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As writers, and poets specifically, we are influenced by the words of others. Words from which to learn and be inspired and words to live by. This week, I want you to develop a personal motto; a quotation which Bartlett’s would be proud to offer. Instead of using someone else’s quote as your jump off point, open with your own quote. Accredit it to yourself, and then write your poem. It’s a lot more challenging than it sounds.

Quote from Marie Elena:

“Sometimes yes means maybe no, and no means sometime, maybe.” ~Marie Elena Good

ADVICE TO MOMS (and dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, teachers, neighbors, sitters … you get the idea.)

As moms, sometimes we might give in
And let the little darlin’ win.
Does yes mean yes and no mean no?
Or maybe we don’t really know,
Depending on the mood we’re in,
We might not think. Well, think again.
Examples set and morals sown
Will speak to them until they’re grown.
Our word should be rock solid, sound,
And we should always stand our ground.
So simply let your yea be yea,
And nay must never NOT be nay.
End of story. No dispute.
(Unless, of course, they’re stinkin’ cute!)

Walt’s quote and poem:

“On the Merry-go-round of life, love makes the world go around. The faster it goes the  more it makes your head spin!” ~Walt Wojtanik


Drunk with affection.
Whether small sips
or large gulps, the feeling
of inebriation weakens the knees.
Losing your bearings as your footing slips
is the only way to really fall in love!

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164 thoughts on “AND I QUOTE…ME! – PROMPT #40

  1. Look to the Future

    Learn from the past. Live in the present. Look to the future – Michael Grove

    Experiences form the footings
    on compacted soil and pour
    the concrete foundation.
    Learn from the past.

    Get the most out of each new day.
    Do what you were meant to do.
    Keep your eyes open and be aware.
    Live in the present.

    Daydream a little every day.
    Plan your journey step by step.
    Seek and find your happiness.
    Look to the future.

    By Michael Grove

    (a shadorma)

    “If you’re not moving forward,
    you’re not standing still.”
    ~ Paula Wanken

    cy, you see, means a
    day will come
    when you are
    no longer in the same place.
    You have moved…backwards.

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  4. “Don’t order yourself to change. 
    It’s just a matter of time before you’re sneaking around behind your own back, 
    twice as bad as before, and too mad to enjoy it.”  ___me

    She is right
    about flossing,
    but wrong.
    I know it’s for my own good health,
    but I don’t like that tone. 
    And the way that she keeps going
    on and on.  Suggest: I want to tell her.  
    And pretend it’s no big deal.
    don’t you know 
    the subconcious
    is a fool?
    a tractible, 
    sweet-mannered woman:
    the wrong end of a mule.

  5. This prompt has producedd a fantastic set of poems. I am seriously impressed with every one of them. I love them all, with perhaps a tiny preference for Maria Elena’s.

    • Wow. What a compliment. Humble thanks, Viv!

    • I’magonna hop on that train!! I loved your’s today, Marie! So funny because I was facing the exact thing, and then turned this on and found your words! Perfect timing. Ours was about the phrase “Not right now.” So Caiden says “So that means no, right?” Me: “Nope, that means not right now.” Kind of a cop out but I do mean it, no movies first thing in the A.M. before even eating breakfast, coffee not even made…He’s pretty cute though!! Lol

    • I agree with Viv and Hannah! Marie, you nailed it! My Dad did not give us too much parenting advice. He said after raining 10 kids everything he thought he knew…he didn’t, BUT for a few vital things. He said, think before you answer and then stand by it. When a child discovers that you can be swayed with repeated begging then you have created a very tough challenge, and an unfair one to your child who depends on you’ oops was not planning on a mini-rant:) but I often recall his words and tried to abide by them unless you know…they were just too dang cute!!!

  6. My response to an earlier prompt fits today’s prompt perfectly, so here I go again!

    “Live for the Love of It!”
    – Sasha Palmer (aka The Happy Amateur, aka Alexandra)

    Live for the love of it, my friend,
    A loveless life comes with a cost:
    Those precious moments that we spend
    With heavy hearts, are moments lost.

    Don’t worry so, lift up your face,
    Live for the love of it, my friend,
    Slow down and drop out of the race,
    You’ll be the winner in the end.

    While sounds and sights die out and blend,
    A loving heart does not know fear,
    Live for the love of it my friend,
    So you may see, and you may hear.

    Cut off the chains, your soul set free,
    True happiness you’ll comprehend,
    Go have a son, or plant a tree,
    Live for the love of it, my friend

    Live for the Love of it,
    The Happy Amateur

  7. Forgot the ‘!’ at the end 🙂

  8. “There’s never enough time to do all of what one wants to do. When opportunities arise seize them or one may not do anything at all for fear of not having enough time (Hannah gosselin).”

    ~DO IT, DO IT NOW~

    “Mama, can I have a hug?”
    He asked with sad eyes,
    After an especially
    Long and trying day.
    My heart broke
    Realizing I hadn’t
    Hugged him once.
    “Yes, always,”
    I answered,
    Holding back
    Hurt tears for
    My mistake.
    Now with love
    My intention is
    Do it, do it now.
    Love will not wait,
    For the time may arrive
    When there’s no time.


    I apologize for kind of a sad and not-so-proud "mama-moment," that I've shared this morning. While my mind says "hold it in, don't share this glaringly un-magestic moment from your life," my heart hears "it is good, we all have room for improvement and sharing is growing for even the most unlikely of us." But for the grace….

    Thank you all for your sharing here, it is good. ~smiles

  9. Oh yeah! Loving this week’s offerings – all excellent!

    Marie, one of your best, I think, and Walt — love that quote! You guys kicked it off perfectly and everyone is following suit! 🙂

    Bartlett’s WOULD be proud! :-))

  10. “He who does learn from his own experience is a fool!”–Linda Swenski


    Life gives us troubles, woe, and pain.
    With each, a lesson can be learned.
    Some learn lessons and apply them well.
    Others seemed doomed to repeat their errors.
    Some choose unfortunate love mates,
    Others can’t keep their jobs,
    Many can’t control of their finances.
    Addicts repeatedly destroy lives.
    They don’t listen; they don’t learn.
    The key to the best life one can live
    is to try to derive a lesson from every trial.
    It won’t make us perfect, but it makes us better…

  11. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Hee, hee, love them both, Walt and meg!

  12. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    “…A good life is very Basic, yet most profound.” –Hen

    I need just enough
    money for my oil and gas,
    simple ways, and books…

  13. Choices

    “You can be either a Christian or a bigot, but you can’t be both.” Jane Shlensky

    Denny wants to test my theory, to bait me.
    He’s still holds it against Jimmy Carter that
    he invited people of color to his home church
    in Plains, Georgia all those years ago.
    And now this Obama guy is pushing
    his buttons with talk of fair play.

    “What do you think about all this?” he asks me,
    but I don’t want in on this heaping helping
    of negativity, my sole desire is for him
    to shut the hell up, but that’s unkind.
    “Oh, come on,” he says, “you always
    think something stupid, don’t you?”

    He’s got me there, for I most certainly
    do, at any given minute, harbor a ship
    loaded with the full spectrum of Stupid,
    although some of those ideas are so
    foolish they’re almost intelligent.

    But he’s not talking about stupid now,
    but about whether some accident of birth
    makes one man superior to another, that
    one color in the crayon box is master,
    that God favors one race over the others.
    I’m thinking I will need to hear this
    directly from God, not Denny.

    A Christian bigot is an oxymoron,
    isn’t it? But here is Denny, parking
    love on the back burner on low.
    I offer him the choice that seems
    clear to me then and now, that we
    cannot be both Christian and bigot.

    That slows him down for almost
    a minute, before he stands up tall
    above me to make me feel small
    and says, “I can if I want to.”
    I knew a choice was involved,
    for me too, and so in my estimation,
    he went from oxymoron to moron.
    Bless his heart.

  14. Rotten Oranges

    Give not this rotten orange to your friend (or, to paraphrase Shakespeare) don’t give anyone your %$#. But don’t take any %$#! from anyone, either.

    It’s sometimes hard to get along
    when everyone says, “Hey – you’re wrong!”
    Don’t dish it back with acts or wit.
    Don’t give ’em shade but don’t take %$#!.

    I tend to make this my theme song
    when it seems hard to get along.
    But I won’t fall into the trap,
    not even when then give me %$#!.

    A rotten orange? Metaphor
    for what I’d like to just ignore.
    But when it’s hard to get along
    I try my best to just stay strong.

    So my advice to those who would
    be frustrated, misunderstood?
    Don’t take or give %$# all lifelong
    but try your best to get along.


    Note: Thanks to Marie and Walt and the In-Form Poet page, this poem is a Quatern. And also, %$#! can mean several things. 😀

  15. The pen might be mightier than the sword,
    but sometimes
    it’s also infinitely harder to pick up.
    – De Jackson

    Quill & Quiver

    Heavy, this.
    Instrument of poem
    and pleasure and pain
    and promise,
    tuning fork
    whittling blade
    opener of ventricle
    and vein
    peddler of rejected phrase
    and coveted praise
    magic wand.

    we must simply
    thrust you against
    chilling wind
    and uncloseted sin
    grasp you with both
    hesitant hands
    lift eyes past our own center
    swallow your vast
    and valiant weight

  16. I agree, Marie. Any words I try to spell don’t describe how this makes me feel. Really something, De.

  17. Love the quote. Appreciate the poem. Most of us here understand this deeply albeit with a variety of interpretations. Outstanding!!!

  18. “Some things are costly and not worth it, while others are worth it, no matter the cost”


    If it costs you honor, it costs too much,
    you have to look in the mirror tomorrow.
    If it hurts your family, pass it by,
    hurting those you love only brings sorrow.

    If it’s really cheap, take a second look,
    it may not be something worthwhile.
    If the road is long, don’t be quick to back out
    good things may come in the second mile.

    A high price tag, doesn’t always mean worth
    and some things are way out of skew.
    How you spend your time and money
    and love, truly shows what has value to you.

  19. Personal Motto

    “ Life is difficult but worth it.”
    Sara McNulty

    I have battled
    with life so often
    thinking, why bother?
    I have tried
    to end that burden
    of living, without
    success. One problem
    needed facing–gut-wrenching
    anxiety that I had no
    identity without another
    telling me who I was.
    If they left, I wasn’t.
    Time trickled along
    slowly, I mistakenly thought,
    but now that I am 62,
    my father is gone,
    mother is ill, a close
    cousin has died young.
    My friend is dying,
    trying to find a peace
    in not suffering. Having learned
    to love the tiniest particle
    of life, I know now it is worth it.

  20. “All Babies Look Alike
    __unless you love them”

    and the way one nose, that nose,
    is half a silly milimeter
    cuter than any other nose
    that ever was.
    The same thing might be said,
    of course,
    of many other things that share
    the minimalist design.
    (not the nose part)
    Flip-flops. And Danish Modern tables.
    Apple products,
    (or ears) jelly beans (color
    is beside the point, as with babies)
    shoji screens. Everyone
    in the airport can tell you that all
    luggage on the conveyor belt
    was born of the same nylon spool
    (or toes
    for gods sake those
    tiny, tiny toes) they all look alike.

  21. “When you listen to both sides of a story, you realize there are usually more than two sides to every story.” –Nancy Posey

    Waiting for the movie to begin,
    nibbling their popcorn, in stage whispers,
    they share their views of current news,
    appalled by the gall of those who disagree,
    unaware or unconcerned that others
    just within earshot may not concur.

    Each office lunch becomes a bully pulpit
    for one or two outspoken enough
    to rail at those on the left or the right,
    those ignorant, heartless souls
    who shouldn’t even be allowed to vote.

    Is everyone a pundit with a podium,
    some place to air the clever quips,
    the snide remarks, the less than subtle digs
    at anyone who’d dare to disagree?

    Atticus was right. If we could try
    to walk that mile, feeling the pinch,
    seeing through others’ eyes,
    holding up the mirror, screening out
    distortions based on self-delusions,
    we might see, perhaps not eye to eye,
    but maybe shades of grey
    instead of simply black and white.

  22. Unvarnished Advice

    “Don’t ask me a question if you’re not willing to listen to the answer.”

    Sassy. Opinionated. Blunt.
    You know how I am,
    Yet you act so surprised
    At my direct responses
    To the latest crisis in your life.
    Tact and subtlety
    Are foreign tongues to me,
    My stubborn adherence to integrity
    A matter of pride, a part of my identity.

    Truth is a stubborn thing,
    And I will not dance around
    In your veil of delusions merely
    For the sake of your comfort.
    I have no cruel intentions,
    No malice toward you.
    Honesty will prove
    Much less cruel in the long run,
    And my conscience remains
    Untainted by a willing deceit.

    Sassy. Opinionated. Blunt.
    Perhaps the initials
    Should have given you a clue.

  23. “If it feels like something needs to be said, say it …”

    For every time I’ve walked away from the one hurting
    without opening my mouth – I apologize
    For each person getting the short end of the stick
    when I stayed silent – again, I am so sorry
    And more than anything, for anyone anywhere
    who was being told something unfairly, cruelly, meanly …
    Or being treated in a manner equally unjust –
    Anything that I knew in my heart was wrong
    when I remained still – I am sorrier than I can put into words

    Life is too short, it occurs to me, to let the opportunity
    To right a wrong go by – to say the right thing or make someone’s life
    A little easier – an event both too rare and too common to ever let slip by …
    So don’t, I admonish myself …
    As Dostoevsky said many years ago,
    “Much unhappiness has come into this world
    by words left unsaid”
    I concur whole-heartedly …

    What’s the worst that could happen? I might embarrass myself?
    A possibility, of course – but far better I should feel a bit embarrassed
    Than spend hours, days, or a whole lot longer regretting words with-held
    Words I know should have been spoken at the time
    Words that would have cost me little if anything but that might
    Have made all the difference to the person suffering

    So now, a variation of Dostoevsky’s words are words to live by for me –
    If I find myself ever wondering, should I say something?
    I know – without question – yes, I should – and I do
    In addition to, “life’s short and uncertain, eat dessert first”
    It’s a reworking of the age-old “Carpe Diem” attitude, I try to embrace always
    … these adages can sound trite, but really?
    If I remember to speak up, seize the day, and eat dessert first …
    It’s a good way to live …


  24. We’re all leaders, but will our followers end up where they want to be?
    –Connie L. Peters

    A habit
    An attitude
    An expression
    of gratitude
    Who we are rubs off on others.

    A smile
    An act of giving
    An example
    A style of living
    Who we are rubs off on others.

    A hug
    Calming fear
    A favor
    A listening ear
    Who we are rubs off on others.

  25. Ugh. Hey Mr. Wojtanik … how are we ever going to choose just one each?

  26. Find the fun, and get ’er done.
                                   – Mommy

    Dear amazing, intelligent, beautiful, lazy @$$ children,

    There will be things in life
    that you don’t want to do.

    Like cleaning your room
    and doing your homework

    There are days it is no fun
    To be 8, or 10, (or 42).

    Because tomorrow you will
    be 9, and 11, and beyond
    and on

    There are times the things I say
    won’t make any sense whatsoever.

    Someday, you’ll understand.
    Until then, please, please
    beloved daughter, cherished son

  27. “You’re my favorite”-From me to each of my children

    You’re my favorite
    yes, you are.
    You’re my shooting, shining star
    and yes,
    I love your sister(s) and your brother(s)
    but like you there is no other.
    You’re my favorite, don’t you know
    I cherish every year you grow
    and all the changes that you make
    the risks and chances that you take.
    You’re my favorite
    yes, you are
    it’s our secret
    mine and yours
    you’re the one that I adore
    for now and ever more.

  28. There are so many good quotes here – I collect quotes and all of these are going to make it into my collection; I mean, how wonderful to be able to say I actually “know” the authors of these words … yes, I don’t envy you your task this week Walt and Marie Elena – luckily you leave yourselves out or right there, you’d be in a pickle – both of yours are gems!

    • I agree, S.E. They are going to have to do a lucky draw! I like the idea of collecting quotes! h-m-m-m-! To collect quotes is to collect nuggets of gold!

  29. Little Sally Anne

    Crossed arms with fingers clenched,
    tucked up into her armpits,
    but nothing could thaw the cold chill
    of fear and the smell of toilet cleaner.
    That puke-inducing, sinus-tickling,
    tangy pine forest scent that she knew
    would unbalance her stomach
    and foul her nose forever.

    And she wondered if she’d survive this …

    There were choices to be made:
    the open fields, meadow flowers
    and soft bird song at her back,
    or step forward and fall deep
    into the jaws of claustrophobia,
    where the air felt thick and weighted
    with demonic dreams that stirred up fears
    and darkness hiding deep in ones core.

    … And she wondered if she’d survive this.

    Her destination waited
    with bored indifference
    on the other side of this forest.
    A shortcut home. She procrastinates,

    hoping that the thick black curtains,
    triple pleated and hung from crooked fingers
    on branches would draw open for light
    to show the way. She couldn’t remember
    when the unknown was so dark, or when
    terror seemed so deep. She closed her eyes
    so she couldn’t see the darkness in front of her,

    And she wonders if she’ll survive this…

    and then little Sally Anne sucked up
    her courage and ran, eyes closed tight,
    straight into the forest, crashing
    and careening from one tree into the next.
    Her shoe bites hard into a root.
    A trip and a stumble, and she’s
    felled flat, impaled to the forest floor
    by a shower of pine scented needles.

    … And she wonders if she’s survived this.

    Quote Me: “Don’t Walk Where the Sun Can’t Shine”

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  31. Andrew Kreider on said:

    What a fun prompt. I’ve been trying to think of any quotes from myself all week – this is about as far as I got!

    No I in team

    There is no I in team, no U in special
    no luck in ignoring me, no sense in trying

    but so help me, if you’re not careful
    there’s gonna be hell to pay in fifteen minutes

    because you can be sure there’s grounded in
    I didn’t take out the garbage.

  32. Whene’er you doubt where to start,
    my advice is “Say aye to the heart”
    – Dyson McIllwain

    Begets and Beginnings

    Standing aloft, alone in thought
    I veture a guess as to my next move.
    In need of a shove or swift kick in the arse,
    my farce becomes my mistake.
    No gumption for proceeding, but this
    need in me festers. As long as her vision
    pesters me into submission, my mission
    is clear. It begins deep in my soul and
    all I know is I am guided by emotion.
    All devotion to love drives me,
    and I lead with my heart.

  33. Physical strength, no matter how fine
    Is oft overcome by weakness of mind…Janet

    Who can know the power
    Of the mind at all
    By it man becomes great
    And by it great men fall
    The power of a man
    Cannot be defined
    By physical attributes
    But the strength of the mind

  34. In every action, in every deed
    Whether minute or mighty, thought is its seed…Janet

    Behind our eyes
    Intricately designed
    Is an infinite cell
    Simply called a mind
    And from it will flow
    All manner of thought
    Our action will show
    What words do not

  35. Do we serve thought or are we its master?
    Thought is the forerunner to success or disaster…Janet

    I Became a Mother…
    I thought I knew a little
    But with every passing year
    The little bit I thought I knew
    Has seemed to disappear

    okay, I’m going to stop thinking about thinking now:) and return to reading.

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  37. “Until she proves to me she can’t, I’m going to assume she can”
    -Kelly Donadio

    No Limits

    Don’t hem me in with what you think.
    Your mind is a terrible place for me to stay.
    With all it’s boundries and limits and
    preconceived ideas.

    I have more to offer than your over-protective
    rules and low expectations will allow.
    Your worries, prejudice, or just plain stupidity
    won’t keep me from success.

    I know what you are thinking.
    Too bad your expression takes it cues
    from your mind and not from the
    reality of all I can accomplish.

    Sky-dive? Maybe or maybe not. But
    I’ll never know if it were up to you.
    (thank goodness it’s not)
    Grab some oxygen, you’re going to need it,
    for I will certainly take your breath away!

  38. “If you’ve got nothin’ good to say, and you say it anyway, best hope no one’s listening.” ~PSC

    This haiku is bad
    Sometimes the muse is silent
    Sometimes I’m just deaf

  39. *sigh* So we really do have to pick just one each? Every week is difficult, but some are downright painful. This is one of those weeks. Wish us luck. We’ll need it.

  40. Only just had some time to get back to read — and enjoyed them all thoroughly! So glad I’m not the one who has to choose the winners, but you both did another great job in handling that task! Congrats, Sharon & De — and Walt & Marie — on a job well done! ps: Glad I could return the favor, Marie — you make me smile a lot. 🙂

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