We are celebrating our first year of poems at POETIC BLOOMINGS. And to commemorate this milestone, we are offering this badge for inclusion on your blogs and websites to signify your part in making this the great community it has become.

Use this HTML code to add the badge to your blog or website. Let the world know you bloom beautifully:

<a href=”http://poeticbloomings.com”><img title=”BloomBadge” src=”https://poeticbloomings2.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/bloombadge.jpeg&#8221; alt=”” width=”150″ height=”150″ /></a>


  1. YOU READ MY MIND!!! I was just clicking around here the other day to see if I missed an image tied to here with a url!! Thanks you two, for the beautiful gift of your voices, this garden to grow in and this sentimentally sweet badge to grace our blogs! Warm “Hannah-smiles!!”

  2. I guess that make you all my test market. Will get the link working shortly. Wanted to see if it would post.

  3. The link has been corrected. Anyone who had posted the badge on your site, thanks. But you will have to change the HTML code to reflect the change and add the link.

  4. I am definatly going for the baby-step stage of blogging! and more
    My first blogging was with PAD! You are #2 (but only on the clock time)
    I do not have a blog or website. Have yet to jump in there.
    Have a Twitter name (account?) , but have yet to try to twit! You (I) could say I am an un-twittered Twit…
    At least I have jumped into the edge of facebook – and have some poems on my wall. ’cause I was told; Need it for your Platform
    Like whimsyqyzma I need techie help to ffind and it the pieces together and make them work.
    I’m past conception, but still in labor.
    …and looking for where to post a poem on this site! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Viv, you’re on wordpress. On the wp bar that has your little icon and title of your blog, roll the cursor over your name (Vivinfrance’s…) Menu drops to reveal Dash board. click this.
      When the Dashboard loads, along the left hand side the menu bar has all these functions listed. Look for appearance, and then widgets. Click here. In the list that shows on the screen, find “Text”. Click and drag it up to your blog functions on the right side. Drop the TEXT link in position there and when the box opens up, paste the HTML I had provided, there. Save and it should appear on your blog when you view it. I know it sounds rather complex, but it’s not too terribly difficult is you have a bit of patience and follow the steps.

        • Oops! I’ve followed your instructions to the letter 10 times but NOOOOO Badge appears. I’ve saved the picture itself and will paste it into PB poem posts.
          Signed, with regret,

  5. Viv, Don’t use the text box widget; use the imagine widget, and then enter in the jpg’s url in the line where it ask for it.

    • Thanks Misk. I was in the process of working out the kinks, but I should have known our poets would have gotten on board immediately before it was fully functional. I was going to experiment with the HTML in the image widget, but it was a bad day and getting late. Your help in the R&D is very valuable. Thanks again. W.

  6. As an aside, the size of the badge can be manipulated by changing the height/width numbers to less than 150 (the default).

  7. Go to the P.B.BADGE tab above and use the code posted there. It worked on my secondary blog.

  8. I can’t get this to work! Helllllp! I am on WordPress, and have tried everything above. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    When I try to paste the url address into the widget window (on “image”) it appears for a moment, then disappears when I try to save. Any tips?

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