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Isn’t it what sets our heart ablaze that distinguishes life from mere existence? Walt’s prompt produced a firestorm of passion – from an extraordinary sonnet that set my spirit aglow, to palpable rage, to fervid lust, to flashes of nature’s beauty. As usual, choosing just one to highlight was nearly impossible for me. I finally dwindled six down to one … Mary Mansfield’s Passing the Torch. I can feel the emotions of this mother – the passion, pride, and panic. Mary, your expressive little spitfire inspired me. Bless her heart. And bless yours for realizing, “This fire is not for me to control.”

PASSING THE TORCH (by Mary Mansfield)

The familiar smell of smoke
Wafts from my daughter’s bedroom.
I find her cross-legged on the bed,
Teddy bear at her side,
Red hair almost hiding
The concentration on her bowed head,
Eleven year old fingers
Furiously scorching words across paper,
Firmly in the grasp of inspiration’s fire.

I’m torn, part of me wishing
To tenderly stoke those new embers,
Another part wanting
To extinguish that flame,
Knowing the difficult
And sometimes frustrating path
That lies ahead of her.

Instead I silently close her door.
This fire is not for me to control.


Walt is, unfortunately, under the weather (prayers welcome). He is also having problems connecting to the internet. He was sure to  relay his Beautiful Bloom choice, which also (not surprisingly) is one of my own favorites this week: Marian J. Veverka’s Lighting the Flame. Marian’s candle lights our way through a physical storm but, as with most poetry, this “small flame” ignites metaphorical possibilities as well. Marian, Walt offers you this well-deserved “Bloom.”

LIGHTING THE FLAME (by Marian J. Veverka)

Small flame that I have brought to life
In the midst of this howling storm
How eagerly your small tongue leaps
Upward as I carry you from room to room.
We travel together accompanied by another
Circle of light reflecting on the walls, once
Familiar, now shadowed and menacing.
You continue to share your brightness,
Your small light in the great darkness
of this frightening time of lost power and
violent storm. When night arrived, we groped
uselessly through the growing shadows–
Until you offered your tender flick of light.

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13 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #60

  1. Poetic Bloomings on said:

    As I always say, how could we go wrong? We seriously have a congregation of poets that are to be envied. Walt and I continue to shake our heads in amazement at this humbling experience.

    Marie Elena

  2. First of all, congratulations Marian! What a beautifully descriptive poem with so much room for multiple interpretations 🙂

    Thanks so much, Marie! That little spitfire certainly gives me lots of inspiration on a daily basis. I’d have to say that the writing bug has her firmly in its grasp at this point, she spends hours working on her stories these days.

    • Poetic Bloomings on said:

      Good for her! You must be a very positive force in her life, or she’d shy away from the writing … no matter the strong pull. Good for you, Mary! And again, what a fabulous poem. The “showing” is so strong in so few words.


  3. Congratulations ladies!! Well deserved and I’m glad for the opportunity to re-read these! 🙂

  4. Marjory M Thompson (MMT) on said:

    Thank youy Both (Mary and Marian) for sharing such beautiful poems that lead others to flow with and move on from the core odof your writing. Congratulations.

    Walt – hope you are on the mend (pray too)
    Marie – thanks for taking the ball. 🙂

  5. Perfect choices: well done Mary and Marion.
    I hope Walt is feeling better.

  6. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Love both choices and can so relate to the writing bug! I can’t Not write!!! Thank you, Meg; and Walt, please be well!

  7. Can’t find my comment so I will re-post. Thank you so much Walt & Marie for picking “Small Flame” as a Beautiful Bloom. Walt, hope you are home by now & are soon on your feet again. Of course, prayers! Mary, your daughter is a lucky girl as she is getting encouragement as well as your talent gene.
    I still get scared when the power goes off, wonder how people in the past managed with only candles. Hope none of us will have many outages this year.
    Thanks again

    • Poetic Bloomings on said:

      Marian, I don’t understand why you so often have to post more than once to get your comments/poems to go through. I’m so sorry for that, and I’m thankful that you haven’t let it stop you from contributing. If we can figure out the problem, we’ll most certainly correct it.

      Marie Elena

  8. Lovely work — well done ladies! 🙂 And, Mary, two weeks in a row — you ARE smokin’! 😉 Well wishes to Walt (AND his computer). Thanks Marie for “carrying the torch”! 😉

  9. Congratulations, Mary and Marian, thank you for your poems. Inspiring.
    Walt, get well soon!

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