Recently on Facebook, a quote (attributed to Dr. Seuss) has circulated, as follows:

 “We are all a little weird, and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness, and call it love.”

 Use the premise “Life’s a little weird,” and see where it takes you.  You do not need to actually use the phrase in your piece – simply write whatever it brings to mind. 

 Marie’s Life

Life’s a little weird, in a wonderful sort of way.

When I was a child, my grandparents had one of the few color television sets in town, and the only one in our family. Signs in business windows proudly advertised, “air conditioned.”   Mom’s remodeled kitchen included a handy-dandy new gadget to make dish washing a cinch – a sink sprayer.  My time was spent with cousins, coloring books, and paper dolls.

My sophomore year of high school, we moved to Florida.  For my Sweet 16th, I got an electric Smith Corona.  State-of-the-art.  Powder blue.  Mom and Dad knew I would need it for secretarial courses. My time was spent with new friends, a new boyfriend, enjoying the beach, and missing home.

A mere year later, I was married.  At 19, I became the mother of a beautiful baby girl, and went on to have two more children in the next five years.  My time was spent with children, Care Bears, My Little Ponies, and He-Man action figures.

Eight years later, I was a single mom taking secretarial courses, where a 15-year-old Smith Corona was passé.  Only months into classes, I met my second (and final) husband, and was offered a job at the then Medical College of Ohio (now University of Toledo).  My time was spent with a loving husband, kids who were confused and challenging – but affectionate and respectful, scientists, computers, and government agencies.

Now-grown children have battled demons I could never have predicted, and would not have believed we could all make it through in one piece.  And we would not have done so, but for the grace of the God with which I have been intimate since my early childhood.  My time was spent with doctors,  government agencies, at psych units, and before the throne of God.

At fifty-plus years of age, my life is full.  My husband, who has supported my children and me through the toughest of times, remains the love of my life.  My time is spent with aging parents, cousins, scientists, government agencies, online with poets and writers of children’s stories, writing my own poetry and children’s stories, blogging, communicating with writers from all over the world, Facebooking, caring for and thoroughly enjoying a new love (my granddaughter, Sophie), and before the throne of God.

Life’s a little wonderful, in a weird sort of way.

Walt’s Weirdness:

Life’s a little weird,
but that’s the way I like it.
A little weird is good
so logically, life is good.