This week you are asked to take the title from an article from any magazine or periodical you may read or have access to and make that the title of your new poem. Then your deed will be to write the poem. Cite the story and source of your inspiration.

WILD CARD PROMPT – Labor Day weekend is upon us. For an extra credit pat on the back and a hearty Atta-girl (or guy as the case may be), write a poem about your job, your dream job, a chore you despise or any activity that works for you. Any poems posted for these prompts will be eligible for a Beautiful Bloom.

There is a specific job we’re looking for that will earn you a CD copy of Walt’s Chapbook WOOD.

Marie’s example:

Remember Me This Way

Raw emotion
Vague impression
Every notion
Begs expression

View and thought
Duly penned
Deftly wrought
Without end

** Reader’s Digest, April 2011, “Remember Me This Way” by Beth Dreher.



Walt’s Peace:


Languishing in a malaise for days and weeks
speaks volumes to your lack of motivation.
It would fill you with elation if you could stand
above the obstacle to achieve as you believe you can.
No block can stop you; your words carry weight
and the power of your abilities, this verbal agility
serves you well time and again. It’s time, my friend.
to start your engine and give this muse a running start.
You have the heart to overcome, so summon
all your ferocity and use your poetic license to full velocity.
Pump up your drive, striving for the excellence you possess.
The rest is up to your heart to do its part. Get fired up.

**Weight Watchers Magazine July/August 2010 issue; Page 110