My husband and I spent this last week in a log cabin in the woods of Ohio’s Hocking Hills.  No landline.  No cell phone reception.  No internet.  No television.  We hiked, biked, hot-tubbed, talked, photographed the autumn beauty, and simply enjoyed being together.  Oh, the bliss!

What did you do this week?  Was it inspiring?  Lackluster?  Challenging?  Think on it, and let’s hear about “The Week That Was.”

 Marie Elena’s Week

Fall, In Love (A Nonet)

We shared our favorite time of year
Where each turn of the bend ignites
Flamboyant reds and yellows
A welcoming heart(h) glows
Silence is golden
Passion smolders
You and I


(If you would like to see the photo I chose to accompany this poem, it is posted Across the Lake: )



I come upon weeks like this from time to time.
The weather was changeable,
The people were manageable.
And I was as irritable as I seem to be lately.
Sleep not withstanding, life becomes demanding
the more I have to do. And it’s true that
God only gives us what we could handle.
But, I sure could have handled another hand.
The story of my life; too much to do and I’m short-handed.

41 thoughts on “THE WEEK THAT WAS – PROMPT #27

  1. Great prompt! 🙂 I’ll have to try to think of something new to write…but in the meantime, I thought I would post one of the poems I wrote this past week.


    it happened in an instance
    though it was a lifetime in the making
    a year ago today, a poem was written
    and a writer was born

    P. Wanken

    Incidentally, later that day I signed my first “author’s agreement” to allow a poem to be published. It really was quite a week. 😉


  2. Busy Week

    Pray the prayers
    Deadline’s looming
    Write the devotions
    Company’s coming
    Clean the house
    Play some word games
    Duo’s up
    Make the meals
    Pray the prayers
    Deadline’s looming
    Send in the devotions
    Company’s coming
    Clean the house
    Duo’s hungry
    Hear them calling
    Cook the meals
    Play some word games
    Happy Birthday to me
    Deadline’s looming
    Write the articles
    Company’s coming
    Clean the house
    Need vet interview
    Pray the prayers
    Deadline’s looming
    Work on lesson
    Wait for vet to return call
    Pray the prayers
    Company’s coming
    Clean the house
    Deadlines’ looming
    Company’s coming
    Interview the vet
    Play some word games
    Deadline’s looming
    Write the articles
    Work on the lesson
    Pray the prayers
    Company’s coming
    Clean the house
    Company came
    Had a great time
    Play some word games
    Work on the lesson
    Deadline’s looming
    Pray the prayers

  3. Fall Campmeeting

    Fellowshipping with friends known
    becoming friends with those unknown;
    singing, reading, attending meetings,
    exhortation and advice received,
    filled me to overflowing so I can
    drink the memories until next year.

  4. Don’t Double Dip

    October doors
    are closing,
    friendly apps
    turned off.

    November is beguiling.
    My fingers curling
    eager to be
    keyboard warm.

    NaNoWriMo looms
    its challenge
    fighting against
    my PA plan.

    my internal
    power cord,
    a hypnotic STOP
    watch shouts:

    Time for me!

  5. The Week That Was

    The week that was, well..

    Was another week under the gun
    Pressure, blood, bullets, fun

    Highs, Lows, Horrifying news
    Red, scarlet, greys and blues

    Yet it was another week under the sun
    Warmth of rays, a new birth to some

    And even though another is begun
    Applause, cheers, that one is done

    Forget the week that now is past
    Live today while the day still lasts

    In sinking sands while the day still stands
    taking grace in prayer to meet its demands

    Complaints, cries, whines and rants
    Changing diapers, poopy pants

    Days, weeks, months and years
    Encompassing our joys, crowns and fears

    But no matter how good or bad it felt
    There’s another week under our belt

    So all you singles, moms and dads
    Young men and men, well dressed, well clad

    Don’t look behind, don’t turn your head
    To the week that was, look straight ahead

  6. A beautiful, poignant piece by Jane Shlensky.


    Each of us brought a talisman

    Of you along for the beach trip,

    A sweater, an overnight bag, a scarf,

    And more memories than we can carry,

    All given us before you died,

    A challenge for us to continue

    Our trips together, our sister fiestas,

    Always reminded that we are diminished

    By one, that we three now remaining,

    are incomplete without you here.

    We comb the beach for sea treasures

    And shop with your eyes, crafting

    New wonders from seashells and driftwood,

    Forging what we imagine you would do with this or that.

    We say we could make this wreath, that craft,

    Seeing usefulness in the least of things,

    As you did so often, knowing that we won’t,

    That that desire was yours, not ours.

    We don’t talk of you every day.

    We don’t weep so much any more.

    We know the way things are,

    that your life among us has become life within us,

    But we see threads of you everywhere we look

    And twist them into slender cords in our hands,

    Ties that bind, until we meet again.

  7. Another

    Week of routines followed
    Simple pleasures taken in

    Walks around the pond
    Slowing through the meadow

    To listen for the cardinals
    Spy the well-perched hawk

    Week of breakfast, lunch, and
    Dinner, time enough

    For us, rising before each dawn
    Turning down plush comforter
    As darkness hushes birds

    Seven days our simple measure
    Marking still our dual breath

  8. Somebody Erase the Week that Was

    Like tangled telephone lines,
    my brain begins to bend
    and twist, listening to Mom
    who claims her aide treats her
    as a child, and not a bright one.
    She bosses her around about
    each decision from lunch,
    to the proper departure
    time for a doctor’s appointment,
    during which, the doctor questions
    Mom, and her aide shouts answers,
    not always correct. Mom says,
    “Outside the office, she called
    me a bitch!”

    The following day, Mom’s aide calls
    from her cell phone, so Mom
    will not know. “Your mother roars
    like a lion at me in the morning,”
    she says, “refuses to take her pills,
    and swears her daughters told her
    to get rid of me. She called me
    a bitch!”

    Somewhere in the middle lies
    a truth neither recognizes. I wish
    the telephone had been out
    of service for that week.

  9. Typical Week

    Time to start the motor
    Youth activities in full gear.
    Picking up and dropping off,
    Its basketball time of year.
    Concerts, Italian Club
    And youth group keep us busy;
    Likely we’ll see six at dinner but
    We’ll certainly be dizzy.
    Everyone seems to
    Enjoy the activities that they choose,
    Kelly is exhausted, she’s going to need a snooze!

  10. Goodbye the Day

    I don’t know
    How to make
    Every day count
    I wake and rise

    From a lake
    Of dreams that
    Keep me afloat
    On a stream

    Of mindless
    Chores until sleep
    Draws me back
    Into its depths again.

    Another day gone
    Missed. I can sleep
    through anything.

    Goodbye the Day on MiskMask

  11. Backspace My Week

    I wanted to feel inspired,
    but instead
    I typed
    I backspaced
    I typed
    I erased
    I typed
    just to highlight
    and replace.
    And though this
    was disheartening
    as I wrote,
    I wish life could be
    so easy.
    For words
    can lift up
    and tear down.
    Backspace for my
    mouth this week
    would have been grand.

  12. The Week That Should Not Have Been

    Last week was such a week
    Where I was overpowered and feeling weak.

    Last week I bit my cheek
    When I was ashamed and feeling meek.

    Last week the outlook was bleak
    When I was treated like a freak.

    Next week I better be on a winning streak.

  13. “Wishes of Was”

    The week that was went
    wildly down the lane of wondering
    and forgetful wishes of whispers
    passed and wistful wills while
    tomorrow taunts
    today with tedious timing.

  14. Interesting prompt, we’re just getting over the forced no-power encampment of an early winter storm that turned out to be bliss minus hottubbing. This was the the week that was, alright, just let’s not have another any too soon!

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