For all who have not yet heard,  we are offering to all our poets the chance to consolidate your POETIC BLOOMINGS poems onto your own parcel within our “Garden.”  This section is entitled “Poetic Recollections,” and may be found in the menu at the top of this site.

All poets who have posted here on a regular basis are eligible for a site.  “Regular”  meaning multiple posts to a Sunday prompt or IN-FORM POETS form prompt. The IN-FORM poems may be placed on your site as well.

Please note:  The Poetic Recollections sites are intended for our poets to collect and organize the poems they’ve already posted on the main page for POETIC BLOOMINGS prompts. We ask that you continue to post your poetry, comments, and replies on the main prompt pages.  We respectfully request that you refrain from commenting directly to the individual Recollections sites.

To make your Poetic Recollections page request and provide your information (photo, bio, links, etc.), please send an e-mail to poeticbloomings@yahoo.com (Subject: Profile Page)Each of you who request to have a page set up for your works here must provide a brief bio, including any of the URLs of your blogs, or other materials you wish to promote.    Also if you use a pen name:  we would like your page to include your given name so we can promote your works here and across the blogosphere. 

These electronic “Chapbooks” will enhance our site greatly. Thank you all for your gifts of words, and your continued support.


  1. So. How does this work?
    We aren’t actually WordPress-defined “Users”, so do we select what we want on the page and email it to y’all?

  2. Select what you want and paste it into your comment box of your page. You can sort and organize your content on this page. It should be your poems from the prompts and IN-FORM POETS sections. This way anyone can find all your poems in one place.

  3. Walt, I must wait a week. My island is flooded with people because this is the week of “winter vacation” – and they are on “mobile connection” just like me which means that I must wait, wait and wait.
    I’ll send the information that you need next week or maybe before if I know what internet address to send it to.
    Please know that for the time being I’m only connected for a few minutes.
    And is it okay to edit the poems that you shared?

  4. Andrea, that is fine. Your spot is established, so whenever you get the information to me that will be fine. The only requirement is for the poem to have been written to a PB prompt and have been posted under that prompt. Revision is accepted, indeed.

  5. I love that the pages are starting to come together so nicely. They all have common threads, but each is unique in personality. What a fantastic idea this is, Walt!

  6. Hi there! I think this is awesome. I haven’t been around much later (sorry!) but I’ve been working on tightening up and then querying agents (among other [personal] things) for my middle grade historical fiction book. Yeah…I write poetry, short fiction, long fiction, non-fiction, etc. Too bad I can’t find someone who loves me and my work – and wants to pay me a lot of money for the privilege. Oh well. 😀

  7. No pest Barbara. It would be helpful if you could include the prompt (either by #, or topic) but if it’s not there, oh well.

    RJ don’t sweat the small stuff. You are considered a regular (even though you get irregular sometimes! 😉 ) But I think this will help those who are not regular bloggers a chance and place to direct others to their work.

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