1…2…3…SURPRISE! – PROMPT #21

The world is full of surprises. And how they effect our lives could make for some interesting situations. Write about a surprise you had gotten, how you had surprised someone, or something totally unexpected in your life. I wouldn’t be surprised what you come up with!

Marie’s Surprise:


Salty chips
Onion dips

Fish, deep-fried
Open wide

Creamy shakes
Dreamy cakes

Cookie batch
Down the hatch

Chocolate cherries
Ben & Jerry’s

Strudels (oodles!)
Home-made noodles

Fried tomatoes
Mashed potatoes

Mindless snacking
Pounds are packing

Tater tots
Lattes (lots!)

Home-made stew
Swiss fondue

(Seconds, please)

Up a size
Big surprise



Walt’s Unexpected Event:


Little one, where have you gone?
Out the door in a hurry; late for school
you scurry for the bus. “Daddy, I have to go”
you call over your shoulder. You’re getting older
every time I look at you. “Learn something!” I tease,
Amidst the pleas to not grow up too fast, but alas,
over this we have no control. And I search my soul,
thinking of how I have gotten to here from there.
I arise every morning like the milkman. 5:30 A.M.
And our ships pass quickly, sickly tugging on my heart.
From the start, you have been a source of pride; a joy.
The day transpires and fires its afterburners. The afternoon
of life visits and I am certain you’ll be home from school shortly.
As I near evening, I sit cleaving to my memories
as we have made them. The door opens and you appear.
Older. More Mature. No longer that little girl.
How did you get from there to here? You smile.
“I learned something today!”, you beam.
And dreams of your successful life revisit my worn heart.

“I learned school is a joy“. You strive to mold each young girl and boy
in your charge, in mind and spirit.

“I realize you did the best you could” We fought our battles,
but they only served to make you a stronger person.

“I learned someone could actually love me as much
as you and mom have; as much as my sister does”.

And it is then you catch the flash of the bauble on her hand.
You share her joy. You share her tears, You don’t remember growing older.

Little one, where have you gone?