“…and the greatest of these is Love.” – PROMPT # 29

This week we are taking a look at the basic human emotion. Love. The poets of the ages have made much of their muses in this regard. For this prompt, we want you to write a “love” poem. Love whatever or whoever you want, but bring your passion to life here.

Marie’s Words:

(For my husband: living proof that a “step” grandfather loves no less)

At the sight of him,
The blue eyes of her 24-pound frame light up,
She flashes a two-toothed smile,
Lifts pudgy little hands toward the ceiling,
And clearly says, “Poppa.”

At the sight of her,
The blue eyes of his 220-pound frame soften,
He beams from tip to toe,
Extends muscular arms to scoop her up,
And tenderly says, “There’s my pumpkin.”

At the sight of these exchanges,
My own eyes regularly mist,
My already full heart floods
With more love than it can contain. Love
For her, for him, and for the God of second chances.

Walt’s emotion:

I see you in the morning mist, a vision;
my tired eyes welcome it. And your gown flows
in a gentle cascade, my only mission
is to take you up into my arms and show
you all that my love can teach you; a lesson
your mind will learn, but your heart already knows.
In close silhouette, your beauty is revealed.
My longing for you cannot be concealed.