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Air fills our lungs with the breathings of life; our collective muse with the bloomings of our souls. It appears we’ve all given birth to amazing poems “in the air.” It stands to reason. Air is life sustaining as is all your poetic prowess! And as that beauty blooms, we offer:


Another Saturday morning spent in wonder, soaking in the words of the poets who grace our site. This week, I’d like to call attention to a different (new) voice among us. Susan L. Chast’s superb Unfinished Melody is written in what she refers to as “unusual classicism for me.” It may be unusual for Susan, but it flows as liquid from her pen. I’ll not point out lines that particularly strike me, as this is a work in progress and, much like prayer, will speak to each one differently. Susan, welcome to Poetic Bloomings.


Polyhymnia* remains quiet when the girl calls upon her
“Muse of song, come to me, or if you will not,
then Calliope* come, then Erato* or even Euterpe*, come!
Quiet muse, you belie your name! Speak through me now
as I gaze at this paper, touch the cold brass of this horn.
Come through me now because I call you to lift my song
over the humdrum of the day to day and up to the ears of God.”

The girl prays on her knees and in her bed
At her desk and in front of the computer
At the piano and over paper, pen and ink.
She prays in silence, listening to and waiting for
voices she has come to know in her passions.
And the muses, do they even exist? Has she imagined them?
The girl looks past the sky and lifts her questions to God.

“Your servants need you, and don’t you need them?
Waiting upon you, they are. With them serving, you exist.
Even the wind remains invisible to all
Without the things it moves—the branches, the hair,
The papers down the hill—these attest to the wind.
Let me praise you that you may live and breathe
Through me that sings your presence into the world.”

Listen, she is calling: the girl against the wilderness,
Her low moan echoes through the hills of the city, through the strings
of the telephone harps and electric conduits, through
the roses painted on the walls. Listen, they answer:
Muses of the streets and brick fronts and concrete walkways.
Smooth vehicles moving on rubber and horns, voices interweaving
From the cells in the hands and throats of the passersby.


That flight I imagined remains a dream unfulfilled since flying and I are mutually exclusive. I do not travel flight well. The Wright Brothers may have had it right, but I remain a day late and a dollar short. That is why I was drawn to this piece by Nancy Posey. Many wonders seem to escape our eyes. Our vigilance sometimes takes a flier. (It’s in the air!)


While I slept, meteors zipped across the sky
like fireworks set by dozens of small boys,
and only later did I learn that I’d missed
the transit of Venus, not to recur again
for at least a century. I set the clock
and rise the find that clouds obscure
the lunar eclipse. The giant moon slid
up the horizon without my witness.

I wish for wonders in the heavens,
one-in-a-lifetime alignment, mystery
or portent, science or mysticism,
but my timing’s always off. Star shine
and shadow, the heaven’s showing off
and I’m not there for the punch line.

Had I been a wise man or shepherd,
I might have heard too late, arrived
in Bethlehem only to learn the babe
has fled to Egypt and to wonder
at the wailing
in the streets of Judea.

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19 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #58

  1. Poetic Bloomings on said:

    “…flying and I are mutually exclusive.” Another thing we have in common, Mr. Wojtanik.

    Marie Elena

  2. Wow, and Wow! Susan and Nancy your poems are indeed beautiful blooms. Great choices Marie Elena and Walt. I am constantly inspired and amazed by the wonderful poetry found on this site!

  3. Fantastic choices!

    Nancy, I LOVE this:
    “Star shine
    and shadow, the heaven’s showing off
    and I’m not there for the punch line.”
    I feel you! 🙂

    And Susan, welcome! This is a gorgeous description of the wind:
    “Without the things it moves—the branches, the hair,
    The papers down the hill—these attest to the wind.”

    Excellent work, ladies.

  4. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Congratulations Susan and Nancy!

  5. Two show-stopping blooms. Wonderful choices, both.

  6. What a wonderful surprise! Thank you, Mary Elana! I’m blushing a little.

    And Nancy Posey, I am honored to shine with you! I too am “not there for the punch line.” And I love your move from planets to “the heaven’s showing off” and to Bethlehem. It’s a wonder to me sometimes that these things happened without me, but they did and do and thank God! Our poems both deal with humanity in awe. I totally love both the yearning and the humor in yours!

    • Poetic Bloomings on said:

      Susan, are you associated with the College of William and Mary? I just read a great article about Kushner’s “Angels in America” directed by Susan L. Chast. Might that be you? If so, your impressive quotient just went up tremendously! If not, still impressive and a great coincidence. A great poem incidently! Congratulations.

      • It was me several years back, yes, when I was a bit younger and more radical. Is this Marie Elana? Do you have theatre and or W&M connections?

        • Walt with theater connections. Great that you’ve brought your credentials to our garden. We’re building quite the impressive roll call here. I found the article in a search. Good to have you here, Susan! W.

    • nposey on said:

      Thank you, Susan. I’m honored to be recognized along with your lovely poem. Welcome.
      Thank you, Walt and Marie.

  7. I agree with Viv’s words. Two fantastic choices, Walt and Marie! Welcome Susan and congratulations, Susan and Nancy.

  8. Both of these explore yearning and self-introspection with focus and skill. Great choices.

  9. Awesome!!! So nice to see this beautiful talents highlighted this week!! Congratulations ladies!! 🙂

  10. Very nice choices Walt and Marie Elena – welcome to the garden Susan; your poem is a tour de force, quite exceptional. And Nancy, yours – quality as always and wryly funny too … I fear I might have been with you, too little too late, as stated. Nicely done both of you.

  11. claudsy on said:

    Such loveliness deserves the recognition given. Susan, you have penned an exquisite look at a daily reality that, through new eyes of consciousness, show the ultimate state of realness that remains hidden to so many.


    • claudsy on said:

      Nancy, I so thoroughly enjoyed your lament. Like the rest of us, you recognize/learn of/applaud only the past events, since to witness the actual happening is beyond our capacity or ability. Brava, Nancy, on another trip to the podium.

  12. Susan and Nancy… Congratulations… Marie and Walt, you two seriously have a tough job ahead of you week in and week out!

    @Susan: “the girl against the wilderness, // Her low moan echoes through the hills of the city” – so primal, so gripping, so impossible ; yet I fully believe in this girl.

    @Nancy: “I wish for wonders in the heavens,//one-in-a-lifetime alignment, mystery // or portent, science or mysticism,// but my timing’s always off.” – the regret, the lament; amazing how time is irrelevant yet vital to the timely witness of Life’s moments

  13. Marjory M thompson on said:

    Congratulations to both of you – well done, well deserved.

    Nancy, I read yours several times since you posted it and enjoyed it each time I stopped to read it..

    Susan , This was the first time I had the privilage to read yours, itm flows wonderfully, gas a great message, and is beautifully put together.

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