This week we have celebrated family. At the Holiday, family plays an important part. We enjoy the kinship and celebrate being together. But, it was those who could not celebrate with us that we held extra dear. Here are the BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS for this week:

Marie’s Bloom:

My “Bloom” this week goes to Jane Penland Hoover for The Penland Clan. This tender piece fills my senses, and touches me deeply. Just as Sharon Ingraham commented, I find it hard to articulate just how lovely I find it. Exquisite phrasing abounds: “Gathering sounds round the corner of yesteryears,” “songs swung low,” “the wealth of prayer and hope and watchfulness,” “raised to know their place in the family of being,” “watch over, maybe through us,” “their hearth our birthright passing on the challenge to reach out and gather in.”

I am particularly struck by “the children’s table … well within the reach of stories passing on,” which I cannot read without tears. Magnificent, Jane.

The Penland Clan

Gathering sounds round the corner of
yesteryears brought clear and dear just here.
So far from there and them and songs swung low
so near to there and them and songs resounding in the air
just now. I sit low in my chair, in that room, the children’s table
just to the left of theirs, well within the reach of stories passing on
within the wealth of prayer and hope and watchfulness, my eyes following
fascinated by their hands, the two of them blind throughout their years, fascinated
by smooth touch of cup, the way her finger found the heated edge,
the page, those raised dots read slow, their seven raised to know their place
in the family of being, in the strength of know from whence life comes
and now this grand bunch of us little ones coming on to find our space
in the midst of family rooted deep in mountain lore and so much more
Iola and James, sightless then, watch over, maybe through us every day ~
their hearth our birthright passing on the challenge to reach out and gather in.

By Jane Penland Hoover

Walt’s Beautiful Bloom Choice:

It’s a voice from up North that has drawn my attention. The haunting beauty and sense of memory meld well together to expound on the aspect of family we have celebrated in concentrated effort for this week’s prompt. This poet’s voice has spoken volumes in her work, as well as in her absence. It is VERY good to have her join us at POETIC BLOOMINGS to share her worded wonder and plant it in our ever-growing garden. My Beautiful Bloom this week goes to Sharon Ingraham for her piece:



It’s not been quite a year but some
Times it seems just yesterday
I learned that you were dead

And even though I’d long been
Dreaming you and the lake before
Your death I think I knew

The fact of it would not change
Your night-time visitations
Or dreaming the lake one bit

It surely did not but still I am
Taken by surprise if enough nights
Go by in dreamless peace

Then, like last night, a vivid
Unspooling of our lives:
I dream the lake and you

Alive again, so real that
even when asleep
The ache is so acute
My heart bleeds tears

That wet my pillow
And mats my lashes thick
Before I can force myself awake

The smell of old growth forest
And a lake newly ice-free
A pungent freshness unlike no other
Fills my barely conscious senses
The way it did every Spring

Our first time way up there
In that magical place – made
More so in retrospect I know now

Because it was where we were—
All of us — our family —
Our happiest selves

But most of all sweet one
It was your place of places, yes?
How was it I had to wait to dream it
To know the truth of your reality
I so wish I could somehow let you know …

S.E.Ingraham ©

11 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – Prompt # 30

  1. Walt – thank you so much for your kind recognition of my poem! I can’t tell you how much it means to me, especially coming from you. You’ve made my year. S.E.Ingraham(Sharon)

  2. The gift of family and joy always so great and others finding a sense that touches them as well doubles the thrill of it all. I was at my daughters watching the blue/gold Michigan team (theirs) when she showed me her apple – I exerpiemented with working it by checking in at PB – such a sweet surprise for her to see my poem recognized.

  3. Sharon, our family too had a lake place – a family touchstone it seems. Your poem, so evocative, the way you led us to feel the depth of “our happiest selves”.

  4. I did not post in time for this, but these are both lovely answers to the prompt.

    Holidays are not always easy for some, like me – but it’s clear in both these poems, in these poets, that their experiences have warmed their hearts and given them irreplaceable gifts.

    And now, those gifts are passed to us! Thanks to all, Amy

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