This week, we’ve asked our poets to write a short poem that could fit on a gift tag. As we head into the new year, Marie and I thank all our contributing poets for their hard work and dedication. And we present our Beautiful Blooms.

Marie’s Bloom:

On this, the eve of a new year, I delight in Mary Mansfield’s Gift of Perspective. A tender gift. Thank you, Mary, for teaching and receiving these “softer eyes.” Simply beautiful.

A Gift of Perspective
(By Mary Mansfield)

A lesson
taught mother to child:
A world view
through softer
eyes, to see the poetry
where others cannot.

Walt’s Bloom:

In an admittance that I find difficult to believe, this poem presents the prompt well with a definite rhythm and some semblance of form. Until now, an observer and ardent booster, Henrietta Kate Choplin steps up with her Christmas Gift. For this she earns my Bloom for Week # 35

Christmas Gift by Henrietta Katie Choplin

A silent night in
a mystical, magical air
of depth and darkness,
A star twinkled in
a mystical, magical air
of warmth and brightness,
I felt him there in
a mystical, magical air
of Love and lightness