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1…2…3…SURPRISE! – PROMPT #21

The world is full of surprises. And how they effect our lives could make for some interesting situations. Write about a surprise you had gotten, how you had surprised someone, or something totally unexpected in your life. I wouldn’t be surprised what you come up with!

Marie’s Surprise:


Salty chips
Onion dips

Fish, deep-fried
Open wide

Creamy shakes
Dreamy cakes

Cookie batch
Down the hatch

Chocolate cherries
Ben & Jerry’s

Strudels (oodles!)
Home-made noodles

Fried tomatoes
Mashed potatoes

Mindless snacking
Pounds are packing

Tater tots
Lattes (lots!)

Home-made stew
Swiss fondue

(Seconds, please)

Up a size
Big surprise



Walt’s Unexpected Event:


Little one, where have you gone?
Out the door in a hurry; late for school
you scurry for the bus. “Daddy, I have to go”
you call over your shoulder. You’re getting older
every time I look at you. “Learn something!” I tease,
Amidst the pleas to not grow up too fast, but alas,
over this we have no control. And I search my soul,
thinking of how I have gotten to here from there.
I arise every morning like the milkman. 5:30 A.M.
And our ships pass quickly, sickly tugging on my heart.
From the start, you have been a source of pride; a joy.
The day transpires and fires its afterburners. The afternoon
of life visits and I am certain you’ll be home from school shortly.
As I near evening, I sit cleaving to my memories
as we have made them. The door opens and you appear.
Older. More Mature. No longer that little girl.
How did you get from there to here? You smile.
“I learned something today!”, you beam.
And dreams of your successful life revisit my worn heart.

“I learned school is a joy“. You strive to mold each young girl and boy
in your charge, in mind and spirit.

“I realize you did the best you could” We fought our battles,
but they only served to make you a stronger person.

“I learned someone could actually love me as much
as you and mom have; as much as my sister does”.

And it is then you catch the flash of the bauble on her hand.
You share her joy. You share her tears, You don’t remember growing older.

Little one, where have you gone?

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38 thoughts on “1…2…3…SURPRISE! – PROMPT #21

  1. Poetic Bloomings on said:

    Oh, Walt … even though I knew it, seeing your reaction in your words is so touching. Warm smiles and hugs all around, to you and yours.


  2. Marie, yours is hilarious, clever as well. I call it writer’s bum, but butt is funnie.

    Walt, that is very touching, and oh so true. I always thought that song in Fiddler on the Roof was one of the saddest.

  3. I just wrote a poem about a train that surprised me where it took me.


    I liked your poem a lot. I enjoyed each and every line.
    Viv you are funny@

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Laurie Kolp on said:

    First Kiss

    Thirteen going on twenty-one
    or so I thought my life begun

    with knowledge of a little crush
    a true hunk that made me blush

    when on that day of our first kiss
    Mom crashed the moment’s bliss

    and faster than magnets repel
    our emotions we did quell.

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  6. magicalmysticalteacher on said:

    I’ve written about a surprising aster.

  7. Oh.My.Word. Marie and Walt, you guys have managed to make me laugh like crazy, and tear up uncontrollably this morning. Such great poems! (No surprise there.) Off to brew up my own…

  8. Don’t Be Surprised

    Don’t be surprised to hear a monster roar
    Sounding like it’s coming through the door
    Growling, snarling like a grizzly bear
    Catching you completely unaware
    Or maybe more like a wild boar

    An earthquake shaking you to the core
    Or a rumbling train rattling roof to floor
    Or a dragon coming from its lair
    Don’t be surprised

    Curtailing fear may be a chore
    With a sound so great, you can’t ignore
    I tell you this because I care
    This is something I must share
    It’s only Pops having his nightly snore
    Don’t be surprised

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  10. Jane Shlensky offers two “surprises” below. Thanks, Jane!

    Cures for Surprises

    The sticky itch of web across my face
    caught in my eyelashes,

    The chilly slide of smooth serpent
    muscle across my foot,

    A first-time waiter’s bucket of ice
    down my back,

    The boom and reverberation of a hunter’s shot
    ringing through the woods, the thud into tree bark
    just beside me,

    The most beautiful cake ever made
    slipping from my hands in front of guests
    and exploding across the floor—
    no other dessert,

    That caught look in your eyes
    when you know that I know,

    Such surprises can be cured when

    A hummingbird rests on my finger,
    An unknown child takes my hand and reaches for me to carry it,
    A shrub I thought was dead sprouts green,
    A hauntingly beautiful song coming from nowhere
    leads us into one another’s arms where we
    twirl and twirl in spontaneous joy.


    All manner of naughty choices usually followed
    The poignant phrase, “I wouldn’t be surprised if”
    But when the awful news arrived,
    Everyone was shocked just the same.

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    the blank screen glows opalescent
    not an omen of silence; a mirror
    for thoughts yearning to be written

    strengthened by raw emotion
    her muse runs through the corridors
    of her mind, threading words together

    with vigor and verve
    fingertips begin their poetic dance
    words are thrust onto the page

    taking a deep breath, exhaling slowly…
    a sheepish grin reveals her surprise
    at what had been hidden inside

    P. Wanken

    Here’s a link to the poem as posted on my blog:


  13. The Long and the Short of It

    and I have been friends
    for a long time
    so it should not have been
    a surprise
    to see my expanding waistline
    on my rain-washed car door
    morphing it
    into a fun house mirror
    horror show
    that caused
    the passing birds
    to lose their bowels
    finally allowing me
    an opportunity
    to use the short four-letter collection
    of words I have been saving
    for just such an occasion.

  14. SIGH….
    My daughter’s gone to college.
    My heart went with her there.
    She left me a messy room here,
    Her stuff strewn everywhere.

    She knows I have a job now,
    And great! Tthere is this to do.
    You know there’s more to my life
    Than cleaning after you.

    The trash, the junk, the dirt, the mess
    The clothes left on the floor,
    It seems there’s more left when your gone
    Than was in here before!

    So I must clean this dump site.
    I wash the sheets and clothes.
    What is it she wants to keep?
    Only a psychic knows.

    I go through all the papers
    To sort the good from trash:
    Throw out the high school homework,
    The art and cards I stash.

    What’s this under the jewel box?
    Oh, how the years do flow….
    It’s the valentine I gave her
    So many years ago.

    She saved it like a treasure
    And though we are apart,
    I’m lucky beyond measure:
    I’ll always have her heart.

  15. I have to tell you all how much I love Poetic Bloomings. It not only gets my creative juices flowing after they have coagulated for many years, but it has helped me deal with some difficult emotional situations and expand some moments of joy in a positive and creative way as well as enjoy the creativity of other very talented poets. Thank you all!

  16. Wow. You just made my week, Linda. Thank you for letting us know that. Walt and I wish to make this a very positive place to stir creative juices, which seems to often end up being emotionally therapeutic. So thankful you are experiencing that for yourself. (Warm smiles)

  17. You assume

    You assume we all invited you here
    for beer – the kind of thing we do each year
    for fun, to make sure we do not sever
    our connections. Well, sorry, whatever
    you assume

    is going on, think again! But don’t fear,
    this is completely for your good, my dear,
    an intervention. However clever
    you assume

    you are, we have been talking. It’s now clear
    you’ve lost your mind. If you ever appear
    in flared jeans again, we shall endeavor
    to have you arrested. It is never
    cool. Is that clear? No matter what career
    you assume.

  18. Kate Turns 40

    Beautiful Kate, my best friend
    and secret keeper, hates surprises,
    and developed an intense aversion
    to turning forty. Her husband,
    inattentive to her words, insensitive
    to her innermost feelings,
    throws a big surprise party
    in their own house,
    and filled the space
    with all his own friends.


  19. Surprise –

    I should have seen it coming.. bold lies of omission I could read in his eyes.. his sudden un-ease every time he saw me answer the phone.. the truth is never simple.. the death of no relationship easy..
    my heart cried out for what might have been.. No second chances asked and none given .. we had.. at last.. agreed.. I watched him walk away and prayed that he dare not.. look backward..

  20. Guess what happened at school today? Surprise!

    Gptta Love My Job!

    Big Frustration
    No support from administration.

    I deserve a big ovation!
    No! Not an evaluation!

  21. The Best Surprise

    It wasn’t a surprise
    by the time I mustered
    up enough courage
    to wander through the
    store and purchase not one,
    but two tests to confirm
    you were growing
    inside me.

    It wasn’t a surprise
    when your dad and I
    looked at each other
    in shock, we were
    too young to react in any
    other way.

    It wasn’t a surprise
    when I saw your image
    for the first time,
    that the mesmerizing
    gray and black fuzzy
    screen filled my belly
    with warmth,
    my eyes with joyful

    It isn’t a surprise
    that each moment
    we spend together
    causes my heart
    to quadruple in size
    because you are
    you, after all.

    It isn’t a surprise
    that each year of
    your life is my favorite
    because life with
    you has been one

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  23. Out of the Blue

    Your eyes
    are oceans
    I must swim.

    new tides
    wave and whim.

    kind face
    after small
    bewildered start.

    by grace
    to the core of my
    clobbered, cobbled heart.

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