The Tri-fall, created by Jan Turner, consists of three 6-line stanzas, for a total of 18 lines.  The rhyme scheme per stanza is a,b,c,a,b,c.  The syllable count for each stanza is 6/3/8/6/3/8.    This form has no specific meter, requires little-to-no punctuation,  and may be written on any subject matter.


No More o’Nonna!

Let me show you my pics
just a few
I promise not to take too long
I’m transfixed. Aren’t you, too?
Almost through
Just bear with me and play along

Don’t you want to see more
and agree
She’s just so very cute and sweet
I hope I’m not a bore
but you see
she really makes my life complete.

If I appear obsessed
did you happen to think maybe
It’s just that I am blessed
this tub-o-chubsweetness baby?



In the garden of love
I plant seeds,
hoping they come to full flower.
Graced with light from above,
all their needs
are tended hour to hour.

Through our patience we see
what will “grow”
will be nurtured in heart and mind,
filling our souls. We’ll be
glad to show
all the tender moments we find.

 In our garden we share
heartfelt words.
Poetic bouquets we’re giving.
And through those words, we care.
What ‘s heard is
the sound of this life we’re living.