This week’s In-Form Poet features our own MIKE GROVE‘s TRI-COUPLED SESTET.

Per Mike, the TRI-COUPLED SESTET has stanzas consisting of six lines. There may be one or more stanza(s) in the poem. Three rhyming couplets are contained within each stanza. There are end rhymes in lines 3 and 6, and both mid AND end rhymes in lines 1, 2, 4 and 5. The rhyming sequence is: ab,ab,c,ab,ab,c. Or you may choose an alternate rhyming sequence, such as: ab,ab,c,de,de,c.

Lines 1, 2, 4 and 5 may contain 6 to 9 syllables, while lines 3 and 6 are slightly longer containing 9 to 12 syllables.

Mike’s sample below, “Carry That One,” uses: ab,ab,c,ab,ab,c; de,de,f,de,de,f as his rhyme sequence. Lines 1 ,2, 4 and 5 contain exactly 8 syllables with rhymes on the 4th and 8th syllable, while lines 3 and 6 contain exactly 10 syllables with end rhymes.

Mike, you must have thought we all need a challenge! This is a tough, but creative form. Bravo, Mike!

Carry That One
By Michael Grove

Go make a turn and have your way.
Then feel the burn another day.
Now pass it on and hear the moody blue.
An inner churn while you’re at play.
So, did you learn and will you stay?
Carry that one around deep inside you.

A ten ton weight is on your chest.
Outside the gate, so go the rest.
Whatever squeaks the loudest gets the grease.
While your big plate is full of zest,
One there is great. One is the best.
Carry that One forever for your peace

Marie’s attempt:


In a lab far away, lived a squid
Who longed to play like a kid
(Which the researchers never allowed).
When they left for the day, out he slid
For a game of croquet, yes he did!
(He played well, as he’s so well endowed). 😉

Note: Walt will rejoin us when he is able. Rest easy, Sir Walter Woj!