Good morning, all!  Enjoying the weirdness this week!  As always, the various “takes” on the prompt are totally intriguing. The skill and ingenuity with which they were penned is impressive … no surprise, there.

Personally, I (Marie Elena) had decided my vote would go to what I saw as the most original take on the prompt.  I must say that I was most amused by Hannah Gosselin’s slant.  Yes, one cannot argue the bizarre-yet-superior complexities of the world of microorganisms.  Oh, the weird-and-wonderful things around, on, and IN us!

Hannah’s stimulating ( 😉 ) “KINESIS” gets my Beautiful Blooms pick for the week.  Well done, Sweet Hannah!

By Hannah Gosselin

Engulfing amoeba;
swarming, splitting
moving about hungrily.
Life feeding life
feeding life.

Our beloved Walt will be along with his own choice.  Stay tuned …

Walt’s Choice (as predicted!):

My bit of weirdness comes from the cornfields of Iowa, by way of Chicago and Texas. I am relating somewhat to the up and down of this piece. At times such as these, we hang on and ride it out, knowing the cycle will keep us busy (and constantly moving). So Paula Wanken, I celebrate your CONTRARY MIND with this BEAUTIFUL BLOOM.


by Paula Wanken

down, down, down
into the depths of darkness
my mind tells me
I am beyond hope
nothing can help
I should be able to manage
on my own
I do not need that little pill

at the bottom
I resign

onward and upward
into another blue sky day
my mind tells me
I am just fine
I don’t need any help
I can manage
on my own
I don’t need that little pill

at the top
I resist



12 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #26

  1. Using a “Marie, WOW,” here!!! Thank you SO much, Marie! This truly makes my day!! Yay to Paula too! Thank you also to Laurie and Vivi for the congrats, I REALLY appreciate it! So I’m going to glow on…warm smiles to all for a beautiful blooming weekend! 🙂 and <3!

  2. So glad I stopped by to see what you were all doing here. I enjoyed each of these: KINESIS mostly for the constancy of in and out and – CONTRAY MIND for a diffent sensation of movement of up/down/ and around.

  3. Walt…I’m truly blessed. Thank you for honoring me with a bloom.

    Hannah…I’m genuinely honored to share week #26 with you!

    Viv, Laurie, Benjamin, and jpenstroke…thank you for your kind words.

    What a surprise and a blessing for me today.

    🙂 Paula

    • Thank you Jane., Paula (feeling’s mutual), Patricia and Purplepen!!! I SO appreciate the comments/support! Smiles to everyone!

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