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Walt’s photo prompt opened a vast and evocative arena for the muse to romp.  Thank you all for once again sharing your gift of words with us!  It is a humbling experience each and every week that we get to revel in your poetry and conversation.

One of these gifts came from Pamela Smyk Cleary in her poem aptly entitled The Gift.  I like her different look at the subject, as well as the many different meanings that can be gleaned from these few, carefully chosen words.  I am always in awe of words that can be taken literally or  figuratively. Thank you, Pamela, for this inspired piece.

The Gift (by Pamela Smyk Cleary)

“For you,” she said
offering up her most prized
possession (herself) willingly
genuinely generous

In wonder and awe
her glorious gift was accepted
but time debrides, wonder wears,
awe erodes, glory gives over
to want and need and

Like kudzu vine, they overcame her
overreaching, encroaching, choking
Virginia creepers, mile-a-minute
invasive, overrunning, overriding
grasping, greeding, never once conceding
(much less ruing) symbiosis might be their undoing



Not writing a lot yet. Reading in short spurts too. I like the flow and innocence of this. Probably all I can handle at the moment.

Could You Believe (by Ellenelizabeth Cernek Kashk)

Just as a child
Asks “How come?” and “Why?”

Could you believe?
We are just someone else’s sneeze?

Could you believe?
We are just a dust bunny,
Within a giant unkempt universe?

Could you believe?
We are just a speck of germs
On top of a pin’s head?

Could you believe?
We are just as atoms are to us,
We are to some other?

Could you believe?
We can be swept clean,
With a wave of God’s hand!

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12 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #61

  1. Oh yes, I loved this poem, too!

  2. A wonderful poem. I gasped at the clever manipulation of “greed” into a verb.

  3. Another week just flew right by!!! Big smiles to the most beautiful blooms this week, Pamela (woohooo!!!) and Ellenelizabeth (great work!!)!!

    • Marjory M Thompson (MMT) on said:

      Wonderful blooms that each stands out in its mearning and flow and draws us to think deeper. Congratulations to you both Pamela and Ellenelizabeth.

  4. Such great choices!
    Pam, like the intensity of the last few lines!
    Ellenelizabeth, you captured the swish of our lives!

  5. Two beautiful poems, congratulations!

  6. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Beautiful selections, congratulations, Pamela and Ellenelizabeth!

  7. Great work, y’all! I’m back after doing battle with mammography (all clean results) and The Blue Screen of Death, finally have computer back. Sad commentary, but I don’t know which is better news! (just kidding) Hope to participate this week.

    Both Blooms had uniqueness and loveliness. I don’t know how you manage to choose between all the great writing here, W and ME. Love, Amy

  8. Marie, Walt,
    I miss so much when I’m so busy I can’t read the week’s replies and posts, much less participate…these two were beautiful blooms, and I’m sure danced in the wind among a vast and lovely garden. Alas, I am working more, even though retired.
    Walt, so glad to hear you are better and at home. Hang in there bud! Bloom again! – Damon

  9. Beautiful Blooms indeed! Wonderful poems Pamela and EllenElizabeth!

  10. Wow! Just found out (via facebook), and… WOW! Been away, and then busy, busy, busy! But thrilled to finally be “blooming”! :-)) Congrats to Ellenelizabeth Cernek Kashk too! Yay, us! :-))

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