Pen, proszę (Sleep, Friend)

After years of struggling with various sleep disorders, our good friend and Poetic Bloomings host, Walter Wojtanik, is being treated for extreme exhaustion. Our prayers and well wishes go out to him tonight.

The following poem was written by Dyson McIllwain. It expresses what I would want to say, but could not express so well. Thank you, Dyson, for your tribute.


(By Dyson McIllwain)

Treading to keep your head above water,
catching a lungful from time to time.
Going down too many times to count,
but you struggle to survive. You remain
alive with the words that drip with the emotion
that has always been your forte. Drowning in a sea
of night sweats and  blankets tangled, and things
that go bump have you stumped as your sleeplessness
offers only anxiety and paranoia. Hold your breath
and allow rest to resuscitate your muse.
You’ve abused yourself far too long. Be strong
and let nature heal what it has destroyed.
The king is not dead, he merely sleeps.
We think it is about time.

“You can’t keep a good poet down. Best wishes and thoughtful prayers for Walt Wojtanik an extraordinary poet who has fallen prey to his demon. He will surely bounce back.”

Yes, he surely will. Rest up, Walt. We got your back.