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Walt’s prompt #19 brought out the clever, the prolific, the melancholy, the disturbing, the inspiring, the uplifting, the humorous, and the thought provoking. My choice for this week is simply well written, and its subject commands respect and admiration. This superb work could have been penned only by one who truly is not in it for the accolades, but for the betterment of our society. I admire her attitude. I admire her work. I admire her poetry. This week, I chose Nancy Posey’s “Nice Work if You Can Get It.”

Nice Work If You Can Get It by Nancy Posey

Another Labor Day passes without a thought
of childbirth, a quarter century since I retired.
Instead, the headlines bemoan employment gloom,
and morning show anchors chat with an expert
claiming that college may not be the way to go.
And I’m marking a first set of essays, narrative
that tell more about my students than I could
learn from hours of interview—fathers that left,
unplanned babies, unexpected birth defects,
leaving high school at sixteen—by choice
by necessity, by force—now back fourteen years
older, scared to death. Wielding a purple pen—
more benign than my usual red, I mark run-ons,
fragments, split infinitives, but at the end,
I can’t resist a note or two: Good for you!
I’m proud of what you’ve done. Well told.
And though I know I won’t be interviewed
on NBC or quoted in People; Fortune 500
has no place for me, but tomorrow, loading
my car for Tuesday of a short week, essays
in the back seat, ready to return, I hope I’ll say
a prayer of thanks for honest work, more than
hands on. Tomorrow, again, I’ll touch lives.

*title from the new issue of my favorite magazine, Oxford American (the Southern Magazine of Good Writing). This time it’s the Education Issue. If you aren’t familiar with it, check it out.

I’ve plucked my Bloom from the Wild-card Division of this week’s prompt. In it, our poet talks about the gift we all share. The gift to communicate our thoughts and ideas and emotions. Expression through our work as poets, or teachers, or public speakers goes a long way in promotion all we have to offer. My Beautiful Bloom for Prompt #19 is A GIFT by Linda Swenski

A GIFT by Linda Swenski

The ability to communicate:
It is so basic
It seems so simple.
But for some, its an impossibility.

To get your meanings and emotions across
To other people;
To get your needs met,
To simply make a connection to others.

How does one function without this simple skill?
So much frustration
And isolation.
Being so separate from others with no hope.

In my job I am able to teach some skills
To those who can’t speak
But have things to say
To find ways to communicate with the world.

It might seem that this is my gift to others,
It’s a gift to me
From those who can’t speak
For now I understand what they have to say.

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3 thoughts on “BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS – PROMPT #19

  1. Two great poems. Congrats to both Nancy and Linda.

  2. Thanks! I already see a couple of places I need to proofread!

  3. Thanks. I feel very honored.

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