A photograph of a young couple sitting lakeside wishfully looking to an uncertain future. Life is splayed out before them. What faces them? Where will it take them? Our amazing poets have offered their visions of what dreams may come. These are the “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS” for week #20.

Marie’s Favorite:

So many wonderful poems from which to choose, and I ended up choosing one of my favorite forms: the haiku. Paula Wanken nailed it. Beginning with “on the shore of dreams” sets the tone beautifully and romantically. Every young-and-in-love couple who has ever embraced on a shore with waves lapping in front of them dreams of what may come. Paula’s 7-syllable “Anticipating ripples” is the perfect prelude to “their lives will create.” Fabulous!

HAIKU by Paula Wanken

on the shore of dreams
anticipating ripples
their lives will create

Walt’s Selection:

The photograph was indeed from my daughter’s Senior Prom. The tentative innocence portrayed in this poem had a very familiar feel to it. These two young adults have held onto their friendship for quite some time and these lines tell their tale as closely to reality. A conversation such as this is within these two, and it touched me greatly. From that Delaware Park scene to Madison, Wisconsin, my Bloom goes to Amy Barlow Liberatore.

LAKESIDE CONVERSATION by Amy Barlow Liberatore

An autumn breeze caressed my cheek.
A moment with no words to speak
aloud, but softly, with great care:
“The end of this; we know it’s there.”

The carefree days, each careful kiss;
I know that life holds more than this
for me,” I sighed, and waited for
response from him. Then, this he swore:

“I’ll like you ‘til my dying day.
Please be my friend, although we’ll lay
apart, and in the arms of others.”
This is love time never smothers:

The gift of letting passion go
because true friendship deems it so.

6 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOM – PROMPT #20

  1. So well written by two fine poets! Paula for the profound simplicity of your haiku, Amy for the deep humanity of your piece. You both nailed it.

  2. Walt, I am truly humbled. Your picture reminded me of so many former boyfriends who are, to this day, dear friends. The fact that it’s your daughter in the picture only adds to my delight.

    Paula, I think I commented at one point that life IS all about the ripples. Your handful of words, so well-chosen and meaningful, were perfect. Good eye, Marie! Thanks, Amy

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