We investigated the simple act of gratitude. In our own way we each take that concept to heart  and express it as best we can. This Beautiful Blooms for the week:

Marie Elena’s pick for this week…

Mike Maher continues to astound me. His tribute to Nelly Arcan is lyrical, moving, and filled with phrasing that gives my own “pilot light behind the rib cage” pause.

Mike, this “bloom” is for you.

Note: Mike prefaced his poem with, “I just read Exit by Nelly Arcan and read about her suicide immediately after finishing it. Tragic. Really makes you feel grateful for every day you have.”

Nelly Arcan Tribute
By Mike Maher

“Are we just muddy instants?”
– Frank O’hara

I am glad I never met Nelly Arcan
and only learned of her life after her death.
I am glad because I now miss her
in the way you miss a painting
and not in the ways painted with excruciation,
attachment, guilt of having nothing to give
but a lousy tribute poem made up of nothing beautiful enough.
Somewhere the order got all jumbled
and the goodbye came after the Exit,
the character writing the author,
and then you have to factor in the two years it takes
to translate some beauty into english.
I do not know the definition of this emotion, says the pilot light
behind the rib cage.
I need a better word for farewell, goes the bird’s song.

Walt’s Choice:

The simplicity of the thought of thanks may not seem like a lot, but it repays a soul ten-fold.  Just knowing that appreciation is given heartfully and lovingly makes any endeavor worth doing. It is in this concept that I award Linda Swenski this Beautiful Bloom.

GRATEFUL by Linda Swenski

For every soul, man or beast
Who stood with me in ranks
With touch or smile
Or spending a while
I offer gracious thanks.

I only am who I’ve become
Because you’ve joined me here.
Without your bit
I wouldn’t fit.
I’d be a broken mirror.

I’m made of those I’ve met and known;
A puzzle with tiny parts.
Each piece is wrought
Of time and thought
From all those precious hearts.

7 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – Prompt #31

  1. Good choices both – kudos to both Mike and Linda for the wonderful words, and to Walt and Marie Elena for the great picks! Mike, I especially love that you wrote a tribute to the great but tragic Nelly Arcan (being Canadian, I can’t help having a soft spot for her and have been struggling with words of my own to memorialise her – you did her proud, I must say). And Linda, your “Grateful” expressed eloquently, in rhyme yet, so many universal feelings – nicely done.

  2. Mike and Linda, I felt opened and touched by each of these well thought out poems. My connection to internet was lost the pass week so I am late getting to see these fine selections. So glad I could read both again.

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