Marie’s Beautiful Bloom for this week:

I wish every week could be love-prompt week. Can’t we do that, Walt? No? It would defeat the purpose? *sigh* Right you are.

We happened to overlap on a love prompt with Robert Lee Brewer, so I’ve been soaking in double love from some of you here. I’d “love” to offer a Beautiful Bloom for each and every love poem this week. Can’t we do that, Walt? No? It would defeat the point? *sigh* Right you are again. 😉

Let me just say that Walt and I have been feeling the love since creating Poetic Bloomings. All of your poetic voices fill our hearts richly, and we are thankful for each one of you.

So, after much reading and pondering, I chose Benjamin Thomas’s “Vowed Love.” Benjamin’s piece, like several of the poems this week, highlighted more than one type of love. His reminder of love’s commitment particularly spoke to me, from title to “tear.” Lovely, Benjamin.

VOWED LOVE (By Benjamin Thomas)

As I look and peer
into your eyes
noticing your poor
disheveled countenance
discerning the index of your eyes
as I often do
doubts arise
in genuine concern
for your beloved grandfather
who is alive but can
no longer walk and whose
health is now uncertain
sobs break forth
tears stream
in rapid succession
down each cheek
striking a painful cord
deep in my heart
bringing to remembrance that day
that sweet wedding day
I uttered those words
to cherish you always
and wipe away

Walt’s Beautiful Bloom:

The outpouring of love this week has been outstanding. I have been feeling the love, as Marie had alluded, and I feel the better person for knowing we have assembled a community of the finest poets I have had the pleasure to read and come to know. A bouquet of blooms goes to each one of our fine poets.

But Marie and I have agreed, we would pick a Bloom and honor that poet. And so this week’s prompt has wielded her mighty inspirations and brought this wonderful piece from an extraordinary artist and poet. Jane Penland Hoover is my choice.

Love Here by Jane Penland Hoover

Today is our forty-second anniversary
some years much longer than others
as time rolled us through, tumbled
us onto this now comfortable shore

Thick length of ills’ dark heaviness
necessity upon necessity, rumbling
ruffling each hint of calm blue flow
in the waters of those days

Remembering I feel myself slipping
wanting to kick away, play
in the thick grass
of my father’s once lush lawn

Where grass grew strong
despite the fact of his huge oak
spreading cool shelter in the melt-down
of Georgia’s summer sun

That red brick home, sweet corner
lives in my today’s almost
more vibrant, vivid than then
at ten than now

When I no longer spin and spin
to let the craziness of dizziness
drop me into that green sea
but instead I reach up, lean close

Remind myself how strokes, one
and then another, us taking turns
to breath have brought us home
to rest, side by side, love here.