“…of Heart and Hearth” – PROMPT # 30

This week we “Officially” enter the Holiday season, with Thanksgiving on Thursday, and the advent of Christmas, and Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. When this season comes around we are apt to surround ourselves with traditions that involve two aspects of human existence. Love and family. Last week, we asked you to write about love. And the response as expected, was incredible.

For today’s prompt, we ask you to write a “family” poem. But, we’re going to tug at your heartstrings a bit.

The family member from whom we want you to draw your inspiration is someone who would be missing from your celebration. Be it distance in miles or distance in lifetimes, we want you to delve deeply to bring that person back into the fold of heart and hearth.

And yes, if the task becomes too overwhelming, a “family” based poem will do. Bring the family together for the Holidays.

From Marie’s Heart:

“Freedom from Want”

Mr. Rockwell
Captured the ultimate
Family Thanksgiving.
Our family.

With you.

One year ago today
My cell rang.
I held my breath,
Fearing yours had ceased.

It had.

No longer free from want,
We achingly yearn
For your smile,
Your laugh,

Your presence.

Thanksgiving Day
Your beautiful daughters
Will light your funeral candle.
Our centerpiece,

Your light.

(For my cousin, sorely missed.)

From Walt’s Hearth:


I miss you.
You always made special days,
days of love and nurturing.
And this future without you
keeps me wishing I had
just one moment more.
A moment to thank you for those times
and tell you did fine teaching
that nurturing and love
was harder than you made it look.
I miss you. I wish you were here.

In loving memory of my Mom, Irene Marion Wojtanik who had left us 25 years ago.