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Who are your heroes? We chose our mentors for various reasons and hold them in high regard. What would you do with your super powers? What happens when you put on the cape? Our poets did a super human job expressing this concept. The secret identities of our BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS will now be exposed:


“The Garden” this week was flooded with inspiration!  So many positively wonderful thoughts, so much color and creativity – making it once again so very difficult to choose one bloom.  Yet there is one that is so simply stated, so charming, so selfless in its intent, that I decided it must be chosen:  Paula Wanken‘s shadorma entitled “SUPER POWERS.”    Paula, this poem shines with your selfless character and beauty.  Thank you for this gem!

(a shadorma)

within you
lies a super strength
to face all
life throws you;
my Super Power would be:
to help you see it

P. Wanken


We all have our preconceived notion of what a super hero is. Leaping tall buildings and fighting crime are fine, but doing something for someone can make you the greatest hero of them all. Linda Swenski portrayed that idea quite well in her BEAUTIFUL BLOOM, HEROIC.

HERIOIC by Linda Swenski

I’d like to fly. I’d like to soar.
But some things matter even more.
I want to be the one admired
And recognized while finely attired.
I’d love the glory and high acclaim:
For everyone to know my name!

A lottery winner! A superstar!
A rapper in a fancy car.
Someone known by a single name—
Unlimited money and massive fame.
Is that what makes a person great?
I thought so, but my heart said, “Wait!”

Is this what determines a person’s worth—
A talent or accident of birth?
No. Heroism is so much more.
Its what is at a person’s core.
No need for cape, money, or glory.
A hero has a different story.

The man who saved a person’s life,
Or helped a friend through pain or strife,
The mom who raised her kids alone;
This is how true strength is shown.
We are all heroes every day,
Doing something great in some small way.

My feet are now back on the ground.
To be a hero, just look around.
Just find someone who needs a hand,
Or perhaps a friend to understand.
There is so much that we can do,
So let’s be heroes, me and you.

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16 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #49

  1. Congratulation Paula and Linda. Paula, your poem is so beautiful and wonderful. Linda, your last stanza also conveys this message of worshiping and understanding each other, great. I really like these two poems.

  2. Wow! I’m up early to head to the airport…and what a surprise to find this bloom waiting for me. Thanks, Marie. (And Linda — congratulations to you, too!)

  3. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Oh, such WONDERFUL selections!!! Congratulations Paula and Linda!

  4. Congrats to Paula and Linda! Wonderful, wonderful poems! 🙂

  5. Janet on said:

    Two WOW poems! Great choices Walt and Marie. Marie, I’m glad you chose Paula’s poem. So much in so few words! Walt, Linda’s poem should hang in everyone’s house. Thank-you for the re-play!Congratulations Paula and Linda!

  6. Lovely poems both. Congratulations to Paula and Linda!


  7. Walt, Elena, GREAT choices. I loved them both as well…
    Particularly Linda’s line, which echoes my own often thoughts:

    I thought so, but my heart said, “Wait!”

    Thanks to all our poets this week…all heroes, those who listen and hear their hearts say “Wait!”–and then write about it.

  8. Very well said, both of you!

  9. connielpeters on said:

    Congrats Linda and Paula. I love both of them.

  10. claudsy on said:

    Great job, Paula and Linda. You both deserved this recognition for such lovely poems. Can’t wait to see what you share with us next time.

  11. HUGE congrats, Linda and Paula!!! Such great choices you guys!!

  12. Paula — a big bundle in a little package — beautifully done!
    Linda — a simple truth. Nice!
    Congrats to both winners, and thanks to Walt & Marie — for always picking winners. 🙂

  13. Thank you all so much. I agree that there were so many heroic poems this week. A great prompt for some caped poet crusaders!

  14. Pingback: Super Powers « echoes from the silence

  15. Congratulations Paula and Linda – great choices from both Walt and Marie Elena who really never put a foot wrong here – thanks for all you do in this wonderful garden and Happy Easter all!

  16. Paula, your shadorma is essential and lovely. Linda, I saw yours on the blog earlier this week – the way it funnels down to the final phrases, great stuff.

    Marie and Walt, I applaud your good taste! Amy

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