If we could reach back in time and make the corrections necessary to become successful, what would you say/do to achieve this level of competency?  Our poets were charged with the task of advising themselves on which paths to choose on the road to success. These are the BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS for those efforts:


In my book, you are all already huge successes. Your “voices” hold beauty and wonder, and your willingness to make them heard is to be admired.

De Jackson’s unique voice, sincerity, word play, imagination, humor, phrasing, and down-to-earth outlook make themselves known every time she puts pen to paper.  De, in my opinion, there is nothing you pen that does not deserve accolades.  This time, it earned you a Beautiful Bloom.

Oh, and De?  Those poems from your heart? Someday they will heal the hearts of others. Those characters you love? Someday they will be beloved by some amazing little people.

Keep writing.

~DEAR DE~ by De Jackson

Dear De,

Okay, you.
Enough with the pessimism, and the procras
and the self flagellation sessions and the hesi
Keep writing.
And every once in a teeny, tiny while, send something.
Somewhere. Doesn’t even matter where, at first. Just
press send, and then
Keep writing.
Ignore the voices in your head that say you aren’t any
good (consider this: they might lie). Ignore the choices
in your day that push writing aside (consider this: so
much just doesn’t matter).
Keep writing.
In indigo and turquoise and periwinkle and violet. In
sickness and in health and in the deepest darkest pits
of never ever wanting to press another word onto the page.
Keep writing.
Because guess what?
It pays off.
Okay, I perhaps use the term “pays” loosely. But you’ve never
been all that concerned with fame or riches anyway, right? Just
good words, good work, good people. And oh, it pays off in all of
those, and more.
Those poems from your heart?
Someday they will heal the hearts of others.
Those characters you love?
Someday they will be beloved by some amazing little people.
Keep writing.
Because the world need good words, and you’ve got some to give.
Because it’s what you are
wired up
to do.
Because it makes your own heart so.very.happy.
And that’s success, baby.
And because I said so, and I am 30 years smarter than you.
Keep writing.
Plus also: quit worrying. It causes wrinkles. Trust me.



Our successes come in all forms, and making it from where we stand at the moment to landing proudly on our laurels is something for which we all strive. Becoming the person we’ve always hoped to be may be the greatest of our achievements. Expressed succinctly by Hannah Gosselin, her BIGGER PLANS:

~BIGGER PLANS~ by Hannah Gosselin

While your heart was aching,
pounding, voice struggling
for worth, for words resounding,
I was busy with bigger plans.
In those times when you spun
words for the absolute fun of it
I was naming homes, silently
whispering them in your ear,
planting them in mystery.
I had in mind the girl who so
emotionally tattered, torn
had been the victim of a bully.
She felt so very alone, needed
your voice, your heart reaching
through a collision with time
“coincidence,” she read you,
your words reached her.
In the times of sadness
When your verb-filled well
spilled discouragement,
my soul was sensing an
adult-child of a tragic
alcoholic home, silenced,
who’d spoken, opened
fragile faults, spirit falling,
only to wish them retracted.
She read your story, she
knew then she wasn’t alone.
there was room for growth, hope.
When you were winding through
a day willed of words and “play,”
displaying in vivid words, beauty
in all its array, nature’s power
miracle of it all, breathless wonder.
I was in that moment,
finding evidence
soul’s needing to know,
reason behind all of the magic.
Making real for them a tangible
Maker and Creator of all that is.
When your heart felt wordless,
doubtful, spiteful, tired and failing,
I touched you tenderly with a word
to inspire you, prod you along,
move you toward the very future
I had planned, with a myriad of
meaningful, connections to be made,
with a purpose and a bigger plan.

written for p.b./ © h.g. 2012

Congratulations   De  and Hannah,  for being chosen for this week’s BLOOMS.

20 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #46

  1. Ahhh… two of my favorite poets — and two EXCELLENT pieces! Love them both! Nice picks, Marie & Walt! Wonderful job, ladies! Write on. I’ll buy your books when you’re ready to birth them! 🙂

  2. Ohhhhhh. What an incredibly wonderful thing to wake up to this morning. 🙂 Thank you so much for the Bloom, and the encouragement, Marie. And to be alongside Hannah, who is so adeptly refining and shining her incredible poetic voice every single day, and who is very quickly becoming one of my very favorite poets on the planet…well, that’s even sweeter.

    Hannah, I loved this poem, and this line still sits soft on my heart:
    In the times of sadness
    When your verb-filled well
    spilled discouragement,
    my soul was sensing…

    You make that Maker and Creator real in EVERYTHING you write, Miss Hannah. He has chosen well.

    • You bring me to tears, De! Seriously, I’m so honored to be blooming next to you!! Such a special, special treat!

      The words from your heart and your genuine, gentle self with SO MANY wonderful words to share….you inspire me every day, De.

      Thank you so much for your kindness and friendship!


  3. Oh, yes, both poems are great. Congrats De, the impact of your spacing is amazing (hmn, hope this works in English). Congrats Hannah, your sense of life always touches me.

  4. WALT!!! YES, this is my BIG-SMILE!!

    Thank you SO much for your words this morning and for picking me as a bloom! I’m truly honored!!!

    I’m so grateful for each of you, my poetic-friends!! Thank you for your very thoughtful words of congratulations and encouragement!

    My heart is warmed~thank you!! 🙂

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  6. Kudos to both De and Hannah … great poems both, from wonderful poets … and thanks to Marie and Walt as always for careful reading and selecting; well done!

  7. Standing ‘o’ for both of you. I think each of you deserves a bloom whenever your pen touches paper! Great choices, Walt and Marie!

  8. So I’m chatting with my writing cohort, Ely the Eel, and he says that Walt & Marie Elena are crazy, and that he should be getting a bloom this week. I suggested he was wrong for a couple of reasons. First, we have been riding the De train for a while now and there is no smoother transport, and that Hannah girl has transported us in other ways, with an entire new usage of words we thought we knew until she came along. I mean, De, “the world needs good words and you have some to give, because you’re gifted…and that’s truly success baby”, and Hannah, you do indeed “prod us along and inspie us”. So Ely says he re-read the winners and agreed that they were “pretty good”, but asked what the second reason was why he didn’t win, and I reminded him that he didn’t submit a poem.

    • I’ve seen Ely’s work. I can just about guarantee that he will receive a bloom. He’s gooooooood … in a badboy sort of way … 😉


  9. Loved these blooms!
    Particularly, De, the recognition of the real payoff for us all — “good words, good work, good people” — what more do we want to write for?
    Thanks for the beauty.

    And, Hannah for this, for when we feel nothing…

    “When your heart felt wordless,
    doubtful, spiteful, tired and failing,
    I touched you tenderly with a word…”

    I’m writing these on the front of my notebook. I’ll need them, I know, sometimes.

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