“…and the greatest of these is Love.” – PROMPT # 29

This week we are taking a look at the basic human emotion. Love. The poets of the ages have made much of their muses in this regard. For this prompt, we want you to write a “love” poem. Love whatever or whoever you want, but bring your passion to life here.

Marie’s Words:

(For my husband: living proof that a “step” grandfather loves no less)

At the sight of him,
The blue eyes of her 24-pound frame light up,
She flashes a two-toothed smile,
Lifts pudgy little hands toward the ceiling,
And clearly says, “Poppa.”

At the sight of her,
The blue eyes of his 220-pound frame soften,
He beams from tip to toe,
Extends muscular arms to scoop her up,
And tenderly says, “There’s my pumpkin.”

At the sight of these exchanges,
My own eyes regularly mist,
My already full heart floods
With more love than it can contain. Love
For her, for him, and for the God of second chances.

Walt’s emotion:

I see you in the morning mist, a vision;
my tired eyes welcome it. And your gown flows
in a gentle cascade, my only mission
is to take you up into my arms and show
you all that my love can teach you; a lesson
your mind will learn, but your heart already knows.
In close silhouette, your beauty is revealed.
My longing for you cannot be concealed.

90 thoughts on ““…and the greatest of these is Love.” – PROMPT # 29

      • Oh, thank you, Marie Elena; for now I am reminded of a quote by (I hope) Charlie Porter: “…It was important to me that I didn’t publicize anything. I was afraid I would destroy it…” Perhaps, some day I will be able to let go of the magic…Sincerely, Henrietta

      • Very Beautiful Marie Elana. I love the theme and the way you brought this relationship to our reality thru your words. Thanks. Walt, I wish I’d have written that, but you are much better at it than I. Fabulous Work both of you!

  1. I agree with Henreitta! Marie with a melting heart love and Walt, with a surging passionate love both “achingly beautiful!” Warm smiles to you both!

    • And I agree with you Hannah…which means I agree with Henreitta! My goodness…

      Marie: as someone who has a stepdad who calls me “his baby” (STILL…and I’m now 45!), I can relate to the wonder of it all.

      Walt: though I continue to pray for the “tired eyes” to not be so tired these days, may they always be filled with vision.

      A truly “love”ly prompt.

  2. ~GREATER~

    Faint and far off
    I hear an echo
    Tranquil chimes
    Voiced by the Wind
    A memory
    Words spent

    “I love you.”

  3. Red Light, Green Light

    There is a spot on my neck
    that tickles when you kiss it
    and I have to giggle
    and turn away from you.

    STOP that.

    I need you to find the place
    that calms when you kiss it
    and I have to moan
    and turn here into you.

    START that.

  4. Love Here

    Today is our forty-second anniversary
    some years much longer than others
    as time rolled us through, tumbled
    us onto this now comfortable shore

    Thick length of ills’ dark heaviness
    necessity upon necessity, rumbling
    ruffling each hint of calm blue flow
    in the waters of those days

    Remembering I feel myself slipping
    wanting to kick away, play
    in the thick grass
    of my father’s once lush lawn

    Where grass grew strong
    despite the fact of his huge oak
    spreading cool shelter in the melt-down
    of Georgia’s summer sun

    That red brick home, sweet corner
    lives in my today’s almost
    more vibrant, vivid than then
    at ten than now

    When I no longer spin and spin
    to let the craziness of dizziness
    drop me into that green sea
    but instead I reach up, lean close

    Remind myself how strokes, one
    and then another, us taking turns
    to breath have brought us home
    to rest, side by side, love here.

    Jane Penland Hoover
    November 13, 2011

  5. a warm wind in november, leaves falling upward, trees
    bending do-se-do, you; rabbits by moonlight, crows chasing
    buzzards, swirls on the pond where the fishtails curl, you;
    black and white photos with arrogant shadows, cats in the 
    window, toads, salamanders, lais of marie; marbles, beads,
    buttons, bangles, persimmons; you, shiny things in the dirt
    on the ridgetop trail, picnics from bailey & cato, coffee 
    from sip, trailer trash ice cream from piper, brunch at 
    marche; puffy and button and jasmin and kate, bluegrass,
    boardwalk empire, true blood, you; tigers and white sox,
    fishing still water, opals and rubies, earl gray; dark choc-
    olate, watching it rain; alphabetising books, making up
    stories for men on the street; having you to hear poems 
    hot off the iPad; watching you read in your sleep; dreaming;
    sweaters with vee necks, dark green, dandelions, snow;
    clouds on the moon, peaches; lemonade, beeswax, you.

  6. Warm Ponderings

    Thinking of you.


    and again

    and again


    with rich

    warm ponderings

    Still images

    effortlessly flowing

    to satisfy

    a slowly

    meditated zeal

    with sex appeal

    a brewed passion

    steeped in desire

    from the depths

    well beneath

    the surface

    occupied by you

    and you alone

    you reside in this

    heart’s trenches

    it’s every furrow

    avenue, street

    your possession

    Yes, I am thinking

    of you and you alone

    helplessly contemplating

    your chiseled

    robust frame

    luscious lips

    dressed with want

    pressed firmly

    along with wandering hands

    that know no limit

    no boundary

    gliding fingers

    electric touch

    dazzled spines

    igniting every nerve

    in rapturous fire

    once again inflamed

    yes, still thinking of you.

    so long is a lovers wait

    Hope to see you soon…

  7. You

    Moist eyes
    each time you succeed
    or try your best
    filling my heart
    it takes up more than my chest
    fills my belly as well.
    It almost hurts
    how much I love

    For my children: Ashlyn, Darrien, Emily, and Lathaniel.

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  9. Yay! It didn’t take me an entire week to write and post, this time! 🙂


    I studied her,
    from the safety
    of the stairs – at just
    the right point
    where I could watch
    but not be seen –
    my gaze
    hidden by the banister…
    I learned about life.

    From my perch
    I could see her
    busy herself,
    cleaning the home
    of her family –
    lovingly, yet rapidly
    she worked
    to complete her tasks…

    Other times I witnessed
    her inner strength
    amidst crises of all sizes –
    misplaced papers,
    or times when lives hung
    in the balance –
    her words comforted
    loved ones; her prayers,
    eloquent; perfect…

    My lessons about birds
    and bees
    came through
    the banister rails as well,
    I caught glimpses
    of a painted coral fingertip
    curling seductively,
    the swivel of hips,
    a wordless call
    to her lover…

    Some people say
    I developed a complex –
    I believe I learned
    the best lessons in life;
    I fell in love with my mother
    which helped me find
    my soulmate, my wife.

    P. Wanken

  10. I can see that I’m going to have an even harder time than usual, choosing only one poem for this week’s Beautiful Bloom. It will only get worse as the week goes on. I can’t think of a better problem to have. You all ROCK!

    Marie Elena

  11. My fave:
    “My own eyes regularly mist,
    My already full heart floods
    With more love than it can contain …”


    ” … a lesson
    your mind will learn, but your heart already knows.”

    Beautiful ~

  12. Fall, in Love

    Just this:
    The crunch of leaves under our feet and the sound of our kids playing nearby and the way my hand fits just right inside of yours. The way you always want to take pictures of me even though I hate to have my picture taken, because you say your fancy camera seeks the greatest beauty (even amid all this golden-crimson-vermillion magic). The flash of blue in your eyes against this crazy Baltimore sky and the fact that you came on this trip at all, took time off work to joyfully hang out with my family, taking photo after photo of our nephew, keeping our own kids sane while I try to soak up that which is only mine two or three times a year. The dear and doting way my mom looks at you as if you were her son, because you are, and says you “spoil her so.” It’s the flutter of a sunset-hued leaf dancing down from tallest tree, and the flutter in my chest knowing you love me.

    Oh, Father of my children, Keeper of my heart, it is autumn here. How is it we are somehow still in our most vibrant, growing spring?

  13. A Steady Road

    It wasn’t an avalanche
    nor a fall nor a trip nor
    a stumble. It wasn’t being
    swept away nor knocked clean off
    my feet. It was slow and steady,
    warm and comforting. It was
    revealing but never an upheaval.

    It was life changing and life
    affirming. It was the end
    of my past and the beginning
    of my future. Loving you
    meant life would never, thankfully,
    be the same again.

  14. Still Falling

    Talking for hours, just like it began.
    Sharing and laughing, walking hand in hand.
    Acting like newlyweds, still so much in love.
    Celebrating twenty years; we are blessed from Above!
    Partners, best friends, husband and wife;
    from here to forever, you’re the love of my life!

  15. Marge

    She bared her soul to me,
    and I to she, a bond stronger
    than blood relation. Her laugh
    rang silver, her caring, gold.
    She was the person I could cry
    with, and giggle to tears with,
    in the same conversation. I learned
    from her–which ingredients were best
    for Spanish cooking, a love for
    Latin music, and how easy
    conversation could flow. She bubbled
    over like the steamed milk
    she would forget on the stove. Gone
    six months now, I think of her, love her,
    and my cousin who brought her to us.

  16. Love Designed


  17. I’ve come late to this as I’ve been having a busy time with Tillybud and her husband.

    I really am useless at love poetry. So I chose to write my PAD 15 contribution using the http://wewritepoems.wordpress.com/ prompt to make a list of memory jogging words and use them to write poemlets. My first few words were the jog that sent me back more than a quarter of a century to how I met my husband.

    Love poemlets

    blind date, unwanted, unasked
    by disillusioned divorcee

    delicious dancing banished loneliness
    funny stories first time heard

    lives blended, families merged
    in ventures blithely undertaken

    all passion spent, the love remains
    comfortable, comforting

    through rarely thick and often thin
    mutual dependence intertwined

    with constant laughter

  18. love poem might

    I might stop sunset 
    where it suits the shape of sedge grass, 
    spiking a winter field, untaste
    a granny smith zigzagged with honey
    whiffed with cinnamon, stuff
    a mushroom cloud into a mason jar, and not
    know what to do without you

  19. One Love

    One love for all the world to see.
    One love for all eternity.
    Love that lives forever in the soul.
    One love so blessed and so true.
    One love reserved for only you.
    Love that grows inside and makes us whole.

    By Michael Grove

  20. Ain’t no love here for ya’ (Poetic Asides Prompt 15)

    We have to talk.
    This is going to be tough for you, I know.
    Well…There’s no sense of walking on egg shells.
    Let’s just get the cat out of the bag.
    The truth is I don’t love you.
    I never did and never will.
    So you can take that straight to the bank.
    Good. I’m glad we got that worked out…

    Soap Operas
    Church’s Chicken
    Chicken livers
    Clam Chowder

  21. November PAD Challenge Day 15 Prompt “Two for Tuesday” Write a love poem and/or ant-love poem


    As I look and peer

    into your eyes

    noticing your poor

    disheveled countenance

    discerning the index of your eyes

    as I often do

    doubts arise

    in genuine concern

    for your beloved grandfather

    who is alive but can

    no longer walk and whose

    health is now uncertain

    sobs break forth

    tears stream

    in rapid succession

    down each cheek

    striking a painful cord

    deep in my heart

    bringing to remembrance that day

    that sweet wedding day

    I uttered those words

    to cherish you always

    and wipe away



  22. I just clocked in to get the comment tally to 80! WOW! Blooms, you guys are GROWING! 🙂 Wondrous stuff to savor here today. I wish I had time to comment on each separately, but know I read and enjoy the seeds for thought that I know will stay with me today.


    Once upon a time
    many moons ago
    we were in the midst
    of the day
    basking in the sunshine
    soaking up the ray
    wrestling in the meadow
    making out in the shadow
    until our day was eclipsed
    into sudden darkness
    where I could no longer see your face
    appreciate your beauty
    and you vanished from reality
    like a mist gone from the wind

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  25. Love Lingers

    You sat on the couch

    falling asleep.

    It was late,

    you should go,

    but we wouldn’t see each other for a week.

    You didn’t want to leave.

    I’ve been loved deeply

    by God and other people,

    but I never felt so valued.

    • Connie,

      What a combination of sadness and hope you have struck.

      So great having you join us!

      Marie Elena

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