9 thoughts on “POETIC BLOOMINGS POLL #1

  1. Hmn, I like that it is Walt and Marie who are the judges and I’m afraid that posting more than two poems from the weekly prompts (again) will be too much. For me it works quite fine that Marie says once in a while, that all our poems are great.
    I like Walt and Marie’s continuity and if I don’t agree with their judgement, I just read that chosen poem one more time and wonder.
    And wondering is good! It’s very inspiring for me.
    So no, don’t change anything, Walt and Marie – you’re doing fine just as it is.

  2. I think it would be fun as an experiment at least … then you could decide if it was worth the trouble to do it on an ongoing basis … the two of you do such a good job, it would be a shame to upset that equilibrium

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