Prompt #37 was a photo of three disturbances in an otherwise tranquil amber lake. Like the ripples that resulted from those splashes, our poets took their poems in many different directions, touching all that came into their paths. It is intriguing to see what various poets see in the same captured moment. Each and every poem posted was truly golden and worthy of recognition. HOWEVER … Marie and I choose only one each per week. So in keeping with our routine:

Walt’s Bloom:

One would have to be bananas to look at a photo of three splashes on Golden Pond and equate it with eternally resting in Valhalla. But, once the case was made… well, it made for a very visual and expressive poem. And Michele Breton was the only one Banana enough to pull that off. The imagery in her piece shows pure vision and imagination and has earned Michele my “Bloom” for week # 37. Well done, Michele!

Marie’s Bloom:

It was bound to happen sooner or later. For the first time in our 37 weeks, Walt and I chose the same poem. “Viking Funeral” is so different a take, so unique and well constructed, how could it not be chosen? Bravo, Banana the Poet!

Viking Funeral. by Michele Brenton

Lay him down
dress him fine,
weave flowers in his beard;
for he is loved,
he is mine,
paid for with my tears.

Battles over,
Warrior King
respected by his peers;
hold his image
sing his songs
to echo through the years.

Upon the waters
send him well,
let the flames begin;
Valhalla waits
while my heart breaks
and yearns to burn with him.

12 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #37

  1. I’m choked up – seriously. That poem came out of nowhere, or so I thought when I wrote it. Then quite a while later in the day I remembered a blogpost I’d read written by a friend about her beloved step-father. A man she had described as a Viking and how she loved him and missed him. I cried when I read her blogpost and tucked it away as nourishment for future inspiration.

    This poem started ‘cooking’ from that point on without me being consciously aware it was doing so and your lovely prompt picture coaxed it out into the open for me to put it before readers.

    So this poem is special for me. I feel it was given to me as a hidden treasure by one friend and unlocked thanks to two others. I’m honoured you both liked it and I was privileged to be the conduit for its birth process. I am happy to report Jane Alexander – the original blog post author also approved too 🙂 XXXX

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