The Sedoka is an unrhymed poem made up of two three-line katauta with the following syllable counts: 5/7/7, 5/7/7. A Sedoka, pair of katauta ( an unrhymed three-line poem the following syllable counts: 5/7/7) as a single poem, may address the same subject from differing perspectives.

Marie’s View:


NASA photographs
depict placid cotton swirls,
unsullied iridescence.

Cell phone photographs
catch unimaginable,
chaotic demolition.

Copyright © 2011 Marie Elena Good

Walt’s  Sedoka:


By life, inspired.
Her ways conspire to offer,
all that your words can handle.

Alluring and sure,
her style and grace are welcomed,
lifting you to heights unknown.

Copyright © 2011 Walt Wojtanik

24 thoughts on “IN-FORM POET: Sedoka


    To some an ending
    of a warm and playful time,
    so now the fun is over.

    For schools its the start
    of many new adventures:
    a chance to make a difference.

  2. School starts next Monday. Already feel ambivalent about it. Perfect form; thanks!

    Back to School

    Wheeee, I’m free, back to
    breathing room, loose space to be,
    in this peaceful kid-free place.

    Sigh, oh my. And I,
    still breath caught in aching throat,
    send off pieces of my heart.


    The mulberry bush
    Showers down pale-white berries
    And my father gathers them.
    It seems he’s praying,
    on his knees there in the yard.
    “Taste them,” he says. “They’re so sweet.”


  4. Harwich Beach

    kites rise above clouds
    sandy feet of children race
    amidst white foam and seashells

    seagulls swoop and soar
    following the children’s game:
    shore of possibilities


  5. Voilà my Sedoka. I was writing a poem about my left hand for Margo Roby, when your form snuck back into my head.

    Instrument, comfort,
    a tool to earn a living
    or keep a family fed

    a stinging weapon
    vehicle of untold hurt
    not as damaging as words

  6. Posting for Jane Shlensky. Jane, I’m so sorry you can’t see what Walt and I post. That’s so bizarre! 😦

    Feeder Observation

    Hummingbirds hover
    Daring their tiny fellows
    To stop and share the feeder.

    Feathered pujilists,
    Why don’t you spend equal time
    Sucking instead of fighting?

  7. Another from Jane. Lovin’ these! 🙂


    I don’t know why the
    melons are so much sweeter
    at seasons’ ends, as vines dry

    and become wooden,
    as if the red hearts can feel
    their one last chance for sweetness.

  8. Jaws

    Some things befuddle.
    Some I’ll never understand.
    Life’s mysteries cause questions.

    Over passing years
    I often wonder why would
    one want to be a dentist?


    Chaos all around
    Nothing is where it should be
    Trash and dust compete for space

    Perfectly cozy
    All my stuff within my reach
    My room-my peaceful kingdom

  10. Working in DC

    Typical day at
    work, until the building shook –
    First thought, there’s been an attack!

    No terrorists threats –
    Just good ole mother nature
    shaking up the daily grind.

  11. Farmer’s Market

    bouquets in rainbow hued lines
    devoured by sight and smell –

    Feeding frenzy for
    human piranhas spending
    left and right before you do.


    I need my coffee
    and the reading of God’s Word
    to get me going each day.

    If either is missed
    the results are not pretty,
    better off to stay in bed!

  13. Buffet-ed

    Red eyes brood over
    The vast steam table boasting
    All you can eat for ten bucks.

    I loosen my belt
    And reflect ruefully that
    More is not always better.

  14. You’ve Got Mail

    Outgoing message
    A piece of news for sharing.
    Should probably just call them.

    Incoming message
    Not expecting anything.
    Why didn’t they call instead?

    By Michael Grove

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