Pete Seeger wrote and sang (The Kingston Trio and Peter,Paul and Mary also did renditions) this wonderful folk song “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”  Watching life pass us by becomes a reality which we all encounter. In the song, everything come back to bloom again. If we’re lucky, we will witness the resurgence of our blessings. These BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS are given for expressing this theme:


My first inclination for choosing a Bloom for this prompt was to go with a nostalgic piece that speaks to my own delightful childhood memories.  It’s a beautifully written poem (but aren’t they all?), and I even had begun to write my words of recognition.  However, Andrea Heiberg’s  “O MAGNITUDE” would not release me from its haunting touch, and beauty and grace of script.  If you have not yet read Andrea’s introduction to her poem, please take the time to do so.  Andrea, your work in this short piece is exceptional, in my opinion.  It took several readings for its depth and message to capture me.  It is with pleasure that I offer this week’s Beautiful Bloom to you.

O MAGNITUDE by Andrea Heiberg

The days never end but
for the longing of
the damping forest
the on shore wondering,
the red-necked grebe
on its way
with her two heavy babies on her back,

No, the days never end.


In choosing this photo for this week’s prompt, one thought danced in my head. My oldest daughter, Melissa, is in the process of making her wedding arrangements. And that one thought permeated my heart. Where are you off to? Where is my flower going? The answer was clear, you are off to use all you have learned to live your life. The swings are empty, and waiting for the next rider. Henrietta Choplin’s wonderful “I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK” (My daughters said the “STARS AND BACK” ) brings it close to home for me. Children will find a way to be children. Even at 26 and 19, Melissa and her sister Andrea stay Daddy’s little girls in heart and spirit. A lovely Quatern Hen, earns your BEAUTIFUL BLOOM.

I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK by Henrietta Choplin

Children find ways to be children.
Smack in the middle of chaos,
“Let us swing high…up to the moon!”
“I can go, way higher than you!”

Little toes to touch an ocean blue,
Children find ways to be children.
“I’m on my way…higher than you!”
“Oh no you’re not, just watch me too…”

Graceful forms of a dolphin’s sail,
Gliding, dipping, climbing trails,
Children find ways to be children.
“…see me…I AM, where’s Mom and Dad?”

“Up in the house, but don’t you ask!”
“Up to the moon…let us swing high!”
Smack in the middle of chaos,
Children find ways to be children.

Congratulation to Andrea and Henrietta for you work this week. And a fond thank you to all our poets for keeping the flowers blooming here at POETIC BLOOMINGS.