POETIC BLOOMINGS is a Phoenix Rising Poetry Guild site established in May 2011 to nurture and inspire the creative spirit.


As I relish each poet, each poem, each phrase, and each encouraging response – I shake my head in wonder of how Walt’s and my vision for this site is coming to pass. It does my heart good.

And I agree with Marie. More poets are finding much to love about the venue AND poets who have helped make POETIC BLOOMINGS a place that they visit and post to often. And by the number of responses and comments this week, Marie and I also agree. It is all of you who people are coming to the garden to read! All your combined talents make this one of the best poetic blogs around (IMHO).

Now, choosing one single bloom from such talent? Well, that is ALWAYS a challenge. So without further ado:

Marie Elena’s Beginning Bloom:

My choice for this week is Cut-String Kite, by Paula Wanken. The title grabbed me straight away. The visual picture Paula paints is clear and beautiful, and the conceptual vision gives my spirit something to ardently ponder. Thank you, Paula.

Cut-String Kite
(By Paula Wanken)

bright colors dance
across the endless blue stage
swooping, spinning
seeming blissfully free
nearly invisible is the tether
to the one who controls
the dipping and diving
with tugs and slack

what would happen
if that line was broken?
would the dancing cease
would the dancer
begin to find her own path,
to reach the highest skies?

one thing is certain
there can be no beginning
the line is cut
and the tether finds its


Walt’s Beginning Bloom:

This bloom begins a new year of beauty with a poem called Endings. The “seasons of man” come to prominence in this work taking us from youth to the lead-in to our golden years and eventual exit from this plane. Our changes through the ages, exemplifies the ending of one phase of life and the beginning of the next. It is exactly what this prompt conveyed. So in keeping with an old standard, we start anew in presenting Sara McNulty a Beautiful Bloom.


(by Sara McNulty)

Fairy tales had happy endings
when I was a child. As applied
to life, dark storms raged,
but like turning the page,
I’d peek out between
the slats my fingers formed
waiting for the palest pink
to appear and turn the sky
and my world rainbow bright.

As I grew, I developed a passion
for arty films, people smoking
in hazes of black and white,
followed by endings that
appeared as a mysterious
stranger speaking a foreign
language, incomprehensible,
to me, yet I knew instinctively,
to be sad.

As I grow older and closer to my
own ending, I find laughter
and warmth my cozy
fireplace setting, in a mind
that has seen, and ears
that have heard, too many
tragedies, endings
that arrived far too soon.
Hugs and funny faces
are my fuel to make
tomorrow run.

Congratulations to Paula Wanken and Sara McNulty for offering great new beginnings with their “end” poems.

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19 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT # 36

  1. Two truly beautiful blooms – how could I have missed reading them during the week?

    As you say, it is the wonderful work and comments of your visitors which make this a great place to drop in and out most days, to meet friends and sate the senses.

  2. Henrietta Choplin on said:

    Ahh, these selections have shown me the wonderful potential that life has to offer!!! Congratulations, Paula and Sara! Hen

  3. Congratulations Paula and Sara on your beautiful blooms. Great choices and well deserved. Poetic Bloomings is such a wonderful site.

  4. Congratulations Sara and Paula! Both your poems were beautiful!

  5. It’s such a pleasure to read them again, congratulations!

  6. Starting 2012 off with such excellence we cannot go wrong! As always Walt and Marie Elena, you have elected wonderful poems from exemplary poets … and as others have said before me but it certainly bears repeating – thank-you for creating this welcoming garden site within which each of us gets to plant our various seeds … you are both such nurturing gardeners, I hope you know that …

    • Thanks Sharon. We’re getting the message loud and clear. With nearly 200 responses/comments last week, Marie and I feel like we’ve hit something special here. But that comes from the wonderful seed that all of our poet/gardener plant and tend here. We appreciate each and every one of you and are honored ourselves to be in such company!

  7. Cheers, great poems both!! 🙂

  8. Thank you Walt and Marie. What a nice surprise to log into! Thanks for everyone’s support and comments. This truly is a wonderful site.


    • Thank you for allowing us to present your work here Sara. The accolade is well earned as is Paula’s honor. We have amassed quite a stable of talent here and people are starting to take notice. I have some non-poet friends that follow the work here with great interest. I’m proud to offer all of the poets work.

  9. Julie Catherine on said:

    Congratulations to two lovely blooms! Both are well deserved, and wonderful poems. I had the pleasure of reading Paula’s “Cut-String Kite” on her site earlier this week; now I shall pop over to Sara’s to see what other nuggets she has stored away …

    Well done, Paula and Sara! ~ Julie 🙂

  10. Ahhh… beautiful, both! Congrats to Paula & Sara for their lovely poems — and to Marie & Walt for two excellent picks — again! 🙂

    • Pam, we could pull two random names out of a hat and hit on two winners every week. Everyone brings their best work to the garden to bloom beautifully. But rest assured, Marie and I DO read each poem and have a hard time settling on just two.

      And we hope you all have taken kindly to our new look and re-design at POETIC BLOOMINGS. A new look for a new year. We are discussing some special things for 2012 and will keep you posted.


  11. Thank you so much, Marie, for honoring me with your bloom. I’m humbled and blessed.

    And yes…Walt and Marie…you have made such a welcoming place for us to plant ourselves and our words! Thank you!!

    And…congrats to my fellow bloomer, Sara! I’m honored to share the week with you! 🙂

    ~ Paula

    • Paula, as I had mentioned to Sara, an honor well deserved and earned. Watching you develop as an accomplished poet is very gratifying. I’m finding your work all over the web and proud to know some of your best ends up here at POETIC BLOOMINGS. We (Marie and I) just provide the “dirt” and in my case, the fertilizer,
      you poets bring your best words to plant and nurture. Congratulations again!

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