The responses to this week’s prompt evoked smiles, chuckles, and tears.  Sometimes we’d like to choose one from each “category.”  But then, that wouldn’t even satisfy us.  Would it, Walt?  WALT?

*soft snoring makes its way due west from Buffalo*

That’s okay, buddy.  Sleep soundly for now. We’ll catch up whenever you’re ready.

Marie Elena’s Pick

As for my Beautiful Blooms pick, I’ve chosen Magical Mystical Teacher’s “Timing.”  I admire the poet’s unconventional take in this perfectly penned senryu.  Let me encourage you to visit the poet’s blog to see the accompanying photograph that speaks volumes as well: .   Delighted to highlight your work, “Teacher.”


It’s in the timing—
the rise and fall of fences
or love at first sight.

Walt’s selection:

First off, I still have to function on a somewhat normal basis. But eliminating my late night forays into the poetic darkness cuts into my sleep time.  I catch up sooner or later.

But for the matter at hand. This double edged sword of a prompt put us on opposite ends of the line. The Yin-Yang of this was placed in perfect balance in the two short and delightful poems below, Old Cat (The Rise) and Moment in Time (The Fall).  Nice work Sara McNulty in presenting this contrast.

Old Cat (The Rise) by Sara McNulty (purplepeninportland)

Old cat yowls from high
limb of a
maple, three feet tall. Step-stool
saved child’s scare-dy cat.

A Moment in Time (The Fall) by Sara McNulty (purplepeninportland)

race of life,
step back to enjoy
the moment. Never fall short.

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