Parallelogram de Crystalline is a poetry form created by Karan Naidu. This form consists of 4 verses of 3 lines each. The syllable count for each stanza is 3, 6, 9. In this style of poem, the beauty of a person is usually compared with nature and described in those terms…



His beauty
shines like the very sun,
my eyes cannot fully take it in.

His brilliance from no one,
His warmth springs forth to thaw the cold heart.

“Ebb and flow”
this phrasing un-embraced
by my God, whose love does not ebb, but

His mercy has no bounds,
as the sea lacking Earth’s gravity.

© Marie Elena – 2012




works of worded wonder;
hearts and flowers come to touch our souls.

The poets,
hearts full of emotion,
overflowing in oceans of thought

they are sweetly given.
Loving blossoms bloom in our garden,

grown to fill our vases
with verses; love’s beautiful bouquets.

© Walt Wojtanik – 2012


  1. Two beautiful poems. I’m not so sure about the form – and I do like writing to forms – which seems a bit mechanical to me. I’ll have a go later.

  2. “She”

    Like the moon
    She is distant and still
    Solemnly guarding the misty sky

    Like the sun
    She is rising again
    Shining its mercy on all that lives

    Like the rain
    She is steady and cool
    Washing my face and consumed by earth

    Like the wind
    She is passing me through
    Tracing my soul with a last good bye

  3. Ho, I like this form, and think to try my hand at it. Though, forms make me feel uncomfortable, as they tend to seem a bit “mechanical” (borrowing Viv’s term) and they restrict me. Another way of looking at it is that a poet should be able to write masterpieces in any form and circumstance, so maybe the trouble lies within me, instead of the form. 😀
    I promise I’ll give it a try. Every week I try to make one form poem following your Archive here – it’s a brilliant resource, by the way, thank you both for doing this!
    best, M.

  4. Marie and Walt, Two very impressive examples. How do you do it? I LOVE form. This one looks challenging to me, but I want to try it! See you later…hopefully;)

  5. Lover

    You call me
    Stalwart figure luring
    Me to your faithful, strong, out-stretched arms

    Like a tree
    Planted by the water
    Your roots run deep, grounded in my heart

    Oh my love
    The seasons leave their mark
    But you grow more beautiful with time

    Take me now
    Let me rest in your boughs
    Of brawny strength bending with the storm

  6. “In your arms”

    I would dig
    beneath the sea for one
    pearl that reflects the purity of

    your heart so
    I could see you again,
    to feel the silk of your voice in my

    dry blue soul.
    I wear your ring but it
    doesn’t bring me nearer to you where

    I belong
    inside you, safe from the
    world beneath the sun, wrapped in your arms.


    You hold strength
    as the tallest of trees;
    your mind and body is my stronghold.

    Wind and rain,
    your boughs be not shaken;
    timber won’t tremble under life’s weight.

    Deep ridges,
    crevices in your bark;
    the imperfections that make you.

    Make you whole,
    created perfectly;
    my stronghold, my climbing tree.

    ©H.G. @ P.B. ~Parallelogram de Crystalline

  8. “My God,” is stunningly beautiful and touching, Marie! Thank you for this!

    Your words of blooming beauty bring forth in me a feeling of deep connectivity. Blessed by you, Walt!!

    I SO enjoyed this form!! Really beautifully constructed and the purpose behind it makes it all that much more fulfilling.

    BIG happy “Hannah-smiles,” all around this blooming neighborhood! :)!

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  10. WONDERS!

    Beware now,
    right there in front of you
    he meets danger just so serenely.

    Block your brakes,
    find the right expression,
    your groceries hit you from behind.

    But he’s here!
    The Gold Pheasant is here!
    He passes the road reluctantly.

    Wipe your eyes,
    pull yourself together.
    This magician never fails to love.

  11. My Sunshine

    solar flare
    illuminates the room
    every time I see your vibrant smile

    shining forth
    this aureole of you
    burning with desire my aching heart

    ever since
    your light refused to reach
    the depths of my darkened soul, I long

    to see your
    rays beaming once again
    illuminating the room with cheer

  12. She’s Beauty

    She blossoms
    like a Spring daffodil
    with brilliance unlike any other.

    She bubbles
    as the flowing currents.
    The perfect blend of water and air.

    She’s beaming
    with a reflected light
    shining from her face and in her eyes.

    She’s beauty.
    Surrounding me always.
    Taking me to places I dream of.

    By Michael Grove

  13. What a beautiful, intriguing form. Here’s mine:

    Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?

    No, but spring
    will have to do, these hues
    your vernal, verdant smile: golden, wild.

    Shall I put
    thee upon flowered stage?
    No way; but bask in sunlight: your eyes.

    Your limbs, my
    anchored tree, as cool breeze
    blows across our torn, tattered places.

    Traces of
    petals, your sweet lips, soft
    as murmured fluttered leaves, grown for me.

  14. Mum

    My mother
    Large, lovely brown doe eyes
    Ebony hair and cherry-red lips

    Her kindness
    Like a stout, shady tree
    Providing a cool, peaceful shelter

    Inner strength
    A mountain of boulders
    On which her five daughters depended

    Her patience
    A tranquil bubbling stream
    Steady, continual refreshing

  15. I adore this form!


    With her soft
    doe eyes, damp in sadness,
    she sometimes feels caught in the headlights

    of her life.
    Walking through a meadow,
    her olive skin softens. Her face shines

    as dew drops
    pearled on freshly cut grass.
    Her raven hair, threaded silver, hugs

    broad shoulders.
    Curves mold her body as
    a marbled statue, my dear friend Kate.

  16. Amethyst Infatuation

    A spring breeze
    ruffles your curls, lilac
    blooms waving behind you, a village

    of gentle
    buds huddled together
    on one stem, bursting with honeyed hope.

    Your lips, eyes
    color the world purple
    dazzling many butterflies, like me

    • “… color the world purple dazzling many butterflies, like me”. I have three of these little gems! 🙂 🙂 🙂 !

    • Thank you, friends. This same lilac blooms sometimes in November and makes me wonder if it is some swansong for the old bush, but she’s back and wafting every spring.

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    I’ve not seen
    the color of your eyes…
    I imagine them as pools of blue.

    I’ve not heard
    the sound of your laughter…
    as delightful as a babbling brook.

    I’ve not felt
    the softness of your skin…
    the unblemished flesh of a newborn.

    I’ll not know
    the natural beauty
    of seeing my own for the first time.

    P. Wanken

  19. I’m enjoying the form. Thanks for the introduction and the great samples, Walt and Marie.


    I see you
    there hunched over your saw
    two pulls away from making sawdust

    pile around
    you, another old growth
    tree weighed down by ice storms and high winds,

    but you pause,
    your affinity for
    weathered men warming your leafy heart.


    Hello there
    Andrea is calling
    Can you help me getting the words right?

    Dots cry help.
    They appear everywhere
    unexpectedly craving something.

    Can I say?
    My mum was like a lamb?
    Or will you think of toilet tissue?

    Here maybe
    you’ll be laughing out loud?
    Words are meant for love you say to me.

  21. I wrote this poem, I LOVE YOU TOO, for my editor and internet friend, Amy. I sent some few poems to her (she edits my fiction) and she replied yesterday: “You know what? I need to talk you into doing a book of poetry. SERIOUSLY! ”
    Though I know that no one will likely buy a poetry book from someone like me – she made my day. And therefore this poem. She’s an incredible patient editor and in a way she got me here.

  22. All is Fair in Love

    Skin so fair,
    milky and unblemished
    with the purity of wind blown snow.

    Hair so fair,
    golden blonde tresses flow
    to frame the chiseled features below.

    Eyes so fair,
    the windows of her soul.
    Look to view each season of this man.

    Love so fair,
    reaching into my heart
    to claim the places where it resides.

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  24. Oh dear! This was much harder than it appeared! 😐 I’m not happy with it, but it’s late and I’m tired, so, here’s mine — for what it’s worth. :-] (There’s a picture that goes with it… I’ll put it on my blog.)

    Spring Evening

    Dusk descends
    just outside my window
    shades of blue beckoning the twilight

    Faintest breeze
    wafting past the curtain
    sets the linen fluttering in dance

    Peepers’ call
    reaches through the window
    tempting me to step outside to hear

    Lovely night
    the spring’s a symphony
    the music of her song enchants me

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