No matter the destination, a place, a person, an emotion – hitting the road brings great adventure. We are only bound by our imaginations, and as always, our poets have shown there are no limits when the “traveling blues” kick in. And so we present our BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS:


What a ride this week has been!  Your poetry took us to so many destinations, complete with scenery and vision, scent and emotion.  As usual, it is very difficult to choose just one poem to highlight.  I finally settled on Sara McNulty’s “Vacation Roadie.”  Who wouldn’t fall in love with a trip that begins on the Yellow Brick Road, and ends at the ocean?  Beautifully done, Sara.  Thank you for this trip through your life’s journey.

Vacation Roadie by Sara McNulty (purpleinportland)

As a child, the yellow
brick road beckoned;
I coveted the ruby slippers,
Toto, and the assorted
adventurers of steel, straw,
and lion fur.

The yellow road was paved
over with concrete; cement steps
leading to work. Sandwiched
in those early adult years, I basked
in the jazz, gumbo, and wrought
iron railings of New Orleans.
Followed up with the Waikiki
weather soaking the white beaches,
and frangipani of Hawaii.

In my fifties, I left part of my heart
in Venice, as we moved on
to Florence, Naples, Rome,
and the beauty and simplicity
of Ischia, strolling from one end
to the other, each block a treasure
of old churches, markets, and food.

Roads have been rough,
smooth, and sometimes
tarred and flat. May all
my roads lead always
to oceans.


This piece moved many people (as evidenced by the comments posted). I was no less stirred by its passion. And it is heartening to have a poem make a great impression with a first bloom. Iris Deurmyer’s “Pursuit” is a journey always worth taking.So, welcome Iris and please accept this BEAUTIFUL BLOOM.

Pursuit by Iris Deurmyer

I followed you relentlessly for I desired to possess you.
You tantalized my dreams and pervaded my thoughts.
Such a breathtaking vision, you seemingly flitted from path to path.
You were as elusive as a butterfly and I lost my direction in pursuit of you.
Dusk came and I wearily paused from my arduous and unfruitful journey.
My lethargy caused me to rest amidst the fragrant moonflowers.
I reflected in the solitude of the panoramic twilight sky.
Perceiving that you had paused in your flight too, I embraced you.
Running I could not capture you, but upon meditation you were mine.
Oh Wisdom, you are unexcelled in beauty, and I regret I hurried so long.