For a poet, is there a better harvest than that of creatively penned sentiments and images shared among ourselves?  Thank you all for giving of yourselves here at Poetic Bloomings.

I look forward to seeing Walt’s choice as much as you all do, but we’ll need to wait a bit on that.  This gives us an excuse to peek in more often. 😉

As for me, Nancy Posey’s “Harvest” gets my Beautiful Blooms pick for this week.  Harvest speaks of kudzu and wild oats, young boys and old men.  It captures a deeply rooted needfulness that can despoil our lives, if not pruned. Nancy, I cannot get enough of your work.

By Nancy Coats Posey

The kudzu, sent home in Dixie cups
with boys in ag class, planted
with apparent unconcern
on the hillside, back in ’41,
took root then took over,
and like the wild oats planted
by those same boys, the vines
sent tentacles far and wide, roots
so deep that crop failure
was their only hope, their mother’s
constant prayer. What do boys know
of sowing and reaping? Only old men
know the vigilance required to win
that lonely battle, having long ago
sown their own wild oats, tending
the harvest even as memory fades.

Walt’s Pick:

After a hectic week, I finally get to sit down and catch up with my reading. Nothing like wonderful words to sooth a ravaged soul. Poetry, as music, has powers to soothe, and this savage beast welcomes it. The work I have chosen plays on the harvest of humanity that had grown from a single act of kindness. The truest seed to ever be planted that with nurturing grows for the betterment of all. Mike Grove brings this thought to fruition in his Beautiful Bloom, REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

REAP WHAT YOU SOW  by Mike Grove

Each new day keep harvesting
all the joys the world can bring.
Changing seasons yield new fruit.
Everything grows from the root.

Plant with love on fertile ground.
Spread a caring word around.
Nurture those whose hearts are true.
Great bounties will then come to you.

An act of kindness is a start.
Give with passion from your heart.
Harvest goodness that will grow.
You’ll find that you reap what you sow.

Congratulations Nancy and Mike on your selections, and thank you all for your excellent work.