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Christmas morning. Visions of sugar plums take a seat from all that dancing. The mice are starting to stir, and St. Nicholas visited over night. All else is silent and still. Soon, the excitement will fill the air as wishes are expressed and gifts are opened. But who gets what? Check the tags… For this Christmas morning and the week that follows, write a short poem that could fit on a gift tag. Write it to someone, for something, or a wish you want to express. Merry Christmas…and what’d you get me?

Marie Elena’s Gift:

For Santa Wojtanik

Enjoy the milk and cookies –

I baked them all myself.

Be good to little Sophie,


Marie Elena Elf


Walt’s Tagline:

For Marie:

Poetry comes to you
in blips and blurbs,
the ‘burbs of Toledo
are brighter for the gift
of words you give to the world.

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52 thoughts on “DO NOT OPEN ‘TIL CHRISTMAS – PROMPT #35

  1. Poetic Bloomings on said:

    Walt, thank you so much for the sweet sentiment! Merry Christmas to you, and to our Poetic Bloomings family!!

    Marie Elena Elf

  2. To Poetic Bloomings.

    A happy family,
    My poetic loomings
    Have led my path to thee.

    May poems by the dozen
    Bloom, nurtured from within!

    With love,
    your distant cousin.

    P.S. May I come in?

  3. Henreitta Katie Choplin on said:

    (I have not yet learned proper poetic form)

    Christmas Gift

    A silent night in
    a mystical, magical air
    of depth and darkness,
    A star twinkled in
    a mystical, magical air
    of warmth and brightness,
    I felt him there in
    a mystical, magical air
    of Love and lightness…..

  4. a piku for all…

    God’s Gift

    a baby
    to give you life

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  6. Lune

    crimson golden glass
    lifted high
    toasting peace on earth

  7. To my loving daughter

    I have so many gifts to give you but
    how does one wrap guidance and care?
    How does one put ribbons and bows on love?
    I can’t gift box time or thoughts or prayers.

    Each day your breath, voice, and laughter
    are glorious God-given gifts, music to my ears.
    I want to give you the world this Christmas day,
    wisdom in all its forms, but it appears

    you are more interested in the Bruno Mars cd
    so here it is wrapped in red with a golden star–
    when you play it, please remember that I, too,
    love you “just the way you are”.

  8. The gift of love presented
    in the presence of hearts,
    no matter the distance
    a treasure in every instance.

    Happy Christmas to all!

  9. Some Holiday Tags

    No need to wonder
    who the attached gift is from.
    Note botched wrapping job.

    To: Freddy
    From: Aunt Pat
    Here’s your present,
    you little brat.

    Handle this package
    crystal nestled in silver
    to be worn as heart.


  10. Dear
    All these treats
    are just for you.
    Minced meats, sourdough,
    and custard bread to keep
    you jolly, fat and well fed.
    With love and good cheer we have
    apples for the reindeer,
    and inside the flask
    warm spicy nog
    will warm you
    all night

  11. Poets, I give to you encouragement
    To reveal life by providing poetic clues
    To give wisdom wrapped in word packages
    To inspire by letting your imagery candles shine

  12. To: Self

    Here is a decorative Christmas tin to place fears, doubts and worries in.
    (yeah, I know…it wasn’t good to eat all the cookies to empty the tin
    but tis far better to experience a one-day sugar high and temporary caloric upheaval
    than an entire year of stress. Stress is by far the greater evil.)

  13. Dear Mailman,
    Please accept this gift of gratitude
    for braving the elements to bring my mail.
    I think you are just great (and thanks for
    not being like that Fed Ex delivery man
    who just throws computers over the gate.

  14. Best present I received
    wasn’t under the tree
    or in a sock
    but unwrapped and filled
    with glee,
    four smiling faces

  15. For Ashlyn

    Wishing for days to pass like hours
    hours to pass like minutes
    minutes to pass like seconds
    so you could meet the world.
    Eleven years later I
    wish for days to pass like years
    hours to pass like months
    minutes to pass like days
    seconds to pass like hours
    so I can keep you in our little world.

  16. A Gift of Perspective

    A lesson
    Taught mother to child:
    A world view
    Through softer
    Eyes, to see the poetry
    Where others cannot.

    • I love the gentleness of this poem, Mary. If I might, this reminds me of my husbands sweet grandmother who is so encouraging to my expression through poetry. She suggested that I see things that others don’t. Thank you for bringing her to mind this morning with your lovely poem. Smiles~

  17. To: My Wife

    Boxes, paper, ribbons and bows,
    Gifts inside designed for bringing cheer.
    Though none enough to ever truly show
    The love felt today and throughout the year.

    To: My Son

    No longer a boy with childish likes
    For toys, trains and make believe things.
    The love felt for the adorable, growing tike
    Burgeons with pride at what the man will bring.

    To: My Daughter

    Still young enough to be my ‘baby girl’,
    Full of magic, joy and Christmas excitement.
    Innocence bundled in every dancing twirl,
    Which I cling to with tearful amazement.

  18. Tardy on this one. I wrote it but forgot to post it. Merry Hoho’s to all.

    From Santa’s Ghost-shopper,

    This is the gift that I got you to give me,
    wrapped and bowed, lovingly selected
    with me in mind for you. Thank you
    for such sweet thoughts.

  19. Thank you hosts for all your prompts
    and care for our poetic souls.
    My gift to you is these poor words
    to express my gratitude.

  20. A belated gift for all here, especially Walt and Marie Elena, words and feelings too difficult to wrap but none-the-less heartfelt and sincere just the same – thankfulness for all you do, for being here, for accepting me as part of this warm and comforting community … gifts beyond price or compare … blessings. Thank you.

  21. Tag, You’re It

    A promise made in spirit of the season.
    I’ll won’t betray or perform acts of treason.
    I will commit,
    ‘cause, “Tag, You’re It”
    You give me purpose, love, hope, rhyme and reason.

    by Michael Grove

  22. Eggnog

    A small glass of delicious eggnog please,
    to help us set our weary minds at ease.
    Let’s add a dash of nutmeg right on top,
    and celebrate our love that will not stop.

    By Michael Grove

  23. ~SOULMATE~

    After all is done
    My most valuable present
    Is surely your heart.

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