Marie is off spending time and traveling with her Father . She had asked that I make her selection for this week, along with my own. These two selections were something that I was uncomfortable with until I read through the entire list of 200 comments and poems. That was when it became clear who offered the best work for the week. This is something Marie and I agonize over on a weekly basis. She made it the most logical choice in her absence. So…

The following poets will be awarded this week’s BEAUTIFUL BLOOM;

Hannah Gosselin                                                Jane Shlensky

Jane Penland Hoover                                      Andrea Heiberg

Barbara Young                                                   Rinkly Rimes

Kelly Donadio                                                     Henrietta Choplin

Michael Grove                                                    Andrew Kreider

Mike Maher                                                          Mary Mansfield

Sasha the Happy Amateur                             RJ Clarken

Richard Walker                                                   Marian Veverka

De Jackson                                                            Mark Windham

Sharon Ingraham                                              Connie L. Peters

Paula Wanken                                                     Michelle Hed

Magical Mystical Teacher                             Marilyn Braendeholm

Sara McNulty                                                        Vivienne Blake

Every poet who had taken the time to share a poem this week deserves this designation and so the well-earned award is given for your efforts. Marie and I appreciate your talents and your generosity in planting your seeds of poetic wonder here in our garden to blossom and grow here at POETIC BLOOMINGS.


In light of this, we make this offer to all our poets:  the chance to consolidate your POETIC BLOOMINGS poems onto your own page within our “Garden.”. Each of you who request to have a page set up for your works here must provide a brief bio and a profile photo (and include any of the URL’s of your blogs, or other materials you wish to promote) to attach to your work.  Also, those writing with a pen name, we would like your page to bear your given name so we can promote your works here and across the blogosphere.  To make your request and provide your information, please send an e-mail to (Subject: Profile Page). These electronic “Chapbooks” will enhance our site greatly. Thank you all for your gifts of words.