Marie Elena’s Pick:

After ridiculously long and arduous consideration, my bloom this week goes to De Jackson’s “Quill and Quiver.”  I remember that quote, De, and I remember commenting on the poem it came from.  Your resulting piece is another example of why I simply cannot get enough De Jackson.   BRILLIANT.


The pen might be mightier than the sword,
but sometimes
it’s also infinitely harder to pick up.
– De Jackson

Quill & Quiver

Heavy, this.
Instrument of poem
and pleasure and pain
and promise,
tuning fork
whittling blade
opener of ventricle
and vein
peddler of rejected phrase
and coveted praise
magic wand.

we must simply
thrust you against
chilling wind
and uncloseted sin
grasp you with both
hesitant hands
lift eyes past our own center
swallow your vast
and valiant weight
Walt Quotes…

Words to live. A tag that has been placed on many phrase worthy of the designation, and not quite so. Wit and wisdom upon which we were raised have guided our movements as long as we are blessed by life. But it doesn’t take a whole lot of profundity to come up with sage advice. Sometimes common sense rules the day; seizes the moment. I have found much to glean from such words expressed in this piece by my BEAUTIFUL BLOOM  selection, S.E. Ingraham.

“If it feels like something needs to be said, say it …”
By Sharon Ingraham

For every time I’ve walked away from the one hurting
without opening my mouth – I apologize
For each person getting the short end of the stick
when I stayed silent – again, I am so sorry
And more than anything, for anyone anywhere
who was being told something unfairly, cruelly, meanly …
Or being treated in a manner equally unjust –
Anything that I knew in my heart was wrong
when I remained still – I am sorrier than I can put into words

Life is too short, it occurs to me, to let the opportunity
To right a wrong go by – to say the right thing or make someone’s life
A little easier – an event both too rare and too common to ever let slip by …
So don’t, I admonish myself …
As Dostoevsky said many years ago,
“Much unhappiness has come into this world
by words left unsaid”
I concur whole-heartedly …

What’s the worst that could happen? I might embarrass myself?
A possibility, of course – but far better I should feel a bit embarrassed
Than spend hours, days, or a whole lot longer regretting words with-held
Words I know should have been spoken at the time
Words that would have cost me little if anything but that might
Have made all the difference to the person suffering

So now, a variation of Dostoevsky’s words are words to live by for me –
If I find myself ever wondering, should I say something?
I know – without question – yes, I should – and I do
In addition to, “life’s short and uncertain, eat dessert first”
It’s a reworking of the age-old “Carpe Diem” attitude, I try to embrace always
… these adages can sound trite, but really?
If I remember to speak up, seize the day, and eat dessert first …
It’s a good way to live …

Congratulations to both De Jackson and S.E. Ingraham for these works.

We also wish to acknowledge all poets who, week-in and week-out, bring their wonderful words to our garden. All your brilliance shines brightly. Thank you.