Marie and I have received this correspondence from friend and kindred poet, Nancy Coats Posey with a fantastic and timely idea:

“Could you put in a plug for my chapbook (Let the Lady Speak) and those of others in our group as Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers? Mine is $10 and I’ll cover shipping. I wonder if anyone else would be willing to travel at least a short distance for readings or to conduct poetry workshops. I’d love a chance to meet some of our online friends, and goodness knows, I’d welcome an opportunity to travel sometimes. I’d also love to host others here in this area.” ~Nancy Coats Posey

So, in keeping with the spirit of the season and the pursuit of poetry, I’m offering anyone with a chapbook  or other creative endeavor the opportunity to post information as a comment for the purchase of your work. If you wish to post a link to your site, that’s fine, but we would like you to give the details up front in the body of this posting so our group can find what they’re looking for in a quick glance. They would be indeed be the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for those with a poetic vent or anyone just loving the written word. It’s not too late…



14 thoughts on “IT’S NOT TOO LATE…

  1. My new chapbook/CD “answers like socks” came out last month. It includes a recording of me performing all the pieces, plus various musical interludes – trying for a kind of radio show format. I’m really happy with how it came out. I’m happy to send it to anyone for $10 – I have about 20 left of the run I did. Just drop me a note at ajkreider (at) Or follow links to my blog/website.

  2. My chapbook, WOOD, is still available at this writing. WOOD is a collection of poetry that centers around my relationship with my father, a Master Carpenter, and the place where I grew up, WOOD STREET. It is a touching and emotion charged work dealing with issues of my adolescence dealing with Dad’s alcoholism and his battle with liver cancer. Laced with humor and raw honesty, WOOD has been a labor of love.

    WOOD is being offered for $10 (I will cover the shipping). There is an audio version of WOOD that is also available which includes all poems in the book and features THREE bonus tracks. The CD of WOOD can also be had for $10. The combo of the book and CD is being made available at a special price of $15.

    Anyone interested in WOOD can send a check or money order to:

    Walt Wojtanik
    3370 North Benzing Road
    Orchard Park, New York, USA 14127

  3. A wonderful idea, guys!!! My ol’ pen- pal Poet friend, Albert Huffstickler (deceased), from Austin, Texas, used to send his work all around the country this way!!! He was a very, quirky, talented, well-loved Poet; we never met but he once told me that I had remained on his Mailing List longer than anyone else, so I feel very sure of myself when I say that his work was extremely unusual and quite wonderful!!! Hen

  4. Nothing to sell–just an endorsement. Nancy’s Chapbook, “Let the lady Speak” is well worth getting (and reading more than once). Haven’t had the pleasure of reading “Wood” yet, but know the quality of Walt’s work and recommend that also

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