The Tri-fall, created by Jan Turner, consists of three 6-line stanzas, for a total of 18 lines.  The rhyme scheme per stanza is a,b,c,a,b,c.  The syllable count for each stanza is 6/3/8/6/3/8.    This form has no specific meter, requires little-to-no punctuation,  and may be written on any subject matter.


No More o’Nonna!

Let me show you my pics
just a few
I promise not to take too long
I’m transfixed. Aren’t you, too?
Almost through
Just bear with me and play along

Don’t you want to see more
and agree
She’s just so very cute and sweet
I hope I’m not a bore
but you see
she really makes my life complete.

If I appear obsessed
did you happen to think maybe
It’s just that I am blessed
this tub-o-chubsweetness baby?



In the garden of love
I plant seeds,
hoping they come to full flower.
Graced with light from above,
all their needs
are tended hour to hour.

Through our patience we see
what will “grow”
will be nurtured in heart and mind,
filling our souls. We’ll be
glad to show
all the tender moments we find.

 In our garden we share
heartfelt words.
Poetic bouquets we’re giving.
And through those words, we care.
What ‘s heard is
the sound of this life we’re living.

91 thoughts on “IN-FORM POET – THE TRI-FALL

  1. Great prompt, Walt and Marie. Intricate enough to be a challenge and smooth enough to say some great stuff. Not that my offering is that great.

    I combined this one with PA’s prompt for the day. Hope you enjoyed. This is so much harder than it looks on the surface.

    Sunday Lunch

    Table long, groaning now
    under weight
    of platters, dishes, and elbows.
    Ham, chops, eggs galore vow
    to stay late
    just to erase dieter’s woes.

    Clasping hands for prayer
    waiting now
    ‘til men get theirs and kids do too.
    Smells so good this home fare
    “Where’s the cow?”
    Utters late-comer with “moo.”

    “Stayed outside,” replies Gran
    “Sit and eat.”
    all bowls cleaned, platters empty too.
    Belt loose on a lone man
    children sleep
    in laps of soft-talking moms.

    © Claudette J. Young 2012

  2. “A blue lily love”

    You planted blue lilies
    deep, your fingers catkin sallow,
    you teased my heart silly
    sans control.
    Champagne petals of rose mallow

    sweet adorned me frilly
    lily soul
    love, as tender as warm aloe.
    You grew hued chantilly
    trails where whole
    bouquets awaited in hallowed

    gardens, during chilly
    midnight strolls
    we tripped and skipped through cool shallow
    streams the blue birds trilling
    as you stole
    my lilies and taught me to grow.

  3. Wow! This was quite a challenge, but I gave it a shot.

    Changing Clothing

    When I was a young girl
    my best dress
    showed slices of watermelon
    on green background. I’d twirl,
    friend would guess
    how man slices, all yellin`.

    When I worked, I loved clothes
    long or short,
    hippie tie-dyed to leather skirts.
    Fishnets and stilettos
    I would sport–
    not imports like Wall Street men’s shirts.

    Now I wear jeans or sweats.
    Life moves on,
    but I’m still partial to leather
    sofas, draped with my pets,
    subjects to the whims of weather.


    The invisible truth
    it is that
    somehow, we always do the same.
    From your very first tooth,
    little lad,
    you were part of the scary game.

    You laughed to the mirror
    so did we.
    From now on you are only you.
    “Go sit with your sister, near her,
    next to me.”
    I need you to belong here, too.

    Who does not celebrate?
    The first tooth?
    Who does not think of tomorrow?
    Here on this certain date:
    who can soothe
    my endless feeling of sorrow?

  5. I don’t know if anybody reads this but I changed a line that irritated me – sorry, I forgot to put here. So here again if you care to see it:


    The invisible truth
    it is that
    somehow, we always do the same.
    From your very first tooth,
    little lad,
    you were part of the scary game.

    You laughed to the mirror
    so did we.
    You saw you, you and you..
    “Go sit with your sister, near her,
    next to me.”
    I need you to belong here, too.

    Who does not celebrate?
    The first tooth?
    Who does not think of tomorrow?
    Here on this certain date:
    who can soothe
    my endless feeling of sorrow?

    • Ah, Ahdrea. All the same, truly. We wait for it, seize it, yank and then there we are amongst all our predecessors because of one swift jerk of the hand.

      Great mood and nice imagery here. Well done!

      • Thank you so much Claudsy. In a way I need another stanza to show that you, the mom, will forget about it some few minutes later when another situation with the kids occur. Here I liked to kind of fix this kind of shock moms might have from time to time.

        • Ah, but I can’t do that, Andrea. I’ve never married or had children. I can only observe, though I’ve done enough of that through the years.

          I’ll have to think about another stanza though. I could do one from the observers POV, maybe.

  6. Wish I Could…

    Wish I could sing in key.
    Then I might
    be able to‘do’soprano.
    But with eachDo…Re…Mi…
    I’m off. Quite.
    I sing forte, not piano.

    Wish I could sew and knit.
    Then I might
    be able to show off cool clothes.
    But with each stitch (dang it!)
    I’m off. Quite.
    Sew, I’m a knitwit, I suppose.

    Wish I could write a book.
    Then I might
    win a Pulitzer? Caldecott?
    Sadly, I have no hook.
    I’m sunk! Quite!
    Well…am I write or wrong or what?


  7. I Don’t Scream for Ice Cream

    I’m not fond of ice cream,
    don’t know why.
    It’s never my first choice of snack.
    I don’t dream
    of flavors piled high
    I guess it’s just a gene I lack.

    I met hubby’s fam’ly
    one summer
    when ice cream was being dished out.
    I refused it kindly
    his brother
    won’t let me forget it, no doubt.

    On occasion I will
    enjoy it,
    although still not something I crave.
    On cake I get my fill.
    I will sit
    and eat the whole thing if I’m brave.

    © KED 2012

  8. Hello ALL! I forgot what day it was yesterday and it’s taken me all this time to get back here! I’ll post and run but will be back to read!

    Marie and Walt I did get a chance to read yours!! Both made me smile for such different reasons and both beautiful! More pictures Marie!!!


    I’m standing still and tall
    a simple means of measurement,
    my sacred shadow falls
    to the sunlight, my new garment.

    Rich, it bathes my body,
    shining past
    light leaps long beyond my figure,
    shadow, I embody;
    I’m relaxed
    I allow the depth of darkness.

    I’m not ready to swoon,
    yielded, accepting this purpose,
    leaning length suggests Noon;
    body-spilled, sundial surface.

    ©H.G. @ P.B. 4/18/12

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  10. So much cleverness and beauty! I thought this was a very difficult form, but should have known our “Bloomers” would rise to the occassion. 😀


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  12. Let’s Just Do

    There’s been some long talking,
    me and you.
    It is time to take some action.
    Been way too much balking
    lets just do
    what gives us some satisfaction.

    It seems we aren’t being
    rushed along.
    So is it that we are drifting
    without really seeing
    the sweet song
    that we had written? Uplifting

    our spirits to the sky
    that is blue
    we shall hold our hands so tightly
    that we don’t have to try.
    Let’s just do
    all we can to shine more brightly.

    By Michael Grove

  13. Okay, I found where to post and on scrolling down to the end say a lot of names and faces I recognize from PAD – nice to see each of you. MMT


    Come, let’s go a dancing
    Noon today
    in a glen near a mountain top
    where the sun is shining
    kids can play
    and at night we need not stop.

    Look up, to see the moon
    while clouds set
    and light filters through a snag tree
    saying spring’s coming soon
    if not yet,
    will come some day for you and me.

    We can admit we care,
    start to live
    to wrap arms full round our being
    encourage hearts to dare
    love to give,
    for such joy we keep on dreaming.

  14. Marie Elena, told yyou I did more than one tri-fall so will go ahead and post again.


    Let’s go out exploring
    words spoken
    and spelled out for man to read
    for those who are seeking.
    Love’s great token
    lived out so that we need not bleed.

    ‘mazing revelation
    from above
    freely bestowed on all mankind
    removes condemnation
    out of love
    eternal life – gift all may find.

    This world I cannot change.
    but God can.
    What he asks of me and you,
    to use what we ourselves obtain
    share with man
    all what you know now to be true

  15. I’ll stop with three … I just really like this form. MMT


    Open mail box did I
    You popped out
    Unexpected voice from the past
    Slipping in on a skid
    Do I shout?
    Or sit right down so very fast?

    Friends we were way back then
    And today
    Old memories still lingering
    The places we had been.
    School and play,
    under apple trees bees humming.

    News of children, jobs, home
    Up to date
    Goals set and some still attaining
    Places we each have gone
    Life is great
    I sit softly remembering.

    • WELCOME, MARJORY! Wow, are you ever off to a grand start here at Bloomings! 😀 Sorry about the missing poem … our spam filter caught it. It’s posted now.

      Marie Elena

  16. Tri-fall Poem- abc,abc- 638/638

    {b}{center}“The Rescue of Dryopteris” II

    An afterthought, I took
    broken pot
    holding hidden longings, so shy.

    Newly arrived, I shook
    what was not
    held deep in her branches so dry.

    “Still a trace of life’s green”
    she whispered,
    faintly audible to my ears.

    Water- misted leaves clean.
    Tears drops heard
    Mold is lost from her unseen fears.

    Dryopteris , she beams
    and she sings;
    Her branches boldly grab the skies!

    And then, my garden’s dream
    she shows the love back to my eyes.{/b}{/center}

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