing of…

    …of bravery, valor and strength,
    strength of our colors coming through,
    through our music. Piccolo – sing!
    Sing America! Red, white, blue.


  15. Interesting possibilities for this form. Of course I didn’t start to see them until after. Ain’t that the way? I added an extra loop.

    Voiceover. Variation

    It wasn’t a closed community…
    community;  just that sense that everyone was in the game;
    game game game in the game; the game
    game. All half high all of us day or dreaming
    dreaming on the ins and on the outs, and dreaming opportunity;
    opportunity!  All of us were acolytes of the one big chance.
    chance chance 
    chance for one, chance for all, for him, her, you and  I
    I threaded the maze, I walked the rope, I gambled and won and lost
    lost.  And I don’t know who loved luck more
    more: this fool or those
    Those who knew Fortuna carnally,
    carnally taken: and, but, or given: and, but, or

    Or those to whom she was a myth.

    ( A Loop Poem )

    F ifth of July comes after
    A fter the day our nation celebrates
    C elebrates freedom’s emergence
    E mergence of stars & stripes
    S tripes horizontal adding up to thirteen
    T hirteen original colonies our flag flew over
    O ‘er the land of the free & home of the brave
    B rave soldiers gave life & limb for freedom eternal
    E ternal Flame lit by widow of assassinated president
    P resident now faced with economy deep in the red
    R ed, White, & Blue’s now almost 250 years old
    O ld Glory will never be plowed under
    U under pain of death
    D eath may be the end, only
    O nly, I plead the fifth
    F ifth of July comes after

    ~ Randy Bell ~

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  18. Warnings

    All night the sky was loud with storms
    Storms muttered and growled all day
    Day arrived in a red streaked sky
    sky that warned what was coming our way.

    Clouds and sky and sun and moon,
    moon especially can let us know
    know all the signs that help to tell
    tell us the secrets nature can show.

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  20. BROKEN

    Paint the town red?
    Red is all I see.
    Seeing angry faces,
    facing hardship and loss–
    loss of jobs and homes.
    Homes aren’t even safe,
    safe is all some kids want.
    Want to paint the town red?
    Red is all I see.

    P. Wanken

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  22. WIND
    Wind sweeps the meadow,
    Meadow full of flowers in spring.
    Spring, time when birds mate and sing
    Sing songs that will the summer bring,
    Bring sunshine to warm the land.
    Land wherein the flowers stand
    Stand, waiting quietly at ease,
    Ease before the coming breeze,
    Breeze that precedes the wind.
    (Wind that sweeps the meadow)

  23. “Daily Prayer”

    (Loop Poem)

    It bakes from the inside,
    inside the center of reason,

    Reason beating a moist fleece toward heaven,
    heaven-gazer, heavy with bitter leaven,

    leaven warming loaves of doubt,
    doubt-fatigue doubling,
    doubling prayers,
    Prayers dusting.

    Dusting over all our need,
    Need for daily bread, we plead.

    Plead for thy will,
    Will to still,

    Still the heaving leaven;
    leaven of distrust toward heaven.
    Heaven-gazed for daily bread.
    Bread of Life; Your grace be shed.

  24. “…DREAMING… HOLDS MEMORIES” (Thank you, MMT)

    Dreaming of those eyes~~
    Eyes that shall now, always be mine…
    Mine because they now rest here
    Here in my heart, my soul, my mind…
    Mind full………. my eyes….. dreamy.

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    Once in a blue moon
    moonbeams will carry magic –
    magic that cannot be broken.
    Broken people are filled with love,
    love finds a home in hearts.
    Hearts that are healed, dance –
    dancing in the magic, for once!
    Once in a blue moon.

    P. Wanken

  27. This, from my dad, whose sense of humor I “get.” 😉

    By the Number

    I thought I’d write some poet tree
    Tree and six are nine
    Nein, I do not want to go
    Go, for you it’s fine
    Fine the man he broke the rule
    Rule in a gentle way
    Weigh the thoughts, the poem may cause
    ‘Cause tree and six were nein.

    (Marie Elena’s dad, James Fagnano)

  28. Sudden Distraction

    It’s a sudden distraction –
    Distraction of the heart.
    Heart, or maybe just hormones.
    Hormones always play their part.

    It’s those crazy butterflies –
    Butterflies doing belly dances,
    Dances that make you wonder,
    Wonder about your chances.

    It’s love at first sight –
    Sight without eyes.
    “Eyes are deceptive,” you say.
    “Say, I hate their lies.”

    It’s pain unending –
    Unending until it ends.
    Ends always hurt for a time.
    Time passes; now you’re friends.

    It’s his best friend –
    Friend extraordinaire!
    “Extraordinaire,” you say.
    “Say, wouldn’t we make a pair?”

    It’s a sudden distraction –
    Distraction of the heart.
    Heart, or maybe just hormones.
    Hormones always play their part.

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