Recently on Facebook, a quote (attributed to Dr. Seuss) has circulated, as follows:

 “We are all a little weird, and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness, and call it love.”

 Use the premise “Life’s a little weird,” and see where it takes you.  You do not need to actually use the phrase in your piece – simply write whatever it brings to mind. 

 Marie’s Life

Life’s a little weird, in a wonderful sort of way.

When I was a child, my grandparents had one of the few color television sets in town, and the only one in our family. Signs in business windows proudly advertised, “air conditioned.”   Mom’s remodeled kitchen included a handy-dandy new gadget to make dish washing a cinch – a sink sprayer.  My time was spent with cousins, coloring books, and paper dolls.

My sophomore year of high school, we moved to Florida.  For my Sweet 16th, I got an electric Smith Corona.  State-of-the-art.  Powder blue.  Mom and Dad knew I would need it for secretarial courses. My time was spent with new friends, a new boyfriend, enjoying the beach, and missing home.

A mere year later, I was married.  At 19, I became the mother of a beautiful baby girl, and went on to have two more children in the next five years.  My time was spent with children, Care Bears, My Little Ponies, and He-Man action figures.

Eight years later, I was a single mom taking secretarial courses, where a 15-year-old Smith Corona was passé.  Only months into classes, I met my second (and final) husband, and was offered a job at the then Medical College of Ohio (now University of Toledo).  My time was spent with a loving husband, kids who were confused and challenging – but affectionate and respectful, scientists, computers, and government agencies.

Now-grown children have battled demons I could never have predicted, and would not have believed we could all make it through in one piece.  And we would not have done so, but for the grace of the God with which I have been intimate since my early childhood.  My time was spent with doctors,  government agencies, at psych units, and before the throne of God.

At fifty-plus years of age, my life is full.  My husband, who has supported my children and me through the toughest of times, remains the love of my life.  My time is spent with aging parents, cousins, scientists, government agencies, online with poets and writers of children’s stories, writing my own poetry and children’s stories, blogging, communicating with writers from all over the world, Facebooking, caring for and thoroughly enjoying a new love (my granddaughter, Sophie), and before the throne of God.

Life’s a little wonderful, in a weird sort of way.

Walt’s Weirdness:

Life’s a little weird,
but that’s the way I like it.
A little weird is good
so logically, life is good.

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    • Hi Benjamin! Yep, still there … both, actually: before the throne of God, and at MCO (but it is now University of Toledo). I’m at UT only 8 hours/week now.


  1. Marie, Thank you for sharing your life’s journey. I have crossed paths with you on MANY junctures – like being a single mother, then marrying a ‘Keith’ on my second (final) marriage. Looks like we both lived to tell about it. 🙂 Stay strong.

  2. Weird Genes

    Born with weird genes
    And Chromosomal scenes
    Of disastrous programming code

    Cared less to impress
    From what I express
    Peculiarity is now my abode

    Please forgive my beginning
    I really hope you’re grinning
    Allow me to introduce myself

    My name is Weird Willy
    And I know that I am silly
    At least that’s what I’ve been told

    Hilarious stem cells
    With their whistles and their bells
    Have developed into all funny bones

    All my funny bones
    With their guards and their drones
    Make sure that I’m laughing well

    I laugh and I cry
    But I smile more than sigh
    It’s all in the genes you can tell

    All my cells are cracking up
    From the time that I wake up
    There’s no stopping them now

    I guess that’s what I do
    If that’s weird in front of you
    We can still be friends
    It was delightful to meet you

  3. Paint Chip: Perfectly Plum

    Some called her weird
    because she lived
    a purple life,
    dressing in various
    shades of lavender,
    wrapping herself
    in velvet scarves
    of color.

    Wild Wisteria
    Orchid Mist
    Purple Rhapsody
    Misty Violet
    Passion’s Breeze
    all sent her smiling
    till irradiate wafts
    of various purples
    were painted on her walls,
    interwoven into her fabrics,
    filled her color plate
    and plastered on her soul.

    Yet, I couldn’t help
    but smile when I saw her
    wishing I held another chip
    to toss onto her table
    just for luck,
    a gamble many would not take,
    but – oh, the joy in playing.

  4. Terrific start, you two! And Walt, so good to see you up there!

    All: My internet connection will be sporadic this coming week. I’ll miss you all, and will catch up on the weirdness as I can. 😉

    Marie Elena


    I can’t wait to grow up!
    Halloween is my favorite.
    When will it get here?
    I want to be a teenager.

    I want to graduate
    School takes so much time.
    I want to be 21
    So I can party!

    I hate my job.
    I can’t wait for the weekend.
    Is it almost Christmas?
    I need a vacation.

    I am so uncomfortable.
    When will this baby come?
    The kids are growing so fast.
    What will they be when they’re grown?.

    I can’t wait to retire.
    I will do what I always wanted.
    Life will be sweet,
    Except now I am getting old.

    Where did the time go?
    I forgot to enjoy all those moments.
    I kept thinking past them.
    And now my time is up.

  6. Unconventional

    Straight laced and conventional
    can get pretty boring.
    Straight faced and conditional
    might just keep them snoring.

    Countless strange oddities
    may seem quite bizarre.
    Unique quirky goofiness
    makes you who you are.

    Take a little journey
    to far reaches in your mind.
    Look beyond the normalcy
    that rarely gets defined.

    Listen with your ears.
    Finish what you start.
    Perceive with your mind.
    Follow a true heart.

    By Michael Grove

  7. Twists of Fate

    Simple twists of fate
    form a reoccurring trend
    and walk you down a well lit path
    with your truest friend.

    Random twists of fate
    bring on change and don’t pretend
    to blind you with vision
    that you should not defend.

    Stranger twists of fate
    try to break but only bend
    and leave you to your inner strength
    so you have time to mend.

    Complex twists of fate
    that you cannot comprehend
    brought forth to you thru destiny
    as the grand scheme did intend.

    Humbling twists of fate
    that allow you to transcend,
    bind your love thru empathy
    until the very end.

    Blissful twists of fate
    on which you can depend,
    lead you to a peaceful place
    to where you shall ascend.

    By Michael Grove

  8. My Life’s a Little Different

    I dry my hair.
    He jumps up and down beside me.
    I burn my finger.
    She laughs.
    I vacuum the floor.
    He hugs the vacuum cleaner.
    We have fun chatting,
    even though she can’t talk.
    I delight in his music
    as he plays the vacuum cleaner hose.
    I’m busy writing a novel
    and she wants me to arrange
    dozens of items on her lap in order.
    I shop as I push her in her wheelchair
    and he follows behind the cart.
    I have to be careful where I put my teabags
    so he doesn’t eat them.
    I brush my teeth
    and I brush theirs.
    I do my exercises.
    He wants to dance.
    I wake up in the morning saying hello
    as she says hello back.
    I relax in the living room
    and in he walks
    with his pants around his ankles.
    The calendar says October
    and she’s ready for Christmas.
    I pray in the morning
    and he drools on my head.
    I try to write a poem
    and he barks.
    Life’s a little weird sometimes.


    Engulfing amoeba;
    swarming, splitting
    moving about hungrily.
    Life feeding life
    feeding life.

    ©Hannah Gosselin

      • I haven’t seen that one yet, just googled it though lots of really great actors/actresses in this film. I’ve been thinking/writing/painting amoeba lately, pondering the small to live the large scale picture. 🙂

    • Hi Hannah,

      Benjamin Thomas here appreciating you work of kinesis! love that title!
      Did you by any chance study microbiology? or was Amoeba randomly on your mind?


    down, down, down
    into the depths of darkness
    my mind tells me
    I am beyond hope
    nothing can help
    I should be able to manage
    on my own
    I do not need that little pill

    at the bottom
    I resign

    onward and upward
    into another blue sky day
    my mind tells me
    I am just fine
    I don’t need any help
    I can manage
    on my own
    I don’t need that little pill

    at the top
    I resist



    P. Wanken

    (Bouts of depression…and my mind has a mind of its own. That’s a little weird!)

    • Paula,

      I know this experience all too well….spiraling, spinning, down, down, down…
      then UP-ward bound into new blue sky day. Yep, sounds like my daily life LOL.

      But come to think of it, if we didn’t have the spiraling down experience we wouldn’t appreciate the upward bound as much. Your poem made me visualize a descending leaf with a mind of it’s own spiraling, down, down against it will but can’t overcome the gravitational pull towards the earth. But the moment it reaches the earth its on an upward bound again, a new journey to new heights and somehow gets assimilated back into the tree which will later releases the leaf again on another descending spiral against it’s will (like some kind of life cycle). Interesting.

      Great poem.

      • Thank you, Benjamin, for your comments…and the “picture” of the leaf. And though I would like for all blue sky days, you’re right–I think the appreciation for them is greater having had days in the dark depths.


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  12. Okay…you knew I would write something like this, right?

    Life is Weird

    Life is really weird, my friend,
    which makes me feel quite cheered, my friend.
    Yes, it’s the unexpected stuff:
    bizarre, peculiar, off the cuff,
    odd, uncanny, wacky, strange
    quirky things, that for a change
    make life fun. It’s true, my friend.
    So…weird? A point of view, my friend.


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  14. RJ, did we drink the same Kool-Aid? POV. Amy

    Weirdos In Living Color

    Pondering life, parsing a Wordle
    at my local locally owned café
    Out the window, saw a weirdo
    Headed over Starbucks way

    Reet suit, silk tie, plus a gadget
    dangled on his ear, he talked to it
    Rhythm on the street was financial
    I could tell – he walked to it

    People in hats lug large boxes
    with handles they clutch tight as breath
    Talking so fast ‘bout Wall Street, K Street
    Talking fast as a dealer on Meth

    Where’re they going? What’s the rush?
    Why is Rush a god and God replaced
    by Sunday crosswords, fancy brunch
    What’s the point of all their haste?

    I’m content with three hots and a cot
    Better still, a rabbit-eared TV
    Come watch parades of Armani lemmings
    dive off a cliff so willingly

    © 2011 Amy Barlow Liberatore/Sharp Little Pencil

    For Poetic Bloomings, “Life’s a Little Weird.” Also at my poetic touchstone, Poets United.

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