Poems touch, teach and entertain people of every size and age. This week we will ask you to write a children’s poem that teaches a lesson. But, the lesson is meant for the parents or the responsible adult. The moral of this story is have fun and learn a little something about ourselves.

Marie Elena’s Poem:

(positive self-talk for middle-grade children)

Today I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed,
‘cause everything is mixed up in the brain inside my head.
I couldn’t seem to get things straight. There’s nothing I could do.
But then I told my dad, and he said, “Son, that’s just not true.”
My Father said, “Can’t never could, ‘cause can’t will never try.
But can works hard to get it right. Can helps us to get by.
Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t; that you don’t have the skill.
Just say ‘I can,’ and try your best, then certainly you will.”

So, I said to me:
“I’ll make it be.
I’ll try with all my might.
I’ll do my part,
I’m plenty smart,
And things will be alright.”

Now when I start to say “I can’t,” I hear my father’s voice.
It tells me “Hey – you know you can. Just simply make that choice.”


Walt’s Poem:


Daddy, can I walk with you?
You go so far and I can’t keep up.
Help me, mommy says supper is ready
and I can’t catch my breath.

Daddy, will you walk with me?
I can’t cross the street
and my ball rolled over there.
I’m scared until you hold my hand and take me.

Daddy, will you be there when I walk
across this stage in my flowing gown?
My mortar board keeps sliding off of my head,
and I’d rather let my tresses flow instead.

Daddy, will you walk with me,
on this day  that I become a bride?
I see it in your eyes: the pride
and love and sadness when you get me there.

Daddy, I’ll help you walk.
I’ll be right here to show the way as you did.
Every day I’ll take your hand and stand besides YOU.
I will be here to guide you. Until you walk with me again.