Marie is off spending time and traveling with her Father . She had asked that I make her selection for this week, along with my own. These two selections were something that I was uncomfortable with until I read through the entire list of 200 comments and poems. That was when it became clear who offered the best work for the week. This is something Marie and I agonize over on a weekly basis. She made it the most logical choice in her absence. So…

The following poets will be awarded this week’s BEAUTIFUL BLOOM;

Hannah Gosselin                                                Jane Shlensky

Jane Penland Hoover                                      Andrea Heiberg

Barbara Young                                                   Rinkly Rimes

Kelly Donadio                                                     Henrietta Choplin

Michael Grove                                                    Andrew Kreider

Mike Maher                                                          Mary Mansfield

Sasha the Happy Amateur                             RJ Clarken

Richard Walker                                                   Marian Veverka

De Jackson                                                            Mark Windham

Sharon Ingraham                                              Connie L. Peters

Paula Wanken                                                     Michelle Hed

Magical Mystical Teacher                             Marilyn Braendeholm

Sara McNulty                                                        Vivienne Blake

Every poet who had taken the time to share a poem this week deserves this designation and so the well-earned award is given for your efforts. Marie and I appreciate your talents and your generosity in planting your seeds of poetic wonder here in our garden to blossom and grow here at POETIC BLOOMINGS.


In light of this, we make this offer to all our poets:  the chance to consolidate your POETIC BLOOMINGS poems onto your own page within our “Garden.”. Each of you who request to have a page set up for your works here must provide a brief bio and a profile photo (and include any of the URL’s of your blogs, or other materials you wish to promote) to attach to your work.  Also, those writing with a pen name, we would like your page to bear your given name so we can promote your works here and across the blogosphere.  To make your request and provide your information, please send an e-mail to (Subject: Profile Page). These electronic “Chapbooks” will enhance our site greatly. Thank you all for your gifts of words.

68 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #41

  1. Aww, thank you, Walt; congratulations to everyone this week; it is just such a comfy place to share! (Oh, and I have been wanting to mention that the lovely background on this page is beautifully soothing.) Hen

  2. Patricia, we are an all accepting group, and your dear are a mainstay! Of course there’s space for your worded magnificence!

    Thanks Hen, and you’re welcome in the same breath. When I re-designed the look of the page, e wanted it to represent the the vivid blooming out of the starkness of life. The muted grays and off-white offer the perfect canvas for such expression. Glad that it soothes!

  3. How nice of you to recognize all the contributors as the week’s beautiful blooms… they all are so deserving!

  4. Thank you so my for my bouquet (it truly feels like more than one blossom) and for the opportunity to become ” paged” here – I need to figure out what I want to give you re bio, pic ,etc, and which blog to use (I’m not known as the Blogamist for nothin’) but I’ll def get back here asap. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks for the Beautiful Bloom. I appreciate it. I was just chatting with my friend, Paula Wanken, this morning about how much I like this site and how supportive it is. And you just proved it again. I would be honored to have a little space in your garden.


  6. I’m honoured to be seated with this crowd of talented people, and thank you (Marie and Walt) for the opportunity to have a page here. This ‘garden’ encourages all of its poets to ‘bloom’ and grow and never fear exposing their hearts to friends here. It’s a special place.

    I’d be most appreciative for a small plot-of-a-page for some of my work.

  7. Wow…I didn’t think the “Hannah,” smile could get brighter but it just did! I LOVE being honored with a bloom beside these poets and I’m humbled and my heart is thrilled with the offer of a “forget-me-not,” patch of my pretty poems paged here!! So exciting! Thank you both so much for this garden. And sweet smiles to ALL! 🙂

    Just a thought, if poets wanted and you guys liked the idea we could each have our own type of flower claimed. If we do, I’d love to use forget-me-nots! Or it could be an individual thing, just struck me. Thanks so much!! 🙂

  8. Walt and Marie, thank you so much! It is such a nice surprise. Wonderful to see all the names together like this. I’m honored and very happy to receive my bloom!
    I think it’s a great idea to have poetic pages, I will be sending my info soon. Also, if we get to choose a flower, I’d like to be golden glows, please.
    Thank you again, and congratulations to all the blooms!
    Sasha, ‘Happy’

  9. To give an idea what our personal poetry pages will look like, click on the POETIC RECOLLECTIONS tab and then on Walt’s name. If you have a favorite quote or saying, it will be listed under the photo. We will link to all blogs. This should be a tremendous asset for all to access at POETIC BLOOMINGS.

  10. Congrats to everyone on their phenomenal poems this week! And thanks for including me as one of the Blooms!

    Poetic Recollections sounds like a great idea…Ack! Now I’m going to have to try to come up with a picture…that could be an interesting challenge all on its own.

    So, if we do the pick-a-flower idea, are dandelions allowed in??

  11. Mary, if that’s what you’d like, we’ll accommodate you. Although, we may call it a Taraxacum officinale (it’s Latin name!)

  12. What a great idea to honor the entire community this week, Walt & Marie! You have fostered such a special place here…it has been a blessing to be here from its inception. Not only to see the growth in fellow poets…but the growth of the entire garden! I am so proud to call you both friends…and to be a part of such a fantastic group of people.

    As for the eChapbook idea — so much fun! And you bet your sweet asters I would be honored to have a page included! 😉

    ~ Paula

  13. You have honoured some wonderful poets today, and it has been a busy week. Despite my 3 poems this week, my name is not on the list – does this mean I may not have a page? I have felt part of this blooming communityright from the start, and should hate to be excluded!

    • Oh, please be happy, Vivi, and congratulations. We’re all here and that’s just great because we let life get out of every corner of the word, “old” – and so did you.
      Congratulations down there in France. It’s horrible cold up here in Denmark and if it’s also cold in your place, I wish that you will also feel the warmth.

      • Andrea, that’s such a kind message – typical of the ambience here. Yes it’s cold – minus10C yesterday morning, but a bit warmer today, though still below zero.

    • Viv, you and the garden are indivisible, you certainly have your patch already, blooming with your wonderful poems. Now it’s just a matter of adding a page to the patch 🙂 Have a great Sunday!

  14. Viv, of course you’ll have a page. It will be made available to all who have graced our garden with their worded wonder. In many ways, you lead the charge.

  15. Congratulations to everyone on the beautiful blooms this week. The electronic chapbooks here are such a great idea. This is such a great site… Thanks to Walt and Marie and all of the talented poets whon post here on a regular basis. Love to all!

  16. I’m grateful and I didn’t even write “old” in the title – I noticed later and in fact I wrote that poem just after I saw your prompt – so now I edited it. I hope that it will be okay to put edited versions of your prompts there.
    And flowers: If the Western Marsh Orchid isn’t picked yet, I’ll be so happy to guard it in my name.
    Thanks Walt and Marie – what a day!

  17. Thank you, guys. Love this bloomin’ place, always a positive and friendly garden. I shall pull some things together, and request the Gerbera daisy. Hearty stem; somewhat fragile bloom. Thanks, with love. de.

  18. Just checking in this morning. Thanks very much for including me in the group bloom, and the author pages sounds like a great idea. I would love to be a part of that! 🙂

  19. I love the idea. Gardenia would be the “bloom” I choose! Always my favorite due to the wonderful scent; I find by definiation, they suit me well: Gardenias have a well-earned reputation for being difficult specimens. However, if you persevere, you’ll be rewarded with elegant blossoms and a sweet fragrance that simply cannot be matched by other plants. 🙂

  20. Walt and Marie, I have to say that your efforts at gardening have grown and matured with such lovely results.

    Congratulations to all those poets who shared this week. You grow lovely blossoms.

    That each “gardener/blossom” has been acknowledged so beautifully is a testament to who the Master Gardeners are and their message to the world. You allow the garden gate to swing both ways, allowing wanderers to come in for enjoyment and growers to show off their work. That says a lot.

    I’d love to have a small plot here in your garden, even though, I’m an infrequent gardener here. Thank you so much for this offer and opportunity.

  21. Congrats to all our wonderful poets this week. I am so thrilled that all will have their own page for their poems. I can’t wait to have a page to share with my friends and family who have enjoyed visiting Poetic Bloomings to see my poetry and the poetry of all my fellow beautiful blooms poets. Most of them do not understand the joy and fulfillment I receive from writing my feeble attempts at art, but they support my stubborn and clumsy effort to express myself in what they consider this unusual way. I so appreciate this forum in which my mental confusion becomes an organized therapy of sorts and I love all of you other poets whose heart and soul become a beautiful word painting that enthralls us all.

  22. Congratulations to everyone! So many master gardeners – I learn so much from you all. I would be glad to have a space in the garden, too. Just let me know where/when to send the details..

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