This is Poetic Bloomings — a place where poetry grows and flourishes in a supportive and encouraging environment.” 

This was our mission … our mutual vision.

Week-upon-week-upon-week, you grace us with your carefully penned words. You generously hearten and inspire. In short, you gift us with your gift.  We recognize that there are many venues where your words could be spent. We are deeply thankful to each of you for choosing to bloom in our humble “garden.”

Very sincerely,

Walt and Marie Elena


9 thoughts on “GUSH AND BLUSH

  1. “…words could be spent…”: so deeply Beautiful and enriching; how much more could we ask for?

  2. Your website has inspired me. Filled with beautiful words by talented poets, and challenges for form and topic, I have loved participating in this wonderful site. THanks so much, Marie Elena and Walt for giving me this window of joy!

  3. Thank YOU, Marie and Walt. Such a wonderful place to read, write, and comment. Your garden is filled with love, joy, creativity, and positive energy which does nothing but encourage and generate more of the same. 🙂

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