This week’s featured poetry form is a bit of a challenge. It is called GENESIS. It has been devised by Walt Wojtanik, and takes its name from the musical group by the same name. The form consists of three (the last configuration of the group had three members) six-lined stanzas each with the rhyme scheme A-B-A-C-A-B (“ABACAB’ was one of the group’s big hits). There is no syllable count or any set meter.



When I can take no more
I lift my face to see
The One whom I adore.
He makes His presence known,
And He is then no more
Invisible to me

Than she inside my mirror.
He leans in close and then,
He whispers in my ear,
That I am not alone …
The words I need to hear,
Then whispers them again.

He moves through time and space
To take my fears away.
I welcome His embrace.
He tells me I’m His own,
And seals me with His grace,
A debt I can’t repay.

© 2012 Marie Elena Good



A clearness of mind,
with a sense of objective,
thoughts quite refined,
without trepidation or fear.
Synapses unwind
giving you some perspective.

Memories of pasts seem kind,
and your viewpoint is less subjective.
leaving doubt far behind,
to find your purpose here.
For fear may put you in a bind
and your choices are less selective.

Retain your focus, and you will find
your decisions are quite protective,
your rationale is sealed and signed,
and always has your ear,
Then your clarity becomes well defined;
Incisive and introspective.

© 2012 Walt Wojtanik