Speaking of surprises this week, there is no surprise that our poets came up with their consistently great work. Marie and I appreciate the comfort you have all found in this special place, and hope we can continue this association and grow further in our poetic prowess. So without further blah, blah, blah…our BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS for this week.


Shannon Lockard’s “The Best Surprise” stole my heart this week. What other surprise in life is as momentous as the discovery that a new little life is developing inside you?

Shannon, I can’t read your fourth stanza without choking up. Thank you for this enriching piece.

The Best Surprise
By Shannon Lockard

It wasn’t a surprise
by the time I mustered
up enough courage
to wander through the
store and purchase not one,
but two tests to confirm
you were growing
inside me.

It wasn’t a surprise
when your dad and I
looked at each other
in shock, we were
too young to react in any
other way.

It wasn’t a surprise
when I saw your image
for the first time,
that the mesmerizing
gray and black fuzzy
screen filled my belly
with warmth,
my eyes with joyful

It isn’t a surprise
that each moment
we spend together
causes my heart
to quadruple in size
because you are
you, after all.

It isn’t a surprise
that each year of
your life is my favorite
because life with
you has been one



As a chronic “snorer” I can appreciate Connie Peters’ “Don’t Be Surprised”. My youngest daughter was always afraid of the “lion” that slept in my room at night. I love the frivolity in this piece; a great one for the kids. Connie has captured all the wonder inherent in this sleep affliction. Nice one, Connie!

Don’t Be Surprised by Connie Peters

Don’t be surprised to hear a monster roar
Sounding like it’s coming through the door
Growling, snarling like a grizzly bear
Catching you completely unaware
Or maybe more like a wild boar

An earthquake shaking you to the core
Or a rumbling train rattling roof to floor
Or a dragon coming from its lair
Don’t be surprised

Curtailing fear may be a chore
With a sound so great, you can’t ignore
I tell you this because I care
This is something I must share
It’s only Pops having his nightly snore
Don’t be surprised

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