Don’t give up the fight…but also know when to cut your losses and start fresh. Dispatch your annoyance with a terse rejection and get on with it…much like we’ve done with our selections:


Walt’s “Enough is Enough” prompt brought out such diversity!  Humor, rants, memories, fears – poems just shy of 700 words, and as few as eight –  all speaking volumes. This week, I offer my Beautiful Bloom to Patricia Hawkenson for “Past the Date.”  Her smart choice of metaphor, well … smarts.  Well done, Patricia!

Past the Date (by Patricia Hawkenson)

You can toss it out
without any guilt
glugging it down the drain
with your head turned
to avoid any possible
and there is no offense,
for milk proudly tells you
when it has had enough.

I have seen your head
turn from me
and I can smell your
and clumped
with bitterness
while empty white jugs
pile like snow on our back porch.


This poet brought heart, emotion, sadness and a whole lot of courage toher piece. When life gives all you can handle you need to say:”Enough is enough”. You wipe your hands clean, and you walk away. But as you leave it behind, don’t forget to say:

BYE-BYE by Sara McNulty (purplepeninportland)

She mired herself in the mud
of the mind, soaking up
depression like a sun bath.
Meeting me, a chronic depressive,
she savored steeping me
in her waters of woe.
Commiseration without
solution, unhealthy for both
of us. I began to notice
her phone calls were reserved
for ruminations about her life,
easily ignoring mine. I flicked
off the last morsel of mud,
after a failed suicide attempt
landed me in the hospital.
She called to discuss
the effect this had on her.
I washed, lost her number,
and sought help.

Congratulations Patricia and Sara for your BEAUTIFUL BLOOM awarded poems.