POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.


First, if you haven’t already read Michael Grove’s interview with Marie Elena, I highly recommend that you do! An interesting guy with an equally intersting story. Another great one, Marie!  [Thank you, Sir!  – Marie]


Our curiousity has Marie and me asking, “How many of our poets have responded to at least five (5) of our Sunday prompts?” That would make you eligible for this designation. We appreciate your participation in our IN-FORM POET segment, but we are looking specifically for the Sunday Seeds Prompts. If you believe you qualify, please respond below with a quick inclusion (and making me avoid scouring the weekly comments from the past 52 weeks! 😉  )

We are looking to do something special with this information.

AND speaking of our IN-FORM POET prompts, if you have three favorite form/poems that you would like us to highlight, list them (and the form) in a comment and we’ll see what we can do to honor them.

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  1. Wow, I’m not one of those that will classify. Shame on me, as I am your so ardent fan… How come I so rarely respond… Maybe it’s the weekend time – then I’m with my family and hardly ever switch on my computer. And then the working week starts, and there are other prompts… I have to re-schedule that and be more active around here.
    Uh, this space is intended for poets with actual poems, right? Oops.

    • Poetic Bloomings on said:

      Mariya, you are most welcomed here. We are all inclusive to poets of all ages and skill levels. We appreciate your encouragement at the poems you do share with us. This is just an experiment we’re looking at in celebrating our first year at POETIC BLOOMINGS. We will take all into consideration at the end of our “research”. The 10% was just a benchmark we used.

  2. Yep…that was a great interview, Marie. 🙂

    As for 10%…yep, for that, too…thus is one of those places I don’t miss!

    And forms…the shadorma (no surprise there!), triolet, and the Etheree.


    ~ Paula

  3. I guess I’m a 10%er too…woohoo! I’ve got a feeling I’ll be in some good company in this group!

  4. Marie & Walt: Once again, a great welcoming idea! It is amazing how far the site has come in one year. Think that I would be more on the 2 or 3%
    scale! Best, again, on this creative garden.:)

  5. I guess that makes me a 10%er too. Great company to be keeping, indeed. For forms… most likely tanka, rondeau and monchielle.

  6. I am a 10 percenter. 😉

  7. Yuppers!!! I’m one of those, too!!

    Hmm…forms, I remember liking the tanka a lot and the trifall, the pantoum you just featured was fun but I really liked the parallelogram de crystalline!!

    Thanks you two!! So much fun in the garden! smiles!

  8. Yes, I’ve probably responded to 90% of the Sunday prompts. I tried to find some of my earlier contributions, but in the archives for May 2011, all the lineation is missing. I have in no way looked at them all, but probably near the top of my favourites list would have to be the sonnet I wrote in hospital: http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/2012/04/08/napowrimo-8/

    Do you really want us to plough through the lot?

    • I’m an idiot! I didn’t read the last para properly. But my favorite form would still be the sonnet, even though imine was written for a Sunday prompt. I liked the Alouette form, probably because of its name, but not my poem. Triolet, Tanka, Haiku quatern and other short forms are a delight, but the sonnet wins on poeticality – or should that be poeticism?

  9. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    I have only been with your group for around 5 months, so I need to go back and count the number of posts (not including IN-FORM). Since I do so much commenting, I can’t be sure what is chatter and what is a poem :D!

  10. Haven’t been counting, but I’d be willing to suspect there are at least 5 of mine in the bin. I’ve got two published, or about to be that were either prompted or co-prompted here (you know how I am about combining prompts)

  11. like Vivin, I think I’m at least a 90%er. My favorite three IN-FORM styles would be the Monchielle (I Just Want to Know You), Pantoum (Miracles) and I guess I have to include my own Tri-Coupled Sestet (Judgment Abolished), although I am also quite fond of the Triolet (Love of Expression) and the Quatern (The Finish Line).

  12. Wasn’t sure, but I double-checked. I qualify as a ten percenter. I’m curious to hear what the “something special” is.


  13. somewhere between 10% and 95% for me

  14. I’ve dabbled my toes in enough to be pruney. 🙂 Ahh, the relaxation! 🙂

  15. Pretty sure I am in there

  16. Janet on said:

    I’m not sure if I’m a ten-percenter but I sure love the form-prompts’ when I get the freedom to be in this garden instead of my other ‘gardens’:) I love the quatrain, the pantoum and my all-time fav is the sonnet-form:)

  17. Yes, I’m in there, too! 🙂

  18. I enjoyed “Parallelogram de Crystalline.”

  19. I’m thrilled to say I think I’m well over 10% (but I’m a math dufus so …) – I really love pantoums, don’t mind triolets and tankas either

  20. Yes, I qualify and I don’t know quite for sure what form poems I’d like to write but I guess I’m with Sharon.

  21. I am a 10%er! But nota s a high a percenter as I’d hoped to be due to my break from writing last winter 🙂


  22. Poetic Bloomings on said:

    I started a tally and stopped after week 12. The majority of you who are in question are correct that you DO qualify. The list then was already rather extensive. My guess is the majority of our regulars are surely in the 80-95% range with many at 100% Just a cool survey which may lead to something bigger. Thanks for the responses now and future.

  23. I’m sure I’m a 10%er! I always have such good intentions and then Saturday arrives! Always trying to contribute more!

  24. I am a ten percenter!
    Forms: Parallelogram de Chrystalline (Kate); Tanka (Time Travel); Tri-Fall (Changing Clothing)

  25. Laurie Kolp on said:

    I double checked and I’m a 10%er, too… yahoo!!

  26. I’m happy to be a 10%er, too!!!!

  27. I can’t tell…I’m fairly new, and have responded to Sunday prompts and In-Form…and can’t remember which is which! I found six responses, and I think 5 were Sunday prompts. Ha! (squeaking in?)
    But I love this site, whether I respond or not.
    Forms? The Trolaan was my recent favorite.

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